The Utility Of Landed Property; What Determines The Need To Buy? (3Speak)

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Use cases for landed properties will keep increasing simply because people are increasing; there's need for habitation, need for industrialisation and need for growing of food and crops then production as well. In this video I discuss about how landed properties will eventually appreciate with time. I talk about rural to urban migration and and how landlord reaps off people of a lot of money due to the fact that they own these lands themselves.
I talk about what should be a determining factor for people who are actually aiming to buy into landed properties.
Basically Nigeria as an economics state is still developing and this means that there are still lands to be purchased in the rural areas which will of course see Urbanisation in a few years time to come.

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The use case for landed properties is endless. Basically everything thing needs a place on land. Even completely online companies still need landed properties for offices or server space.
Buying cheap land in undeveloped areas and waiting for it to appreciate has never gone wrong. Landed properties almost always appreciate.

You're right, landed properties are of the essence and I believe the way it appreciates with time it's inevitable. To me, I see it as one of the best things you can ever invest on especially in some African countries like Nigeria.

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Landed property is something that appreciate with time . Only the patient ones can get from the profit

Exactly, it's about the time and the zeal to invest

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Yeah bro that's just it and people can't stand the risk of doing that