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RE: Wrapped LEO: Important Updates

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I tried to wrap my head around everything but then it seems like I'm getting More confused, too much information on the table. Anyway all I know is I contributed 500 Leo to the pool, is that what you're talking about?


The pool isn't open yet. I would say that if you want to become an LP, then wait for launch day and then watch the wLEO launch party podcast we do - in that episode, we'll explain how to provide liquidity with wrapped LEO and do a live walkthrough of all the steps.

In preparation, you can also view this page (which we are continually adding to):

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All right, thanks a whole lot @khaleelkazi

Very useful this. DeFi is a whole new space and with the gas fees issues it is definitely uncomfortable for noobs to understand. I will be watching the launch party for more info.

Are you thinking of the SPInvest pool?

Yeah I actually was

Looks pretty cool actually. They're taking care of the ETH side, so members don't need to. I have some ETH spare, so I'll just hit the pool directly; but I hope it all goes well.