It's Crypto Monday - Are We Having Fun Yet?

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Is this officially the bear market?

To be honest, I'm kinda hoping it is so I can get some cheaper bags lol

Yes folks, the red markets are everywhere today and if you listen to the doom and gloom, you are having a misreable day.

But if you believe like we believe...You are going about your business and building your stacks no matter what.

Ask yourself,,,,

Do you see development in a token or project?

Is there real world use case for it?

If you answered yes....Enjoy the cheaper prices and stock up if you can!

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I don't think I was really paying attention during the last hard fork so I guess we will be dealing with issues for a while.

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Oh it's always a fun time lol The end is near!!!

I think it's also a pattern that people kind of sell their hive before hard forks... They are scared that they won't be able to trade them during hard fork. Another good opportunity to earn some more. I'm looking forward to the recurrent payment stuff :-)

It's like...This massive addition that no one is talking about LOL

When the markets go down, a lot of people get worried that it will just keep going down and they will lose everything they have invested or worked for. They did not think about how the prices would fluctuate when they started investing. They just thought everyone is making money in crypto, let's jump in also. Some of them want to keep a little of what they had, they will get back in when the prices start going back up.

Why can't they understand, when you sell you are locking in the losses...

On the other note, it is good to know about the hardfork and that there will be surprises.

Yeah it's human nature right...Buy high, sell Even though we should be doing the opposite.

I bought some Hive using HBD, the exchange rate is pretty decent

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I end up spending my HBD on Splinterlands lololol