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The recent slump in HIVE value has caused me to look for ways to diversify my holdings, and was a solid choice. πŸ™οΈ Make Hive Great Again!!

Desperation Breeds Creativity 😣

Β  Β  Β I have been blogging my a** off for far too long, and haven't seen my account increase in value for months, even despite near daily blogging. Not only that, my post payouts are horrendous, rarely every breaking a post payout of $10 (50% for author rewards) once every few months.

Β  Β  Β It is frustrating to spend 6-7 hours a day creating a Hive post from scratch, then engaging other Hivers another hour, only to earn $5, making Hive the lowest-paying job I have ever had, but unfortunately one of the few ways I can earn money outside of my online Cambodian language classes.

IMG_0259.JPGMonkey-B (@KidSisters) and I clowning around in Suriname

Β  Β  Β I'm also stranded in Suriname with my family after losing our life savings too, unable to return to Cambodia or immigrate to the USA because of draconian immigration policies and/or COVID-19 regulations. This desparation caused me start rethinking my Hive strategy.

What A Surprise 🀯


Β  Β  Β @FaustoFraser has been bugging me to get into Hive gaming for a long time, and I recently let my daughters (@KidSisters) into the world of Splinterlands, and they have been quite happy to find other ways to enjoy the Hive Blockchain than just creating posts.

Β  Β  Β Splinterlands requires a lot of gameplay, something I just simply don't have the freetime for. I had a 100 liquid HIVE sitting around for several months, and I know the most value our blockchain holds comes from the gaming side of things. Fausto told me DCity doesn't require a lot of physical gaming time, so I decided to take a risk with my 100 HIVE to see what happened.

Β  Β  Β "After a few days I decided to calculate my money spent versus daily income ratio, and the results were too good to be true. If my rough mental calculations were correct, my initial investments would pay for themselves after roughly 4 months."

More Skin In The Game 🎲

Β  Β  Β I power up all the HIVE I earn blogging, so I had no HIVE to invest in to experiment a little more. Struggling to think of a place I may have for funds, I remembered that I started a powerdown in my BlurtWallet a few months ago. I took a look and found I had around $31 worth of liquid BLURT, so I sent it over to my Hive-Engine Wallet via BlurtLink to be used for experimenting with numbers on a larger scale than my initial 100 HIVE.

dcitydemo.pngthe current state of affairs in my city

Β  Β  Β "I decided to buy almost exclusively 1st edition cards, even though not the most profitable, it was a bit of speculation that they may go up in value after printing stops. The numbers were still coming back very good, even when not buying the most profitable choices. Some additional liquid HIVE was invested from post payouts, and now I have 550+ SWAP.HIVE invested in"

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Too Good To Be True?

Let's Crunch The Numbers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

sdfadfaf.pngscreenshot of my personal data from HiveData.Space

Β  Β  Β Thanks to HiveData.Space, I was able to quickly pull up the data in a clean and presentable manner.The total amount of SWAP.HIVE I have invested is 553.68 + 3,999 SIM (20 SWAP.HIVE), and that gives us a rough grand total of 573.68 SWAP.HIVE so far.

✷ I have sold some homeless and immigrant cards as well, but I'll leave that profit out so my estimate is super conservative.

asdnn,nmb.pngscreenshot from of current SIM/SWAP.HIVE exchange rates

Β  Β  Β From the above DCity Map screenshot I've taken, you can see my daily earnings are 730 SIM, which at the time I right this post, is valued at 3.65 HIVE. So, we can say my daily earnings are 3.65 HIVE for this experiment, although values and exchange rates are always subject to fluctuation.

jnu.pngscreenshot from Rankings

Β  Β  Β Although not a huge factor for met yet, once you are in the top 400, you start earning a small percentage of the HIVE earned from daily DCity card sales. This number fluctuates too, but at the time of this screenshot it is 0.100 HIVE per day. That little boost brings us to a grand total of 3.75 HIVE per day.

bgt.pngscreenshot from

Β  Β  Β With HIVE's current value, my 573.68 HIVE investment represents $69.99010736 USD, and it brings in a return of $0.4575075 USD per day. If we divide this up to see how fast I'll get my investment back, we get 153 days. So, in a little over 5 months I'll gain back what I have invested.

I Could Be More Efficient 🧠

Β  Β  Β I already mentioned that I've focused on purchasing 1st edition cards in pure speculation they may go up in value, at which point I may sell them off at a profit. These 1st edition cards don't bring in nearly the ROI that the newer 2nd edition cards do, and it will have been a foolish investment if that doesn't pan out, but even with these choices factored in, I can still potentially earn back my investment in 6 months.

Β  Β  Β I don't intend to only buy 1st edition cards, but once I've accumulated 10 of each of the ones that are somewhat affordable, I will move into the 2nd edition cards, and my ROI will improve drastically. I imagine it would be very easy to get back what you put in within 3-4 months if you purchase wisely and only according to hardcore number crunching before purchasing.

Long Live 🏘️🏭🏫

Β  Β  Β I think @gerber has done something really awesome in creating this game. It's perfect for us busy folks that have little time for proper gaming, and it's engaging, but mainly the ROI is absolutely incredible.

Β  Β  Β It makes me wish my family and I were back in Cambodia where we can live extremely efficient but comfortable. For $300 a month, we can have a comfortable life there. It wouldn't take more than potentially a $2,000 investment to allow us to live on $300 a month and keep some skin in the game to stay competitive.

Β  Β  Β A short dialogue I had with @luca-legend made me realize I'm not crazy, my calculations are indeed correct, and one could very easily make a big part of their daily bread, especially in a developing country.



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Monkey B


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I must be doing something wrong cause I have been playing for a loooooong time and my daily income is 330 sims.

Or, maybe I did something right cause I already got my investment back.

Congratulations and hope you get back β€œhome” soon - wherever that may be.

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Maybe not, I put a lot of HIVE into my account when I started, roughly $60 to begin with, then another $250, and now roughly $300 altogether, and I'm earning roughly $2.02 per day, and if a new president is a war monger, much more!!

I think whether or not you're doing good in the game is based off of how much you have invested over what amount of time.

Your 330 daily SIM income is worth roughly 1.485 HIVE, which is roughly 0.1867 USD. So, I would assume if your investment in the game is less than $25 USD so far, I would think you've done pretty well.

Also, thanks for the kind words, we wish we could return to Cambodia or immigrate to the USA, at least we'd be in one of our lands, but that is not in the cards. For now, we are coping with the reality of choosing a home country, and Ethiopia was looking pretty good until the Nile River dam project stirred up anger with downriver countries and fighting in the Tigray region broke out. Mauritius and Nepal are secondary choices. !ENGAGE 25

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I do not know how much I invested in the game, but I know it was not more than 100 HIVE (or really doubt it was).

I do keep growing my city with the SIMS it pays off - I see these bigger cities popping up and get a bit of FOMO but then I get perspective, and things setter again.

0.18 USD per day in earnings is definitely a HUGE win. I was getting liquid hive for a while, but now that my city is not big enough for that, I get a new card every three days and turn the leftovers into HIVE. I also sell many of my homeless and immigrants which I seem to get a lot of because I have a big "popular" score.

Let us hope you find a great place to live soon. Very, very soon.

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I only started playing a week ago and I’m already loving the income. I’ve also thought an investment of $500 to $1000 would leave me with an even nicer return. Might have to wait on that for a few months, lol.

Sorry to hear the Covid got you and your family stuck away from home. Hope everything works out in your favor!

It is a bit addicting, especially when comparing it to curation rewards. I'm just hoping for 4 months of SIM/HIVE stability, then I earn back my ROI and some profit that made it worth my time. But even if I earn negatively, as long as it isn't as bad as the way my HIVE account has been steadily dropping in value, I'll be satisfied. We remain hopeful of relocating to a cheaper to live place with a more wild west economy, and I do hope things work out.

We're getting legally married soon, something we've been trying to do for years, so that is another thing to give thanks for. Pretty soon we'll be in the sky on our way back to the developing world. !ENGAGE 35

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dCity is one of the most lucrative games for us who don't have much time to spend. We need more games like this. FarmFarmer is a game that is a little like dCity. Hope more games will be created on Hive blockchain.

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Very true, and I'm not much of a gamer, but DCity has just enough of a gaming element to make it fun without having to commit hours a day to it like you have to in other blockchain games. I anxiously await 3rd edition dropping...... !ENGAGE 25

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Thanks for this post. I've also started just a week ago.
Very useful link since I didn't know how much I had invested.

I'm at 137 SIM/24H now, but still figuring out what's the best way to continue now. There are so many options.

Good luck with your personal situation.

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Yes @friendlymoose, HiveData.Space is awesome site for DCity stats and info. I think as you long as you follow some simple rules with the game, you won't make any disastrous choices. It only took me a week to more or less fully understand how things work, and how to best gamify my city. !ENGAGE 30

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It is always good to look for other alternatives although again it's not going to get you out of trouble but it might ease the pain of frustration a bit good on you man πŸ‘

Another $750 investment and a relocation to a developing country where $500 and a dream is enough to go into business for yourself, then we would be sitting pretty. Shame we can't return to Cambodia, but we think we will end up where we belong. Thanks for the good vibes. !ENGAGE 15

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I may have to check this out. That is a really good return on investment.

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And it’s fun too.

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So far I'm not shouting that from the mountaintops just yet, but if things hold steady, when I start seeing my initial investment pay back a full ROI, I will definitely broadcast it with confidence. !ENGAGE 10

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Financially powering a life in a real city through income of a virtual city.
What a time to be alive and on the blockchain.

I need to start buying more 1st edition as well, but those 2nd edition are so addictive.

It feels like a dream. You wake up and see it's real. ;)

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True, and you earn your investment so quickly, things only have to remain stable for 3+ months, a pretty realistic expectation for this blockchain. I don't like thinking ahead too far with the current instability. !ENGAGE 10

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The go for the second editions too.

But I buy luxury homes too.

If those become rare I will be in a very nice position.

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Good plan. They will probably be a little bit more valuable because of rarity, but most likely not because of usefulness.

I've made a few risky purchases of 1st edition cards in hopes their value will skyrocket when printing stops. I guess time will tell if that was smart or not. Mostly I just consider income versus cost, but only after pegging out education and training stats first. !ENGAGE 10

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You are obviously doing something right as I have been playing a long time and my income is smaller than you. I am at around 340 per day..

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Yeah, the numbers aren't too hard to eyeball, seems a good card purhcase costs roughly half in SWAP.HIVE of its daily income. So, if a card has a 20 INCOME stat, I hope its market price is less than 10 SWAP.HIVE or the equivalent in SIM.

Following this rough guideline, I make purchases. I see you in DCity my man, quite a high ranking. !ENGAGE 15

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Yeah, I put a bit of my own money and some trading profits into dCity for an initial boost, because of how profitable it is.

Also check if you can purchase something a bit cheaper in SIM in the market, and then convert SWAP.HIVE to SIM.

Indeed, I always check exchange rates before making purchases, good advice for anyone just stepping in to DCity. I've managed a few good deals from buying and using DHEDGE to get a few cards.

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Cheers @gamsam!

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