Taskmaster's 3 Tips To Preparing For Your Future In Crypto

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A little bit of shameless self promotion to start this post off...

In case you don't know, @taskmaster4450 and myself have started up a little podcast project!

We call it 'The CryptoManiacs' and we recorded episode 4-ish...Earlier this afternoon!

We've been having a blast putting these together and figured it was time for a regular podcast that had heavy LEO and Hive content to it...


You can subscribe and listen to the podcast on:

Apple Podcasts

And hopefully soon to @aureal which is being built right here on the blockchain :)

I wanted to end this episode with a bang and hit Taskmaster up with a question that would help all our listeners and people just getting their feet wet here on the blockchain....

What 3 tips or strategies would you suggest to a newcomer in crypto to adopt...Immediately!

Here's what his answers were:


This seems like a no brainer, but a lot of people suffer from analysis paralysis in crypto. Especially newcomers! And I say this lovingly because just tonight, my wife finally bought her first bit of crypto. It only took her 7 years of me bugging her to do it...

The point being, sometimes we just sit back and wait....For permission? For the stars to align?

And when we do wait...Opportunity passes us by!

The nugget is this....Do your home work, learn about this stuff but TAKE ACTION and start diving in!

Don't Look At Raw #'s, Look At %'s!

I remember when I first got started on this blockchain...I saw these people with thousands of Hive Power and I thought to myself...I'll never reach that!

This is the wrong mindset!

As Taskmaster mentioned in the podcast, imagine the power of increasing your account by 1% every day for a month or year...How powerful is that?

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and embrace the daily journey of accumulation and growth!

Be Active Everyday!

His formula went like this...

Post -> Comment -> Upvote!

Post everyday to build your reputation up. Comment to attract followers. Upvote to stack those curation rewards!

This seems like such a straight forward message but think about it...How many times to people 'start', but rarely have the staying power to see this stuff take off?

And when you combine the power of compounding to your daily habits, you can see how important it is to show up everyday and contribute!!

What's interesting about how this question' came up today was the news that the crypto markets hit 2 trillion this week...And the thought of what happens when these markets go to 10 trillion, 20 trillion or even higher makes you say to yourself...

I really need to get off the sidelines and get into the game!

What other strategies do you feel needs to be solid advice for newcomers to Leo and Hive? Or crypto in general?

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I didn't get to catch the whole thing but what I did was great. Some good quality info in there and nuggets and it was nice listening in the background while I did some busy work lol

95% killer right there. PEOPLE DON'T START for whatever reason so many people think it's too hard, too much work or just are flat out lazy and expect riches which is kind of sad because we have been catering to that as of late.

Get off your butts and contribute and stop looking at others and thinking wow they are lucky. HELL NO THEY ARE NOT! They put in the time, the risk and the investment so they are getting what they deserve because they took action.

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Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah I loved what Task mentioned too about being a 'whale' in other things, other than just Hive etc...How do we do that?

Starting! Taking action! Looking at things for the long term!

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Yep just keep on top of it and there are so many communities and different things launching I'm sure there will be a lot more. If a community (or tribe as they call it lol) is something you feel you're interested in then go heavy and become a whale "authority figure"

Love the show you guys are putting together for us!
To me, it's the second point where I struggle - Comment. I have days where I'm really active on that front and then there are days where I just do my curation and be done with it. I just get distracted too easily I guess :D Nevertheless, I've set a goal for myself to leave at least 20 meaningful comments per day. Let's see where that get's me in a month ;-)

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yea i admit it’s one of my ‘improvement areas’ for sure. i know i would get better results if i commented more.

@taskmaster4450 and you brought it! Entertaining and informative, what more can we ask for and sprinkle in some controversy; folks better tune in and get their weekly dose of ‘The Cryptomaniacs’ I know I do. Great show @jongolson

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it!

If you ever want us to cover any topics, let us know ;)

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Good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

Those are some great strategies. One of mine is to get a Discord account if you don't already have one and join the communities to engage over there. Many times you can solidify some of the connections that you have made on the blockchain and also have deeper conversations about specific topics.

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lol this place loves discord. i’m there because i feel like i have to be lol

I only joined Discord because of here. I love it now. There is just so much chatter that happens out side of here. If you really want to be "in the know", you need to be part of it :)

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I think finding nice people to have fun everyday is the crucial part. You are not incentivized to come here everyday if you can't have fun. Fortunately Leo Finances has one of the nicest communities I ever encountered :)

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Yeah LEO Lions are the cream of the crop! Great community!

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It's three very basic steps but without these basic steps you won't go anywhere. I love to listen to you two :-). I try to listen live but I'm always interrupted for some kind of taxi duty (kids need to be driven to their trainings), so I tend to miss some parts.

Ha ha ha the benefits of living in the middle of nowhere for me now....Kids have no need to leave the house. They are stuck with me LOL

Wait a minute.....That's not always a good thing lol

Haha, I hear you. I'm happy to have them out of the house from time to time lol

Thanks for the podcast guys! Btw, I still haven't sold my HUNT, lol.

I noticed it skyrocketed a while ago, but I was looking for another reason to move my little ETH amount on Metamask and do the swap, otherwise I have no gas for the fees.

Right now it's earning that 5-6% APY on one of the custodial platforms you mentioned (or another one like them).

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Sell it all LOL

Nah seriously, that's cool man...Nice little token to forget about and hold on to.

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Nah, I think I'll hold on to it for a little while. Not a time to sell right now apparently, regardless of token.

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Getting start is a difficult task but maintaining the pace is equally difficult in initial days..
I know many people they create the account and post for few days and afterwards they are are not active on chain..
Thanks for sharing

Oh man, is that the truth!

The maintaining of showing up and putting in the work...I think that's why we see so many people give up and fail at this...It's not 'fun' doing the hard work without the pay offs

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What I feel that when new comer joined the platform and see the $ upvote on trending page and thought that is easy and we will also get the same treatment but in actual no body thought that if somebody is earning good on chain that means he is putting efforts from so many months and create his reputation to reach that level...

analysis paralysis

This happens with me all the time. Too much thinking is dangerous. Take the leap and reap the benefits.

Great tips Jon and Taskmaster. Cheers!

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Thanks for the comments!

Yeah it'll cut your feet off before you even start running...Speaking from MASSIVE experience of too much thinking LOL

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Same here Jon. Took me a lot of time to get into this 🦁 Not stopping anymore 🤯

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so now i be using spotify to listen to joe rogan and you guys :)

Ha ha ha Thanks man, that's the best news I've heard all day!

Look out Joe, we're coming for your subscribers!!!! lol

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was there always that intro at the start of the podcast?

We just got it done a few weeks ago :)

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Following on Spotify and will be listening during house chores

I think many don't do their homework (me included at times) because it really is a beast. So either it is something you want to do because it is interesting or something you better do or be left behind ;p

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Awesome, thanks so much for subscribing :)

Yeah I'm guilty too...I dive in sometimes without even looking into things...It's cost me a lot over the years LOL

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We're still early in the crypto game. Look how far we've come since 2017. Excited to see where we are in 2024. Just start!

LOL Night and day....2017 seems like eons ago lol

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For new comers, I would suggest giftgiver if they are running low on RCs and dustsweeper so they can at least collect some rewards. I think the hardest part about getting started is the lack of ability to interact and the feeling of not getting rewarded for your efforts. At least your small amounts of votes you do get, dustsweeper might make them worth something before the payout.

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that’s a great suggestion. i know those guys have been building giftgiver up for a while now. great project.

Yea its been a little rough for them since they have been running out of HP a few times already. I check every now and then (when I remember) to see if they make a post so I can give them an upvote on any posts they make. Because they will need that HP if we get a huge influx of users.

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I'm loving it: comparing ourselves to ourselves, not to others !invest_vote !ENGAGE 5 @tipu curate !PUREWATER !FRESHAIR

yup!! we’re our own competition

Post -> Comment -> Upvote

Ya The Best Equation here

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Agreed :)

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