Hive; Your Favorite Shitcoin?

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Clickbait; The sentiment

First of all, the title is a clickbait and thank you all for coming, let's get down to business, I saw a conversation between @chekohler and one hive user in particular which I wouldn't really mentioned and he made a stance which interpreted that hive was a shitcoin because it was 0.20$ and he went on on many rants with @chekohler questioning why he was rather emotional.

This of course led me to write this post;
Many people often place emotional into Crypto and diverse crypto related project and this for me is rather unwise.

There are sizeable amount of people who were once hive faithfuls but now have all sold their stake and left simply because they feel the price of hive isn't doing these huge figures and because of this the project "hive" has failed entirely.

First of all, what is a shitcoin? A shitcoin to me is a coin without a prospect and not a coin whose current prices are relatively low. A coin can be relatively low but still you see many people bullish on it, why is it so? This is because every coin with a prospect will relatively leave ground zero in terms of prices because of the fact that growth comes when there's is a reason for growth to happen.

Airdrops; Pump & Dump

Why are most airdrops relatively considered shit? This is because most of the airdrops have not solid project which this is because everyone wants to cash out and sell and make the millions and no one is willing to hold.
The truth was that UNI was at one time considered a shitcoin because it was airdropped to people for free but now at more than 20$ most people are going to be changing their mindset about airdrops being totally shit.

In retrospect, hive is far from a shitcoin and anyone who thinks it is, is probably too emotional or too attached or obsessed with its price. A coin where you earn passively for curating, investing and have the opportunity to build with it second layer projects isn't your definition of shit.

Let's face it many are too attached with the pumps and dumps of the crypto space and the money that comes with it. Hive offers the essence to build for free and because of this accessibility many now consider it to be "worth-less".

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Prices & Value

Prices aren't value, the concentration is on bitcoin, many companies are buying into bitcoin and this is because they don't have a lot of ideas about coins being backed by projects. But the concentration will soon shift in the near future.

The Crypto market at large is what anyone shouldn't be too emotionally invest in, I've seen the prices of hive more "under" than I've seen it more "higher" but then the beauty of hive is that you can build with it, invest, use your investment to earn passively, build a solid project, be involved with the other many projects that are going on

This of course is development, this is a structure that is laid down and this eventually is a proof that a coin backed by a project isn't shit and when prices starts going up then you can thoroughly enjoy the dividends of everything you have built while the prices are relatively "low".

Hive & The Second Layer Tokens

The price isn't the concentration, the concentration is in the project. Truth is the overly decentralised nature of hive is why it's totally lagging behind, the system is far from superb, the decisions making sometimes from the witness might seem really contradictory.

Human actions will always play it's part, the downvotes and the flag wars may still be a little be there. But take a lot at the opportunity hive provides.

You can't hate hive but love BRO and LEO they're intertwined and the option of the second layer projects wasn't even anything steem envisage having spoke of the SMTs like forever. In reality, People place biased sentiment to hive because of prices but then anyone that feels it's a shitcoin is obviously blind to the fact that the growth has just begun..

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We're all emotional creatures, but I wouldn't say I am all that emotional about any of the crypto projects or financial companies I invest in. I own shares in a gas company. I am not going to cry if we stop using petrol to fill our cars, but as for now, it's kicking off dividents.

The individual price of a coin is so irrelevant; why I consider it a shit coin has nothing to do with the price and everything to do with its limited network effects. How much are the user base and active wallet addresses, which I say is the measure of growth really growing?

Not that much after all these years that is just a fact, and we can put all sorts of positive spins on it. Still, in your formative years, your user growth should be exponentially higher as a percentage than in the latter years, so if that's a barometer of success, then its failing.

I am a marketer by trade; I've brought millions of people to various businesses across the web, and I know from that experience a good project/business you don't need marketing; the product speaks for itself, and is the product really pulling in the Masses?

A good company/product also doesn't care about what it's doing right; it only focuses on what it's doing wrong and welcomes criticism to improve its service to its audience.

If this place is meant for socialising and free speech, I should have every right, especially as a stakeholder, to critique it and give my opinion. I don't care if no one agrees with me. It's my opinion, not the consensus. An opinion I am open to being proved wrong, but so far, I don't see it

I get all the excitement and positive sentiments by those in it but I am not going to just fall for all the shilling and look past fundamental performance. Wouldn't you see you're far more emotionally tied to HIVE than I am given your series of posts and this one? I hardly even talk about the coin on my blog, I'm pretty agnostic about it or so I like to tell myself, but we all have biases.

I own UNI, and I still think its a shitcoin; I am not ganging up on HIVE; in particular, I think most of the altcoin market is shit coins and have yet to produce anything relative to their market cap. It's just GitHub code that we're hoping eventually fits together into something.

The browser wars, the social media wars and many other dot com wars as the internet emerged can easily illustrate that MOST of the internet projects were effectively useless. Still, all played a role in the eventual internet we have today by providing honest competition for the eventual winning protocol, company, platform etc.

100% upvote.. not because I necessarily agree with you. But you ARE allowed a opinion #freespeechisreal

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Thanks mate, we don't have to agree abs isn't that why we want uncensored opinions? Or we might as well go into echo chambers back on old social media

I don't agree with being put up as a scapegoat by the author to take the moral high ground but that's his choice.

I couldn't be bothered because I'm not emotionally tied to things like I've been depicted in said article

I just thought someone might want my opinion if all they take from the article was im sitting here posting FUD all the time! Anyone is welcome to check out my blog and judge for themsleves

You have gotten this utterly wrong, I didn't depict you as being emotional @chekohler I was only talking about that user who talked about hive being a shitcoin I only made reference because I liked the response you gave to him and asked why he was being too emotional. That was what I utterly tried to express in my first paragraph. Your stance was what I could have easily told him. Being overly emotional might make you reason rather illogically. Thanks for your detailed response.

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Lol oh that was on someone else’s post about swift cash I remember that person! Not someone I would try to reason with

Exactly my point, I remembered you asking him why he was so emotional

great post!

Thanks you buddy

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Hive, shitcoin? Hahhaha.
If it's shitcoin then it's the best shitcoin there can ever be 😁 but too bad it isn't and what a bait you've got there lol.
This is where people have lost it, the value of a project shouldn't be attached to the price of its token but the project itself,
That is where the concentration should be.
And so far so good, Hive is doing well.
Rome wasn't built in a day and even if it was, it wasn't built by one person

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Well maybe shitcoins will have degrees to it because, hive as s shitcoin? I'll definitely take it anyday, anytime. With the right marketing we'd eventually get there.

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Mhennn... Lot of naysayers around here just concerned only about the value they they can take away. Recently came across someone called Hive a shit coin too because of the pump in price it has earlier today.

I think a lot have seem to have misplaced their purpose with Hive and can't be patient any longer to grow along with Hive. If Hive would still be regarded as shit coin in the future, I don't mind being a proud owner of the shit coin.

So far Hive has been the only crypt project that has offered me a lot without taking a single dime from me. I will keep being a shitty investor then, ion care about what nobody says

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Exactly my friend, it offers more in terms of opportunity and with what we're building here, it's only going to get better. Many people are looking at the price action and this makes them equate value to hive which is totally wrong.
I once talked about here being a financial school that has grown a lot of people to become the crypto geeks they are today. Irrespective of prices. Hive still does it for me.

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the growth has just begun..

And the show will go on from here ....Second layer has got lot of opportunities. It just need to be perfectioned and showcased.

You're definitely right, the second layer projects will eventually sell hive. At least make attempts. To an extent we'd see success

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What a clickbait indeed.
At first, when I saw the title I was like, Is he......?:) I rather not say hahaha.
But then I agree to your definition of shitcoin
When a coin lacks prospect then it indeed shitty.
We shouldn't contrate on the price but rather on the project itself.
This is why I think Hive is the best thing that happened to me this year.
The project is very promising and so many other things backing it up.

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The prospect is what it is for me, this place has been an exposure and provided a platform as well through which I have been exposed to so many other crypto projects. If it's a shitcoin then it's my favourite shitcoin.

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Hive has the greatest blockchain ever for big trafic like social media.

Yeah, that's true

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Great post sir and totally agree with you, many of the user here say that indeed but they are still here, if they think so then why they are here?
Great explanation 😊🙏

HIVE still remains my darling token and I see no reason why I will change my feelings towards it and I feel I running out of time to accumulate more before it actually moons beyond a dollar and for those that thinks HIVE is shitcoin they need no convincing otherwise.
The way I see it everyone is right it all depends on the perception and mindset.

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Many will regret selling UNI under $100 in just a few months.

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