A new $hive tip page is available! Collect tips & share your social links instantly. Visit: hive.ausbit.dev

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Have you seen the new hive powered website where you can receive tips, donations and to include all your social media links? Thanks to @ausbitbank - hive (and other coins) tipping has become even easier!


Let's find out more below, where I ll quickly present the website and show you how you can use it if you have a hive account. In case you dont have a hive account; What are you waiting for? Create an account now ref link

How I discovered it? I visited my twitter page and saw this post!



This is the site that you can use to create your own (see below) or to tip someone from hive



(I use my own account, in order to show you the process, but you can change the link by changing the username)

Useful Links

If you click the menu on the left, you shall see some official hive links and also some affiliate links (I always appreciate users who are honest about it and do not try to hide it)

Here is the official announcement post


Logging in

You need to login with KeyChain and you can immediately enter your account.

After you log in you see the notifications and the available options (upper right part)


You can use it as any other favorite front-end, leofinance .. hive, peakd etc : )

But there's more

You can add your favorite profiles/crypto addresses

How can I add my links?

(1.) Just to make sure, are you on https://hive.ausbit.dev/@katerinaramm ? (replace with your username)
(2.) Make sure you are logged in
(3.) Scroll until you see the "EDIT POSTING JSON METADATA"


(4.) Click and scroll to the end
(Before any changes, I suggest you to copy and paste the existing text to a notepad - that is what I did)


(5.) After clicking to one of the Props i.e. twitter, leofinance, Instagram etc - a new prompt will come to ask you for a text

I will add my Instagram profile now


Attention You do not need to enter the whole url - only the username!

Click on 'ok' and after you are done .. click on SUBMIT CHANGES (orange box)

If you are asked to confirm the transaction by keychain do it or ask not to be notified again

After adding some of the links, we shall check the appearance

What do you think??


At the moment only specific props are available, but I believe that more can become available soon.


How to send a tip?

You need to visit the website https://hive.ausbit.dev/@ausbitbank/tip

(I am using the one by @ausbitbank because I have not filled in all the information)


You can either copy the address or click on the 'blue arrow'


You will need to have the active key in the KeyChain to perform the transaction

Transaction Completed



----(@ausbitbank - maybe in this screen shot the SEND button should not be there? Someone could re-send the amount)**

What can you do with this front end and why bother?

Even if you use this front end of not, it would be cool if you fill in your social media channels so that when people visit, they can follow you / tip you.

You can also use this link as the link to your twitter, Facebook, noise.cash profile etc..

Most of us here use more than one platforms for our content, and we are happy to connect with more people!

Of course you can tip anyone in Hive or HBD, if they have not added their other addresses!

And in the words of its creator, @ausbitbank

I'm aware we have other block explorers, but to my knowledge none are open sourced so I made this. It's becoming a sort of hybrid between a block explorer and a traditional frontend, as well as a testing ground for me to experiment with ideas. There are other pages not linked here, incomplete modules and a lot more to come in time.

I plan to update it more until it's a complete polished package with all of the views you get in other frontends - and eventually taking parts of that code to develop hivelive.io .

As I understand, we ll be talking soon again for this front-end!

Thank you for this @ausbitbank! Something that would really be useful is the addition of other blogging websites such as publish0x etc
*Also, what is 'steam'?


Would you have any ideas? Remarks? I am sure that @ausbitbank will take everything under consideration!

Thank you for visiting and for your support!

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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Oh also your tip button will also appear in the sidebar of your posts, this is just a 'simple' direct way to access it. I originally made it because my partner @krystle wanted a simple donation page to link from her twitch profile, and I figure other people might find it useful too :)

I also like a lot the way a post appears :)
I will surely get back to a more extensive review!
As I saw, you can also pin a post but what is post promotion?

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the post_promotion tag was used by a bunch of bid bots and services back in ancient history. It came up when I was researching what existing fields are in peoples profiles, there's no point using it anymore afaik

Thanks for the post and the tip !
Appreciate you writing out the instructions more clearly for the metadata editor too, reblogged :)

maybe in this screen shot the SEND button should not be there?

True, I'll make the button dissapear after a successful transfer in the next release, thanks

Also, what is 'Steam'?

Steam is a gaming service, requested by @rishi556 : People can show off their collections/achievements/network with other gamers. Rishi556's profile is a good example https://hive.ausbit.dev/@rishi556

Thanks for replying!
I ll come back with a few extra questions in the near future :) I wanted to keep this post short for now and maybe wait for an update before my next tutorial.

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Thank for sharing! Reblog for note.

Thank you soooo much :)

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Nice post

Thanks for the heads up, Kate!

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This is really nice!

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This is a cool one!

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i really like initiatives like that, the only suggestion would be for a more user-friendly interface! As always your posts are extremely informative!

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Thanks for this detailed tutorial. Used wisely, the tip can bring some more users to Hive.


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