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RE: The Argument Over Bitcoins Value

in LeoFinance7 months ago

Hey there Che how is the Mother City treating you, my town of birth and youth? Great to read your post as a fellow Bitcoiner. I only recently joined LEO so am catching up on the LEO side. Actually I used to live underneath Lion's Head in Sea Point as a youth.

You wrote a good and informative post here, much appreciated. Store of value is Bitcoin's industrial use, and medium of exchange, like any currency. It's obviaas.

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Its going as well as it can be, weathers great lol lots fo braaing going on, will head out to the beaches in the quite times

LEO's pretty cool, bunch of nutters as always but since you already a long term HIVE/STEEM'r you'll know the ropes

LOL @ Obviaaaaaaaas! I honestly wouldn't have got this deep if I didn't question why the Rand sucks so much, that's what pushed me down this rabbit hole

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