This Hiver Was Briefly #1 On The LeoDex Richlist πŸ€‘ Introducing LOTUSM πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ A Holistic Miner

in LeoFinance β€’ last month


One of my favorite tribe's, the Natural Medicine Community, has just released their LOTUS miner, the LOTUSM token, and I was briefly the richest LOTUSM man in the world.



Β  Β  Β The Natural Medicine Community is one of the most livicated gang of holistic content creators on the Hive blockchain, and in my opinion (not financial advice) the LOTUS token is one of the most promising Hive-Engine tokens.

Β  Β  Β A few days ago @LotusShares released a post introducing the LOTUSM, a miner for the LOTUS token. I immediately bought 10 LOTUSM with some liquid HIVE I had on-hand, and suddenly realized I was #1 on the LeoDEX LOTUSM Staked Richlist.


Β  Β  Β I don't think I have ever used the words "#1" and "rich" to describe a situation I've been in during this life. I only bought 10 LOTUSM because I have faith in this tribe and its future, not because I wanted to be #1 on a richlist, but the weather is nice up there.


Β  Β  Β The life on top didn't last long, and within a few hours I was unseated from my #1 position. I did have some more liquid HIVE, so I purchased another 10 LOTUSM, bringing my total to 20 LOTUSM.I don't intend to try and climb back to the top, but I may buy a few more miners to support the community and grow my staked LOTUS farm.


Earn Instantly For Writing Natural Health Content

Earn LOTUS and HIVE rewards for sharing your natural health content on If you don't already have a HIVE account, you can sign up for FREE here. We support writers sharing about herbalism, TCM, yoga, meditation, vegan and other healthy diets, as well as earth centred practices such as foraging, permaculture and biodynamics - read more about us on our Welcome Page!

Delegate II Community II Discord




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Hi Justin,

I didn't check the rich list myself but I bought 22 ( my fav number ) LotusM, as soon as I had the chance ( spent 3 days without my laptop ), yesterday.

It's not necessarily a bad thing to think of yourself as rich ( working on that myself ) but, like you, I don't aim to become the biggest fish / bee / LotusM holder here.

I want others to be able to buy and mine too. Pretty excited about these things though as I never had any miners so far and it's nice to be able to give more in the future.

Did you make the awesome art above this post?

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22 LOTUSM is good place to start. I've never fooled with miners too much either. Once upon a time I had a LEO miner, but let it go after receiving almost zero returns. My odds in the lottery were way too low with the LEO miner, but I like my LOTUSM odds so far.

I couldn't find any lotus farm clipart, so I had to hodgepodge something with a little tracing and creativity. I like the idea of toiling all day in the LOTUS mine.

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I was going to say I thought the cover image was super cute, too! Made me smile. πŸ˜ƒ

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Haha sorry man, had to get some miners today but it's already been pumping out lotus left right and center! Been staking whatever comes in and want to support my LOTUS/natural medicine friends ( @riverflows and @plantstoplanks - looking at you!)

Woohoo! You get LOTUS, and you get LOTUS....



Exactly. 😜

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I would love to get my LOTUS rolling in enough to build my stake while also sponsoring contests and other things with some liquid LOTUS, and I hope that Oprah would be proud if she knew about it.

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No worries at all, I hope to see all LOTUSM sold out ASAP. I'm quite satisfied with the returns so far, but don't know how my that will be affected when I'm lower down on the list. @riverflows and @plantstoplanks are NM legends!! !ENGAGE 25

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I think it will be a matter of time before those all get scooped up so we have done well to get what we can whilst we can! I'm not sure how it affects the rate at which we'll receive LOTUS as more miners come in. I don't really know how the miners work on Hive-Engine - seems to be a bit of a lottery!

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Yeah, gradually our odds in the lottery will decrease as more our sold, but that will also increase the scarcity of LOTUSM, hopefully driving its price up and offsetting the those losses.

I must admit I bought in without knowing the metrics, but I have full faith in this tribe, and that was a risk I am full-willing to take. !ENGAGE 25

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Yeah you and me both, I'm also confident in it long term so looking forward to see how it goes. I know that Brofund and others have mentioned it and they support Hive engine projects - exciting stuff!

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

This post also made me realize that I had to stake my miners haha. I didn't realize that but should have known :<)

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Yeah, I made the same mistake once upon a time with my prevous foray in token miners. It took me many more days than you to learn my lesson, I think about two weeks. !ENGAGE 15

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