Rethinking My Portfolio...For The Bullrun!

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Ahhh the bull run!

This feels a lot like 2017 in so many ways yet....Different.

The excitement of Bitcoin hitting $18k this week, and Ethereum over $500 is bringing back memories of 2017 all over again. However this time around, it's built much more on actual fundamentals rather than hype.

The past few years have been a proving ground for crypto. Communities have been built. Use case is up. And it's not just some ICO that is promising the world backing these blockchains now...It's big money, big companies and big excitement.

I have to admit...In late 2017 and early 2018 I was trying to poke around into everything...

On the blockchain that shall remain nameless, I did a bunch of posts every month where I monitored the price of 5 different projects I invested in, held it for the month and ended up keeping the best performer while selling the rest.

In mid-2018 I had basically lost all my investments because the crash started and decided....It was time to focus.

My portfolio from mid-2018 looked like this:

Untitled design 1.png




Basic Attention Token


Simple. And you'll notice...Each of these had some big use case. That was important to me, and still is.

I liked to keep things simple after the failed experiment of thinking I was good at that hold 'trading' thing...And just dollar cost averaged every week into these projects.

Yeah I dabbled in new things from time to time, including things like PRE (Presearch) and LBC (LBRY) but generally, I kept things simple and only focused on those 5 I mentioned above...

Heck, even with those, the biggest focus I had was on Hive and still do to this day!

What can I say, I'm a loyal dude ;)

But fast forward to today and the next bull run is here...

And I'm asking myself some big questions...

First, it's obvious I'm into a LOT more projects than just the 5 mentioned above...Especially thanks to Hive-Engine. Just in that platform alone, I'm trying to really increase my stake in a few of them like Leo, DEC, SIM and BRO.

Heck we even created our own project with CTP Token...

But I still want to make sure...use case is what matters most!

So as this bullrun continues, I'm going to revisit a few holdings I have.

I think I'm going to be 'earning' but selling a lot of my BAT holding.

Here's why....


Yeah it's cool, I get BAT for using the Brave Browser...But they recently got rid of their referral program and earning about 3-5 BAT a month isn't worth my time. So that's a passive crypto coming into my account which I'm fine with but...

With @HiveTips, I can do exactly what I did with BAT, but focused on Hive.

To me, that's a better strategy for my journey.

I still think BAT is fantastic and swear by the Brave Browser...But my focus is still Hive so why not...Use the applications developed for this blockchain.

The tipping economy is REAL and for my business, it just makes sense to focus on bringing people to Hive!

And I kinda fell out of love with Litecoin too, but still use it from time to time to buy things with...

Other than that, it's full steam ahead!

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hive and a WHOLE lot of Hive Engine projects.

Layer 2 baby....Let's see what 2021 will bring!

What's your portfolio looking like these days?


And yet another Hive development you're telling us about. Thanks for that. @tipu curate !invest_vote

Here's where I've found more on it

Oh I swear by it!

Such an awesome tipping tool for Twitter and Hive!

Thanks so much for the tip as well :)

I own HIVE, LTC and BAT as well. What I find annoying about BAT is that Brave continuously buys back tokens from the market and the circulating supply seems to never reach that total supply. I don't see that fair and I will for sure dump it after the first serious pump.

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It's like the best idea on the planet, but has never taken off...And I think it's because of what you just mentioned.

I own BTC, EOS, BNB, ADA, Hive, Steem, LTC and some others. No ETH at the moment.

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Nice man!

I sold a bunch of my BNB last year to start my little project in Hive Engine lol

My big 3 are HIVE, ADA & DGB.

DGB is such an awesome community!

I have never bought into the token but wow, they are passionate!

And it looks like that community might be taking it somewhere. It's incredibly decentralized and, well, you said it: passionate!

Frankly speaking, I'm not really into buying lots of cryptos as there are low funds available but here's what my little portfolio contains..SPORTS, TATCOIN, HAG, CTP, CCC, HIVE, LEO..and other hive-engine tokens. With time, I will add the big names to my holdings

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I'm right there with ya on the smaller cap tokens. I love those for potential and opportunity!

That's true

I am all in Hive. But I will like to add ETH next in my portfolio.

It's what everyone is building on, I dont get it cause it's such an awful experience for the users...But alas...Markets lol

Yes, it feels like in late 2017 and early 2018. Now people usually do not have decisions blindly. People are more educated about crypto and what's happening. What we have been waiting for 2 ways, finally the bull started...

That's exactly it!

It's not just throwing money at things, people have done their homework now.

Well done, keep it simple and focused on what you are actually using, use case is really important for the long run, I just sell everything for Hive and CTP, and then I am earning and staking what I earn in Hive and Hive-engine, keep up your great work.

I like the way you think :) lol

You don't say. Am still not in the world only make tiny amount 😜 making funds is new to me.

Dive in, and you'll see that there are so many possibilities in crypto :)

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