What Are You Doing?

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Let me put a quick disclaimer out there....

I'm a fan of @bitcoinflood

I've known the guy for over a decade and we come from very similar backgrounds when it comes to online business. He's one of the creators I follow around here on the blockchain but also other social media as well.

He just posted something on Noise.Cash which I thought would be the perfect topic to dive into...Especially after the 'red days' we've been having of late...


So quick question....

What are you doing?

Are you becoming a 'Negative Nancy' when the markets turn red? Is that it? No more networking, no more accumulation?

You just hang up the gloves and wait for the kids to talk about Dogecoin on TikTok again??

Oh no, I get it...Elon! We need another Elon Musk tweet to get us excited about this crypto stuff!

Or maybe we need to wait until Gary Vaynerchuk jumps on Hive or Leo and claims this is the place to be...Then we'll get fired up again?

Like @bitcoinflood mentioned above...You are actually earning MORE crypto when things go south in the markets.

And we're all about accumulation right?

So this means...We should be MORE active NOW, rather than when the hype builds up again...And believe me, it'll build again...

If you have spent any amount of time in this market, you know the cycles come and go.

But here's the biggest reason WHY you need to get off your butt and be visible right now:

It's so much easier to be noticed...Now! Rather than when thousands are competing for attention!

Why is that?

Simple, most people...Are sitting on their hands. They aren't creating. They aren't engaging. They aren't being visible now because...

Elon hasn't tweeted!

One of the biggest lessons in online business you will ever learn is that it's so important to keep your 'brand' or your name out there in the market.


And that's why you should be creating and being active on blockchains like this one. And hey, not only is it easier to be noticed, you can potentially get REWARDED and accumulate MORE crypto in the process!

But hey...

Let's stay silent. Take a break and wait for the masses to show up. I'm sure that'll work out in the long run...

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I am still trying to be as consistent in posting now as I was before, if not more posts. The best way to grow your account is by Creating content, commenting and curating - the 3Cs. It does not matter what the price is.

That's the ticket for sure man...When everyone else takes it easy..We go hard :)

Thanks for the mention appreciate it!
Some days I really just want to get inside peoples heads that stop being active and just see what their thought process is because I don't get it.

Most want wealth and their dreams to come true but for some reason repeat the same mistake over and over again. You don't get rich by jumping on when everyone else is you get rich by seeing the long term process and believing in a product, service etc. that if I invest time or money now that it will 10x a year or more down the road. It's a risk it's a chance but I have to say it seems far less risky than following the trends and trying to make it big when everyone is trying to do the same at the same time.

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That long term attitude is what most people lack in this crazy stuff....Would do people wonders to stay the course and continue to build, even during the red days lol

For some reason people have a very hard time with taking care of themselves. It's hard to think of "that person" you 5, 10 even 20 years from now that person to many is some stranger. I think this is what keeps many from being smart about their own financial future.

And we're all about accumulation right?

Right ! But only In words.
Not is actions.

You keep writing, and I'll keep booming. :)

💥Double Boom !💥

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Appreciate you man, thanks for the support!

Yeah, blows my mind how many people dont see these as fantastic opportunities to stack!



Read how this all have started with Toruk

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Legend! Thank you sir. I'm humbled!

Ha I did the opposite. I came pack and am posting everyday on hive and noise. Loving it too.

I only post when it sounds fun and since I sold my splinterlands cards and took a break from the chain I’ve come back it’s been super fun. Love just not worrying and just collecting.

Oh man, I blame you for my Splinterlands addiction LOLOLLOLL

Sorry man. It probably going to end up making you a lot of money!! 😂😂

LOL If we ever meet up in real life, I'll buy the beers LOLOL


See ya at $1 hive then!

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5 bucks or bust!!!!!

What I do? I dont look at charts and I keep stacking :p

That's the plan for sure!

In terms of curating I'm just doing the same as always.

In terms of accumulating I'm buying some coins (like RUNE) I've been waiting to get in on. 😁

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Great plan, yeah when everyone sells...That's when I'm looking at projects that I feel I missed out on.


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Red mean buy!!!


Sitting idle on my hands ^>^

LOL I can't sit still!!

You got the buzzies!!

I don't know man... I need to pull myself together about writing despite the heat... Did I mention I hate heat? :) Otherwise I'm still around doing tasks, reading posts, (voting, sometimes commenting), playing Splinterlands etc. But I have to really kick myself about posting something.

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I hear you man...It's tough at times. I know I've missed a few days in the past few weeks...But my excuse is moving LOL

Be greedy when everyone is fearful; take profit when everyone is greedy 🤓

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Absolutely!!!! Great approach!

This is the time to zoom out... Look at the "helicopter view". See the bigger picture and you'll see the pattern is still in place...

So true...When you do that, you see the big picture and are pretty happy where we all are!

When all those who published with enthusiasm about cub, leo and hive now no longer do so and abandon, it is clear that they are not really needed, we must support all those who believe in this and know that it can go far.

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Good point...Was a lot more active around here a few months ago...I won't be stopping anytime soon :)

It is so true that people like Elon are influencing the market a lot. Today I read an article with a funny Title. Doge pumps because Elon Musk changed his profile pic.


LOL We're doomed!

100% correct and why staying active through the quiet times really does pay off.

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Agreed. I've seen it happen time and time again since I joined the blockchain.

I would probably be considered a negative nancy. Especially given the post that I just wrote this morning. Posting has become habitual for me though. It is just something I do each day, so whether the markets are up or down, I just keep doing it. The only time that would maybe change is if things really blow up and I am earning so much from curation that I just don't have time to post anymore. I don't see that day happening for a long time though...

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That would be awesome though...I imagine a lot of the whales rarely post now and just curate...They can earn a nice chunk for sure!

Yeah, it is crazy looking at some of the accounts and seeing what they are pulling in!

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I can't disagree with that.

I really love that because I know I'm accumulating slow but if the market goes green, it's awesome, and the market will do it at a moment, just need to wait and accumulate more !


I always like to remind myself...1 Hive is always 1 Hive. So if I'm generating more right now, when it's cheap...What happens on those green days ;)

My Hive account is already $200 bigger than my bank account right now. I just hope it would take some time to go green again to let me accumulate the most I can



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Its really ironical. Of course you bet your ass people know they're earning more when the market dips, but they don't still get more active, why? Because motherfuckers is emotional motherfuckers. They operate through emotions rather than rational decisions. Low prices infuses them with all the emotions that dulls their energy to be active and so they don't get active, high prices infuses them with the opposite and so they dive in.

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Ha ha ha too true!

We KNOW what to do, but some reason...Humans do the opposite!

Personally for me this period(Red charts) is the season for my peak performance in getting more engagement and making posts.

Now is definitely the best time to build and hodl. I think I'll start tracking my activities and goals for the Q2 on ctp to make it more even exciting and chilling in every community.

Btw, am trying to kickstart a habit of tracking my stacking goals and also personal stuffs like #soberfor100days. I hope that's welcome in the ctp community.


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That is awesome man. Congrats!

It can be a challenge, but you can tackle it. I haven't had a drink now for almost 4 years. It is possible :)

I haven't had a drink now for almost 4 years. It is possible :)


That must've be a hard one to break. Hopefully with time i'll have such record too, will definitely take a lot of mental strength to breakthrough.

Tbh....its not going to be an easy one, but I think am ready for whatever it takes.

Thanks for the info and support.

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I wish I had more time to be more active but I can't do anything about it. However I won't stop being active.

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I hear you. First time in a long time, I've been juggling an offline job, a family, multiple online businesses and then my Hive projects...Only 1440 minutes a day, so we have to choose where to spend them wisely.

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