It's Crypto Mondays - Are We Paying Attention Yet?

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What a week in the crypto space....

  • The boom and 'dip' of the past few days!
  • Blockchain For Everyone is a must read book!
  • Censorship DOESN'T HAPPEN on Hive!

And so much more....I was pretty fired up for this show, I hope you get a ton of value from it!

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Buy the dips!

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Absolutely. I most certainly did LOL

I couldn't agree more with this ranking of blockchains. Hive has everything for it. It's the swiss army knife of blockchains. Best of all it actually works!!!

Let defi or (Hifi ;-)) be added to the mix. Defi on Ethereum was the learning steps. This will explode really on hive because this will be available for all wallet sizes. Not only the ones that can afford to $50 per transaction

lol man, it was madness...I dont know how people think Ethereum is this superior chain when it's so expensive. I get it, it's the one everyone is building on...but they all seem to be forgetting...User experience.


Look like a nice book, I read "mastering Blockchain" but is almost technical concepts of blockchain and Byzantine generals problem.