Being In Lack & Want; The Motivation To Diversify One's Stream Of Income?

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I have lived in lack and scarcity and it is one hell of a rabbit hole to navigate oneself out of, of course the fact that I have experience what it means to want is my biggest motivation to stay ouf of poverty and that is generally the biggest motivation why people save, look for profitable ventures to get returns on investment on, expand their means of livelihood and seek for creative ways to make money.

One of the biggest thing a man doesn't want is uncertainty; especially financial uncertainty. Life itself is already a loop of uncertainty and man's attempt at certainly is mostly one of the reasons why we plan deliberately, aim at sustainability; aim at diversity and seek to have control over the things we may not have.

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Fear is often a motivating factor, a business person is always threatened by possible scenarios that could happen and this is what brings about having plans; A and B and the rest of the alphabets. Whenever people are in plenty, the need to save comes to the mind especially if they have experience a period of scarcity.

But then experience is the best financial lesson one can ever learn. When a financial thesis lies on paper in form of theory, it is unlived, it's untested and hardly understood, economists are one of the people that needs real life experiences to actually butress their knowledge, sharpen their skills and when they have done so they totally become complete. A person who was born into wealth will never manage money more than a person who wasn't born into wealth.

Why is this so? Experience. Truth is, managing money entails being at the forefront, making the decisions, being the focal point of concentration and of course knowing there's always a possibility that anything can happen.

The fact that we understand that anything can happen is a burden. Everyone understands this and it becomes the reason why we eventually prepare. While experience isn't the best teacher; it's actually the best when it comes to financial matters, a financial mistake will be with one in their mind especial when it involves losing a lot of money that comes with consequences. When we do through consequences of a financial mishap, it prepares us inadvertently.

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In reality, the world is changing; this fears are often what we galavanise in retrospect and it comes a long way in how prepared we are. Money is the shock absorber we need when it comes to being ready to tackle or handle uncertainty. It's not like uncertainty wouldn't come, but then when you're fully aware and willing to withstand it, it makes life eventually works out rather smoothly.

At the end of everything each and every experience we live and surpass will become a determination of what we would end up changing, especially in our financial Journey. At the end of the day, when we somehow manage to change our fortune the fear of being in lack again will still be there, either guiding or leading one astray.

Most wealthy people I know are greedy while some are free spirited and ready to give their wealth away for the right reasons. One of the reasons why rich people never gets tired of accumulating wealth is because some of them are scared losing their standing, being in a place of lack especially if they've been there before. Nevertheless, with more money comes more fear and with more fear comes the need to solidify the position.

In all honesty a lot of people lose their way trying to solidify their wealth, the financial position and also their status. But then this fear is often healthy and one we shouldn't always aim to imbibe. I have been in lack and this is often what motivates me never be there again and this is often the reasons why we build our means of livelihood across board of different possibilities.

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Poverty is really not a good thing to experience but indirectly it prepares you for a lot of greater things and makes you stronger.

Though a lot of people has gone astray due to such experience , I believe it all depends on how you see things. Also being financially educated can help you have more better options.

Getting rich is easy , Staying Rich isn’t.

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I like your point of view as it is logical, as for me, what works for me is trying hard to stay relevant in my finances because being broke and being in lack is something I might not want to return to anytime soon. Thanks for dropping by man

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No one wants to return there for sure . You’re always welcome brother 😎

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