Still wondering what to do with those AFIT tokens? Wait no more and .. read on!

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In case you missed the big news, @actifit announced yesterday that its users can now buy real, physical, fitness products using their hard earned AFIT tokens!


Some of you may have been users of Actifit in the past, or may not even know that there is such a dApp on the blockchain!

So let me tell you what it is about :)

What is Actifit?

Actifit is a fitness dApp that you can use to track your fitness activity, make posts on the blockchain and be rewarded in hive/steem, SPORTS and the native token AFIT

You can check more information at the official website

To use the app, you will need a hive/steem account and to download the app (available both in Android and in IOS)
It is also possible to connect it with FitBit & Apple Health :)

After you download the app, it will monitor your activity in the day. When you reach a minimum of 5000 steps, you can post your activity and in 24 hours, be rewarded! It appears as a hive/steem post but it is also posted in the website.

This is a recent post of mine which received 65 AFIT!

Link on hive >
Link on >

Many of us have been accumulating many AFITs in the last few months, and as I have always trusted this project and its team (as I am also part of the team since its beginning) - I wanted to hodl...

And now it is the time to spend those AFITS!

The team has been preparing for a long time .. And it is here ;) A real use case with spending tokens by a hive blockchain dApp - buying REAL THINGS!

Let's see more!

If you enter (use your codes) - and move over to the market you get to see the in-game gadgets but also the physical products.


You can use either AFIT or HIVE + AFIT to buy a product, and you can select by a number of different fitness products.

The first orders have already taken place so if you need something, better hurry - the supply is limited!

First orders

One of the first orders was received by @actifit-peter who I really admire for his passion and content

Peter, I will be waiting for your feedback when you receive it :)


What fitness product would you buy?

I got my eyes laid in the Jump Ropes and I (almost) have enough AFIT for it, but I decided to wait a little bit because more products will be added ;)



Have you been using actifit app?
Did you know about it? Do you use any fitness applications?

Thank you so much for visiting, as always - your support is very much appreciated!

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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It is a great move by the @actifit team. They are providing a model that many applications should try and follow.

The only way to start moving away from the likes of Amazon is to get individual communities offering products and services that cater to their users.

Actifit is the first one that I know about that did this with an online marketplace. Hopefully it grows from there.

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Yes, I believe that it is a great start for many to follow!
Thanks for coming over :)

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I like the idea! But 65 Afit for a post and 62,500 Afit for a skipping rope means you have to create over 950 posts.
That's quite a lot...

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If you see it only mathematically, yes it is too much. But -
this is the price with the current AFIT price. It will probably increase as it continues the developments & the real world scenarios.
There are also many users that have been using actifit right from the start, and own a great amount of AFITs, and also many dedicated users that have even alt accounts for posting their actifit report cards :)
Besides, I find it really cool that you can earn a native token and accumulate it to buy a real life product :))
I am so excited for the future!

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That's great!

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Yes, pretty amazing!

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This is wonderful. It is good to know that so many tokens this year are going into the market and are helping people meet their needs at a particular time.

Although I knew about Actifit from the beginning but have not been using it, and won't be among those who will be spending the token. That is because I do not have a smart phone to do that.

This is great work from Actifit team and we hope it keeps growing.

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Thank you so much for coming over :) I share your excitement and think very highly of the future.
You must be one of the first people I meet that do not have a smart phone .. may I ask how come? Do you instead have a mobile phone?
Is it a choice?
Did you ever own one?
Do you plan to use one in the future?
Do you not need one?
Did you not have a mobile phone before? (before they got smart ;))

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never used it but that's quite the move and i like moves like that :p

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Do they deliver to every country?

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+1 , I want to know this too.


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I ordered the resistance bands as soon as I heard about it!
I knew someday they would have something I would buy. It may sound like a lot but when you figure in how much you're making on Hive and Sportstalk your Afit tokens are worth the trouble.

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Great move from @actifit team!!! When someone asks me which dApp on the Hive blockchain works the best, and who has the best customer support and communication, the answer is clear... ACTIFIT!

A good role model to follow!

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Thanks a lot for mentioning me! Yes, I will let you know as soon as I have the product!

Sweet I've been wondering what was going on with that program ever since the bit steemit wars. Does the token run on Hive or Steem now?

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Both I guess because when I post my actifit report it posts both to hive as well as Steem.

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I am not impressed.
I don't intend to buy any of these products.
Do they allow you to exchange their token for Hive?

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Go to .

You can also convert it to upvotes on but you need to post actifit reports to get the upvotes

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Yes I have been using actifit for a long time now and this is really great news:)

Both for Afit as well as Hive

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Oh nice... Good to have another use for Afit tokens and hope the innovation continues in 2021