When exactly Does The Bull Season Comes To An End?

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I have been running into a sort of limbo lately especially with my finances, the bull market has its advantages but it mostly has its dilemmas for people who want to build long-term. Not that we've really had a full blown bull-run but we're getting there.

But now is the moment where I want to set myself up, at least in preparation for when we wouldn't have these shiny prices, where people would begin to lose their cool to FUD, however currently I've seen a lot of people trying to predict when the bull run may come to an end in other to probably plan but a lot of people are still far from their goals and so am i.

Truth is, one of my priorities is cub, for example if I can buy enough cubs, not like really enough but just enough by my own standards then I still keep farming and earning them daily cubs iresspective of prices. The deal is to have sustainance. Another thing is that, a lot of people are selling their staked hive currently.

While many are taking it to be gone for good, I reckon a lot more people are doing this in order to probably buy back when the prices are lower, nevertheless I believe everyone should be planning for when we wouldn't have these prices anymore even if we don't know when the end of the bull. I still reckon some coins will still bloom late while some early bloomers much 'bear" early.

These are of course things that one might put into consideration, DeFi farming is what I haven't really explored well just because of three reasons; money, time and the complexity. Nevertheless just farming constantly through the basics is what I have done. A lot of people are putting in money especially into cubs, because it's believable, its trusted and of course our very own.

A time will come when resources will deplete and person can no longer invest but tk harvest and of course add more liquidity to the stake but now is currently the growth peroid, there's money everywhere, airdrops are flying everywhere, People are suddenly seeing themselves in good finacial positions unexpectedly and of course the danger is this would only last for some time.


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Believe me, so many people have one or two of the above but they just don't have the third, or just one and do not have up to two of the above another thing is of course day trading, trading can be lucrative especially to take short term profit and the gains can help one to survive through the bear, its not like it will be totally enough but it could go a long way.

This of course requires a lot of time too, but sincerly there's nothing you'll do these days with crypto that hardly requires time. It's very important that one finds good strategies to prepare for the bear. This is because nothing is worth selling during this peroid and a lot of people find it difficult to accumulate because they keep tampering with what they've accumulated.

The bull should naturally be a time to build and that's why it's important to set one's priorities really straight, for now, it's the season of plenty and no one knows to what extent it lasts.

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Will see it's not going nuts enough yet maybe somewhere in October

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October? Well that's not far away, I guess we all have a time in sight, thanks for dropping by

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Selling my Hive for CUB is not a move I will personally take, building my Hive stake is of great importance.
No doubt CUB and Leo holds similar importance to me but I don't want see myself going fully commited to one project, they all have very promising returns and I'd rather keep myself spread out while I find ways of pushing fiat into CUB especially at this stage.

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Exactly, selling hive for cubs is not what I find myself really doing, nowadays it's difficult to find means to actually invest but then I sold my steem to buy some cubs I don't think I even have any more steem to sell hahaha

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I sold my Steem immediately after the hardfork, it gave me a boost towards dolphin on Hive though.

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Ahhhh me too but I regretted giving in to the FUD,I could have just waited hahaha.

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I have about 2000 Blurt and still HODLing, do you think its worth HODLing

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You can actually hold it since you don't need the money so badly, you never can tell but for me, I don't see any future for blurt

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Being unable to get onto exchanges is one of the setbacks for Blurt I just hate seeing it idle in my wallet with a part of me seeing no future for it but we crypto one can't tell.

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Well something big might just happen with blurt who knows, but with my sixth sense I have checked the possibilities and I can't seem to get any positive vibe about blurt,

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The market is unpredictable so I don't know whether or not prices will ever drop back down far enough. As for selling off HIVE, I don't exactly plan to power down but I do take my rewards as Half HP/HBD because I prefer to have some extra funds for tokens. I plan on building slowly and even a bear cycle will not stop me from staking the crypto.

After all, my goal is to be financially independent so I am not concerned about short-term price changes.

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You do have a solid plan there, taking little profits makes a whole lot of sense, hive isn't a sinking ship, it's probably more of a marathon than a sprint.

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The bull period is welcomed by everyone but l kinda wish to see the bear once in a while. It's often the best time to buy more units of my favorite Cryptos.

Hive was a big discovery for me and l've never been in a hurry to sell. Not that l have money, but l know how important it can be to HODL. The we hive operates makes it easier for people to invest. All the tokens l powered up are still intact and the 50/50 reward system makes it easier for me to cashout some pennies whenever l'm in need of money.

I think, l would rather power down some tokens in my Hive engine than to power down hive.

Well, a massive bull run will come. I just hope that l have a tangible amount of tokens in my wallet whenever it happens.

Yeah, sometimes all I do is like take profits while staking and holding a larger proportion, the reason is because powering down and putting all into cubs is like putting one's egg in one basket and this shouldn't be what an investor should be. Hive is still my main stuff but by all means diversification is key and it's really important that we build different streams

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I'm not sure how high the value of CUB will be my estimates put it at around $10 at some point. We do print a lot of them each day and the amount of usage on the platform has been low. That is by no means to say anything bad about CUB instead that's telling you how low the price is right now and how very real and far CUB still has to go in terms of growth. Imagine for a moment CUB being just 1/2 as active as pancake or 1/10th pancake the price would sky rocket and while you stacked at the low prices of $2-$3 you'll be sitting good. If you truly believe in a program I believe you should invest and put the time into it.

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Well I don't know why the price of cub keeps dwindling, I don't understand the tokenomics but I was thinking it should begin to do well as a result of all the money being put into it. Nevertheless it's still very early days for me and I hope and believe it will eventually come good. Thanks for coming through. I appreciate.

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This is a very insightful post. I am on cub because I missed the opportunity to get into Leo when it was a t 7 cents. Like you have said the bull season is the time to build, I guess I should get my tools ready for building even if it might not last for so long.
Really nice post, I hope to learn more from you. You guys have been in crypto through thick and thin

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Well it's the bear that's the best time to actually build because you have these cheap prices everywhere and you can pick up coins that might do well in the future and spend on it. Thanks for dropping by, you can get the experience with Crypto too.

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