Cub Finance; A More Fruitful Venture On A 24-hours Daily?

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I have been spreading some cash and of course buying more cubs and this is because potentially I think cub has what it takes to become the real deal. This might, this might not.

One thing i do as a potential investor is to look within. Inasmuch as I don't have technical skills to determine what will eventually do well and what wouldn't I tend to invest in what I'll never lose in even if the prices are crashing.

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Truth is, even if prices are low currently for cub the fact that I can farm further by increasing liquidity everytime I buy. The low prices are buying opportunity, many people will even buy further if the prices dips the more and so I have decided to continue my practice of buying at least once in two weeks.

I have a target of 1000 cubs before the end of the year and currently I have 111 cubs in my dens. Restaking the ones I have farmed from the dens and the cub-bnb pool as well. I haven't sold any cubs since I got the airdrop of 19, all I have done is actually to relentlessly stake, no one pretty much doesn't love the idea of farming.

We can say the APR has dropped tremenduosly and those who added liquidity earlier really raked in a lot of cubs and they can benefit from potential good prices in the near future thats if they're not selling and taking little rewards as they go.

It's been a learning Curve so far, DeFi has been good and sincerly without leofinance i didn't think i'll ever dive in.

Its basically a world of complexity and being the fact that its difficult to trade Crypto in Nigeria it becomes even more complex and harder to do the same with cubs and this might actually become a hurdle to newbies who loves the prospects of DeFi and of course an Opportunity with cubs but of course finds it really difficult and complex to go into.

People in Nigeria understands that potential DeFi is replacing commercial banks with smartness, ease, better returns and more safety. Being in charge, tweaking your ability to earn more.

Nevertheless, understanding blockchain means you know that more opportunity will present itself throughout decentralised finance. A few people are beginning to venture into decentralised finace despite the fact that government has banned crypto trading in Nigeria.

People are beginning to explore endless possibilities and taking it farther, jobs are losing their stings and no one wants to give 24-hours on a daily of their time to ever demanding job with less reward. Time is of the essence and time of course is money. With the cubs I have I, can farm close to 200 more cubs before the end of December and that's time and money put into more fruitful venture.

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You are adventurous with DEFI.
I am no difference than you.
Make sure you keep stacking CUB

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Thanks a whole lot by all means, im thinking long-term and cub is the absolute real deal, though no much expectations and no pressure, im just happy to keep stacking and adding back to the pool.

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It's interesting to watch those Cub value as it grows little by little. Honestly, I don't think I would have found myself in this yield farming of a thing if CUB wasn't associated with Hive blockchain through LEO. I was fortunate to get 2 Cub from the airdrop as I had very little LP then. But I've been able to buy and farm my way to 50 Cub presently.

We all are hoping Cub thrives in this DeFi space and it would become something massive years from now. Happy farming mate, and cheers to a big and better future. Success with your goals.

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50 cubs? Wow! way to go brother, thSts amazing, at 111 currently I hope to go even further, I think it's our opportunity to become really rich in the future. Keep building brothers, it's true Leo finance gave us the opportunity to get into DeFi honestly I wouldn't have even thought of it

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Nice target bro....end of the year seems like the perfect time to review my holdings as well.. so all Im concentrated on now is growing

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Thanks man, I'll like to see if I'll reach my target for the end of the year. I hope you're also farming real good? I trust you boss. Hahaha

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Keep farming and increasing your CUBs bro I have no doubt CUB will be of immense success

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Me too, I have no doubt. Cub for the long term. Hope you're farming too?

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I'm currently in the dens, I'm really struggling without a laptop bro and it's just irritating me.

I cam only get a laptop end of May

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Imagine those CUBs sitting at $30 dollars a piece. 👻 It will be fun.

1000 CUBs = $30,000 🦁

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That would be fairly tale huge, I don't think it's actually impossible but then uniswap was 22$ even being 3$ some months back.

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Anything's possible in Crypto. It's crazy. 🤑

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that is a huge amount of UCb you have sompared to mine. I have like 1 from my bLeo-BNB LP farming. Was Wondering to stake some other coin in the Den to get more CUB.
Too bad it don't have stable coin to stake, like BUSD. ETH seems to be a bit expensive tough

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You could potentially farm usdt-busd. Those are stable coins.

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This is really a nice strategy bro. I also have some CUB in my den and it is doing well. I hope to buy more too, soon.

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