Revisiting The 'Big Dream'

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A little over 3 years ago...I joined the blockchain!

I was hooked from day one and the deeper I dove into this technology and community, the more excited I got!

The rewards pool was cool, I could actually get paid for creating content...

Powering up and learning about delegated proof of stake was fascinating...I would also be rewarded for delegating to projects and people I wanted to support here.

Then came all the second layers on Hive-Engine, to even creating our own token for our community...

Oh did I mention the games too....That rewarded you for playing?

It was like the gift that kept on giving....

Fast forward to a massive announcement from @leofinance on Twitter....

In case you haven't been paying attention....That's the second big airdrop that has been 'kinda sorta' announced in the past week and a bit.

@threespeak dropped the bomb with the announcement of their air drop as well and it just seems like there is good news everywhere you look on the blockchain...

Except for the price LOL But hey, I still haven't paid much attention to that over the past few years or else I'd go insane lol

Seriously though, why am I bringing all this up at the end of 2020...Because it's that time of the year again when I revisit all my goals that I set over the past 12 months and see where I'm headed...

Here's my ultimate goal and something I truly believe I'm on the path to achieve.

I want to eventually...Earn a living from my activities and investment into the blockchain.

And it's going pretty well....

I've got my hands in a ton of different projects and investments inside of the Hive eco-system and I wanted to put it on paper...And take a snap shot of how it's going and where I want to be in a year from now...

Income From Creating and Curating

I love this part of the journey. And I know that 'relying' on the rewards pool isn't the best plan but regardless of the future that may change or not...Right now, content creating on the blockchain is awesome!

On Hive I'm pulling in almost 1000 Hive a month!

HiveStats 1.png

And yeah, the price of Hive stinks...But I'm more worried about accumulation right now...If this thing 5x in 2021, that's around 500 bucks a month just from creating content....Big win!

The curation side of things will fluctuate...This is a sweet little bonus and still stacking crypto!

HiveStats 13.png

Again, if we 5x the price of Hive in 2021, that's $200 bucks a month in...Liking other people's stuff lol (I love this place!!!!)

But that's just HIVE....

Remember I'm also generating a nice chunk of LEO too...

It's between 250-350 LEO a month right now (creating and curating) which is around 70 bucks a month!

If that 5x's....Oh boy!

On top of that, I'm generating a healthy amount of other tokens from the Hive-Engine eco-system which just adds to the pot.

Income From Delegating

In the beginning of 2020 I was very excited to put my Hive Power to work for me by delegating...And when Hive forked from the previous chain, I started to really get excited for @dlease

Sadly, they seem much more interested in developing Blurt these days but it's still a great place to get some guaranteed liquid Hive in your pocket every day!

I also fell in love with @leo.voter and started to send some Hive Power to the project...

This varies but over the past few months I've averaged around 15 Hive every day from my delegation and 2 extra LEO tokens as well from Leo Voter!

The Games

Way too early to see how this plays out, but right now I'm earning about 30 Hive/day from my @dcitygame purchases and it continues to rise.

I also mess with @splinterlands but rarely look at any daily income there, I'm more into collecting the cards LOL

Adding It All Up

This is tricky to find a 100% accurate total but here's where I like to put the measuring stick at:

Daily Hive Income - 90 Hive / Day
Daily LEO Income - 12 LEO / Day

My goals in early 2020 were.....

100 Hive a day as a target!

I didn't even account for the extra LEO and Hive-Engine tokens as well....So it's safe to say I've hit my targets.

The 'big dream' is alive and it looks like I'm headed towards it. If HIVE 5x's this year, we're looking around 54 bucks a day in Hive income.

If LEO 5x's we're at around $14.40 a day in income.

Combined almost $70 a day from my efforts and investments on the blockchain!

Here's the thing....I can't rely on the 'potential 5x'...So that means...I keep building. Keep growing. Keep accumulating. Keep adding value....

So that one day, just like so many others on this blockchain dream about....We can live off the income generated here!

What an awesome dream that is!



At least 2020 was good for something--accumulating crypto!

ha ha ha ha so true!

It has been an interesting few years to say the least. You have been doing great growing on hive, and you will get to your goals ahead of time I am sure! Wishing you and your whole family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Crossing fingers we see much more adoption and engagement on Hive in the new year....We're seeing it on LEO for sure.

Next up....The 'game plan' for CTP ;)

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Great analysis of the various income streams. Very informative.

Something you didn't include is the benefits of forks.

The Hive fork left most Hivers (apart from the unfortunate ones that Yuchen Sun stole from) with an equivalent amount of Steem they didn't need anymore.

If powered down and converted to BTC over the 13 weeks from the time of the HF, this has had huge appreciation.

Also most Hivers have Blurt too, which can also be sold, unless you want to post on both platforms.

For me, what was a modest amount of Steem from blogging and curating over 2 years became an amount of BTC that represents a small but not peanuts income stream.

I was super impressed with your earnings. You have quite a bit more Hive than me but I will be almost Orca soon.

I'm also running a witness that is adding a bit.
More votes are welcome :-)

Really good point. I did get a ton through the Steem powerdown and also bought some BTC with the sold Steem.

That was a huge win for a lot of people for sure!!

Me patiently waiting for the "unsung hero" game for another badass passive game.
You've hit huge goals this year!

Looking forward to it as well!

Wait until you see my Dcity goals for this year LOLOL

this year has one more day left :)


2021....MY BAD lol

I didn’t have a target besides becoming an orca, but I agree that 2020 showed everyone the immense opportunity HIVE has created in such a short time while gaining independence from the centralised world.

2021 will be epic for sure.


Just keep pinching myself because it's all too good to be true LOL

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Numbers are showing that also, even if prices are still what they are. I think what is harder to show external attendance is the parallel markets HIVE and the HIVE-Engine have created.

For me 2021 needs that built-in contract ability to be implemented and then we are off to get even bigger enterprises that are willing to invest greatly in decentralised BC with an already well educated user base, ready for consumption.

I came to this platform hearing that you can create content and you can get rewards for that. Creating and curating content is the first thing that grabs attention. Now you can do a lot of things. What you earn here, you can invest that and get a good return. We can play games like dCity while having fun building a virtual city and at the same time, getting a good return from there as well.

Things are getting more excited day by day. Pretty excited to see what we can do here in 2021. :)

It's literally a new 'adventure' every day...Blown away at all the ways we can earn here!

So much is possible in Hive. Nice for building your empire.

LOL Slow and steady! Slow and steady!

man that's quite the amount and congrats! just imagine the potential if hive manages to reach 1$ then your 90 hive will be 90$ per day!! how amazing

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That would be awesome...It's happened before, it can happen again!

and we will be there!

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I really like the way you are looking at things. You have a big plan in the head and you go for the long term.

If we are not blinded by the price of today, then it's impossible not to see the amazing potential that lies in this!

It's literally, the only thing stopping people from going all in on Hive....If it was 50 cents, people would be losing their minds LOL

Until then, we build. We accumulate!

This is inspiring. Thanks for the breakdown.

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Thanks for the comments man, glad you enjoyed it!

Great goals. Your and my long term goals are the same. Make a living doing this.

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It'll happen...We just need to stay the course and diversify within the blockchain!

Yes indeed. It's just almost time to draw out your $0.239 cents video again.

I bought a little Hive for PUD-Got 800 for $100. If that goes 5x this year I'll look like a genius. So don't hold your breath. We both know it's a good investment.

LOL Yeah man, might have to fo sure ;)

The Hive version of it!!!

90 hive / day. Sweet . It is no doubt the only direction it can go is upwards according to me. Keep piling up.

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That's the focus for sure...Stacking every day!!!

That’s a nice chunk of income. I am going to definitely be focusing more on building my daily income this year as well! I agree that this is one of the best blockchains to build on! I have some cool stuff in store for the next year as well! Can’t wait to see where we all go together!

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Ships all rise!!!

Yeah man, exciting things happening and I think it's just getting better and better!

Thank you for sharing real and detailed figures or your Hive/Leo earnings.
I also checked what it “stakes” to reach those gains and realised I’m far behind haha

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You'll be blown away at how it snowballs...Just create, curate and engage every day and you'll be on target :)

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I'm on the curate and engage targets so far and still think I could engage more and better !
Creating is on the TODO list though :)

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