It's Crypto Mondays - The Social Media Experiment

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Note: This is the 150th video we've uploaded to @threespeak What an adventure!!! Special thanks to that amazing team and for all their support they've given me since day one. I can't WAIT to support and help promote your new token and project....Such an exciting time!

Funny we mention 3speak!

You know...These social media applications that are based on the blockchain are something very unique!

They are showing people what can be built upon the chains and as a marketer...I'm THRILLED to be here in such an early time in history.

They won't remember you on Facebook if you are trying to build a brand now...

Getting 100 likes on Twitter is pretty hard these days...

But on these blockchain and crypto based social media platforms....It's extremely easy when you use them properly.

That's what we talked about tonight in the latest episode of Crypto Mondays!

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I like your mindset, you are spot on with your whole analysis.
The earnings from are cool, no doubt. Hey I've already earned 0.1 BCH that way. That's still less than I earn in a single day from my "normal" job. The real value comes from the connections we build, from the people we meet.
Just like with any other social platform, it's hard to get noticed on Hive if you are new. Ever since I'm active on Torum and, activity on my articles has skyrocketed (well at least compared to what it was before). People are engaging with me, leaving meaningful comments and I think it's really amazing. Getting there by only posting on Hive would probably have been next to impossible!

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Yup, getting noticed on Hive isn't the easiest thing to do..But spend a little bit of time posting and engaging on Torum and Noise.Cash, people start trickling over to hive naturally.

Such a powerful way for new creators to stick out from the crowd.

All these talk of other business on facebook is considered spamming, but when you buy ads, systematically you're covered. Not everyone has the mad money to give to facebook for ads because facebook already has the audience they don't care about people building a community or all that stuff. They just don't want that competition.

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That's what I always laughed about when it came to SEO....Google is not going to allow you to place up top while they 'sell' the top search places for money. Better to focus on things you can control.

May be we are more like to be lead instead of try to process thing and leading ourselves.
That's the reason the real content (knowledge) get overlooked and cats steal the show.

ha ha ha ha ha The damn cats!!!!!

Good point though for sure.

Very neat how you guys are creating applications for the token. Seems a good way to make value out of crypto. Thanks.

For sure...We've got big plans on integration too...Hopefully place CTP token into everything we're building going forward.

It takes energy and time to be active on these new platforms. It would however take the same amount of energy to be active on things like twitter or instagram. The difference is that on these new platforms your influence is just much bigger because of the size of the platform.


that's why it's so important to be seen as active in these sites now!

150th video , damn that's amazing :) In how many months did you achieve this milestone ?

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I started creating on 3speak after the move from Steem. So almost a year now.

I am not an entrepreneur but I like learning. It's nice to know that all these new crypto apps are so useful and your can convert them into users at a decent rate. I personally like the fact that you don't treat people like wallets but as actual people.

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I personally like the fact that you don't treat people like wallets but as actual people.

That's the key to all this online stuff. It really is. Username, user's real people behind each of them. Important to remember that and appreciate every interaction and engagement they give ya :)

Bro I was so glad to catch you tonight....Needing a break from some painting ended up being fruitful!!

Thanks for rocking out with us man! Good to see you back on the saddle!