It's Crypto Mondays - 3 Reasons Why Hive Is...Remarkable!

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Do you know what is so awesome about Hive?

The community? Absolutely! The people are the biggest asset this blockchain has. Undeniable, we are some of the most passionate people on any blockchain!

The tech? Oh yeah, it's great! No fees, 3 second transactions...I love it!

Applications on this chain? From where you are watching this recording right now on 3Speak to where we decided to bring our weekly shows to in a live streaming platform....Vimm!

What makes Hive so amazing are the combination of the people, the tech and the amazing applications right here :)

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Sorry I missed the live stream on vimm, I just finished listening to the recording. You are correct, focus on the use case of the blockchain not the price. I look forward to the release of the secret project later this month/quarter....

Yeah man, and it's the perfect place to get your feet wet!

price price price :))) I guess I owe you a new keyboard :P

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LOL I havent smashed one in years lol

Its the biggest problem with recommending HIVE. It just isn't near the top of the cryptos and it isn't available on Coinbase.

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That is the biggest stumbling block for people as Coinbase is usually how they get into this stuff.

The more options we can have for buying Hive with fiat, the better.

There is definitely a lot to like about Hive. I think a lot of times we get spoiled from just how easy it is to use the chain and move things around compared to other chains.

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Sometimes it feels like you need a pHd in computer science to figure out BSC and Ethereum. lol

Yeah, they are pretty intense!

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