Poking Around Some 'Other' Crypto Based Social Media Platforms

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Poking Around Some Crypto Based Social Media Platforms.png

So I began 2021 with a little side mission if will...

With all the craziness happening with people being censored and banned on traditional social media, I thought it would be a good idea to dive into some of the crypto based platforms.

I really had 2 reasons for doing so....

  1. Always stay in the loop for new technology and opportunity.
  2. Look for places to promote LEO, HIVE and CTP

So what's happening on this blockchain is exciting.

First, @LeoFinance is going to be releasing a micro-blogging application that will potentially add thousands to the blockchain. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for this, as there is such a massive need for a true decentralized version of Twitter.

Next, @threespeak is dropping a bomb or two with their SPEAK token and project. I'm in love with this concept and can't wait for it to launch. It'll finally give people a real blockchain option instead of using YouTube!

And don't forget the little reboot we're doing on CTPtalk.com ;)

So as I patiently wait for this killer dapps...I thought to myself it might be a good idea to poke around and see what other projects offchain could potentially help me...Spread the word about everything happening on Hive!

Last year I joined Torum!

And I thought it was brilliant. From their onboarding, gamification and top notch support...I thought their model would be perfect to help new Hive users feel right at home.

This past week, thanks to a snazzy advertisement that popped up on my Brave browser...I decided to jump back in!

Torum is still an awesome experience.

I was welcomed back with open arms and even decided to push it to a few of my mailing lists @clicktrackprofit

We had over 50 new people join Torum from our little promotion and all the feedback has been great!

I can't help but this, this would be the ultimate front end for Hive, but they have their sights set on releasing their XTM crypto as an ERC-20 token. Hey, Ethereum is apparently where all the cool kids hang out after all, it is the darling of development.

Still....Dreams of Torum on Hive are float in my mind LOL

Today I was introduced to...Noise.Cash

I know, I know...It's not brand new and it's kind of old news. But I absolutely LOVE the simplicity of this platform.

It's like Twitter, without the drama and loads just as quick. And while both these platforms are not on a blockchain per se, you can see where their development teams are shooting for... (I think @LeoFinance has the exact same vision for ease of use and loading speeds too)

So Noise.Cash is based on tipping BCH to other users, in like I mentioned, a Twitter format.

And while I enjoyed the experience so far...If you click on 'Explore' all you end up seeing is odd comments and air drop claims.

Still, their idea to 'tip' others with BCH but retain some for yourself is brilliant. I could see how this could potentially be added to a Hive front end to help people with onboarding.

I love poking around!

I think sometimes we get so caught up with how amazing things are here on this blockchain, we miss some great ideas that other projects are bringing online.

Again...My goal for this is always...How can we use these tools and platforms to help Hive and the projects here. And when we look around this amazing space, we can see some true gems and platforms that have some big potential.

If you wanna connect with me on these platforms, here are my profiles:

Noise Cash = > https://noise.cash/u/jonnycoin

Torum => https://www.torum.com/u/jongolson

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Dropped you some welcome love on Noise cash! So far it's ok, not exactly sure stats on my posts I think it would be interesting in terms of a marketing perspective to see impressions and such otherwise I really have no idea what's going on lol Torum looks like it has some potential as long as they keep the spammers under control. You know start giving free stuff to people and they be wildin lol

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LOL Man, it's like the achilles heel of all this stuff...Give a little freebie and the scams start flying.

Hope they curb it because it's an awesome platform.

Thanks for the Noise Cash welcome too man!

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Spread the love. I see a lot more people talking about other social platforms. Will be interesting to see down the road which ones will thrive. I am hoping Hive will. ;)

I have no doubt in my mind...LEO, 3speak...Are going to lead the charge :)

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joined noise.cash over a week! it has potentials!

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Absolutely...Nice to get a few tips here and there...But my end goal is always...Bringing those people back here LOL

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I give it up to you guys who have the energy to be active on other platforms😩😩😩after combining hive plus Twitter plus Leofinance, its terribly hard for me to be anywhere else. Kudos to you

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It's not a job, it's an adventure LOLOL

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Also got into noise.cash some days ago too and love to promote and get more awareness for Hive and LeoFinance. Just followed you


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Awesome man, think Im following you too!

Yeah man, that's all I'm doing...Sending people back to HIVE / LEO lolololol

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It seems to be a great program so far. I am hoping that the Leo project is even better than Torum as it is on Hive and would be great to bring more folks to Hive.

Oh I have no doubt in my mind....LEO is going to crush it and change so much.

Can't wait!!

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jonnycoin .. I am sniffing some extra usecase in CTP.

Lot of user are exploring outside Hive and creating bridge to Hive. I am trying publish0x.

Oh wow, yeah...My mind is racing for sure....So much potential in all this stuff!

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I'm just looking forward to the LeoFinance blogging app, if I still have room on my phone for it.

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Oh wow, if that happens...I'm pretty sure I'll never leave the blockchain LOLOL

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Nice. I've also joined Torum recently, it seems pretty cool so far

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I really enjoy it. Such a cool way to onboard users

Great post.

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