Testing the d.buzz app [Review of the hive microblogging platform]

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D.Buzz is a hive dApp.

A project that I keep seeing around me, on hive, ontwitter, on publish0x, pretty much everywhere ;) The team is very active promoting it, which is good and shows the dynamics of it!

Still, for some reason, I had not tried it out until today.

My goal is to try as many projects/dApps as possible, so that I can let you know about my experience.

So finally, it is the time to give d.buzz a chance!


What is d.buzz and what's all the fuss about?

D.Buzz is a decentralised censorship resistant social media app.

d.buzz is a microblogging platform built on the hive blockchain, which allows the users to create short posts of 280 characters, and share them on hive and on twitter.

Approximately how many users use the app?

Apparently there are more than 100 users that use it on a daily basis and if I judge from its activity & promotion, this number will increase in the future.


(source: https://www.dapp.com/app/d-buzz)

How does a d.buzz post look like?

This is a recent post on d.buzz, where you see that the user is promoting another post - you see the number of upvotes and also the $ earned.

It's short - and this specific one is part of a daily contest held by d.buzz


Why should a user prefer to use d.buzz than another front end?

As I see, d.buzz is mostly about shorter form of posts where you can also share posts of other users. That makes it easier for someone (especially a newbie) to be able to get in the community and start making friends.

Also, I saw that they have daily contests where anyone could participate to get a chance & win some hive ;)

In this challenge for example, the users were required to go to
@threespeak, find a video they liked and click a 'buzz' button to 'buzz' about it..


Yes, apparently 3speak has added a d.buzz button so it means that your posts/videos there may have more exposure soon :)

Let's check out the platform :)

Visiting https://d.buzz/#/ will get you to this front page
(screenshot 17 January)


We see the trending posts on the main window and on the right some trending hashtags.

Let's log in


After logging in I am transferred in the 'latest'


I found an interesting post and I can 'like' (upvote) with a bar where I choose the percentage of the upvote weight.


Apparently my reply can also be buzzed in twitter (this is something I will check next time)


Click 'Home' to see the posts by your friends.
I found this platform to have an easy and comfortable way of showing my friends' posts.

About buzzing (posting via d.buzz)

It is very easy, you can set it to immediately share it with twitter but you need to know that you need to agree to this rules prior to posting.


Please note
When the twitter intent opens, I had to re-enter the tags and the image did not appear


So, what could a user post on d.buzz?

You can check out this post by @dbuzz for some ideas, such as:

  • take a poll about something
  • get a testimonial from somebody
  • provide some tips and tricks
  • promote a product or service
  • talk about topics that are trending
    and more :) Pretty much anything you could also tweet about!


They also recently onboarded Shane Hazel, which is pretty big!
I hope that the continues to buzz in hive!





  • D.BUZZ is a well made, easy to use microblogging platform where users can posts short posts in 280 characters, sharing ideas & opinions.

  • It has some things that could be fixed (i.e. the image I uploaded on d.buzz was not uploaded on twitter) but all in all it could be an easy way to onboard new users and also to help them share shorter content than whole blog posts.

  • I find very convenient that you can post on twitter very easily and you can also easily switch account on d.buzz - in case you manage more than 1 accounts on hive.

  • They have daily contests where you can enter and win rewards in hive.

  • In terms of rewards it is limited, as you have to agree that you cannot earn more than 1hbd for every buzz (post) of yours.

  • Attention though, you need to optimize the post to appear better on hive. It takes as a title the first characters of your posts.


One user commented that the app bypasses the autovotes - but to be honest I do not know what it means :)


Will I use it?

I will probably not use the app for posting content, but I will try to find out content posted through it (I already found a couple of good articles) - and comment.

I also recommend it for new users, it is an easy platform to use and to understand what hive is all about.


It seems that crypto microblogging is the ..new black.. so it really gets interesting day by day as the competition rises (having also noise.cash around which rewards its users with BCH) and with the new leofinance platform coming out very soon! Which one will win the heart and the devotion of the users?

Time will tell, and we will be here to witness it right in the source of information! How amazing is that?

Thank you for visiting. I will be happy to know your feedback about it :)

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

Please remember to support @cleanplanet - Link here

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Κατερίνα σε περιμένουμε και στο Uptrennd.com

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ! Είναι δύσκολο αυτή τη στιγμή, αλλά είναι μέσα στα σχέδιά μου!
Είσαι μήπως noise.cash?

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Ήμουν, με όνομα χρήστη Start. Και σε ακολουθούσα και με ακολουθούσες. Αλλά κάποιος με έκανε αναφορά και με έδιωξαν επειδή έγραψα για την κακοποίηση των σκύλων στην Κίνα. Τους έστειλα Μάιλ κλπ αλλά δεν απάντησαν. Άνοιξα άλλο λογαριασμό αλλά το σύστημα δεν έστελνε ποτέ Tips. Ίσως μπλόκαραν κάποιες IP, δεν ξέρω.

Very cool App, I am enjoying it since I start using it recently!

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Thanks :) Nice to know that!

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Dbuzz is nice but is it possible that some users that doesn’t use the platform see it as spamming or shitposting.

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Yes, I think that this could be the case for some people - but it is something that cannot be easily prevented in general.
Thanks for coming by!

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Correct. But it all starts with us.

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I think that happens with any front-end, even here on Peaked or Hive.blog, or on leo, that happens.

What's nice is that on D.Buzz they added a Mute button, so if you see that shit post, just mute that person, and you'll never see another one of their posts again (easy). D.Buzz is also actively developing other protocols that will enable you to connect to a blacklists ( from people like guilty parties )and enable that listing yourself to not see posts from the authors who have been blacklisted.

However by and large I would say the vast majority of people use D.Buzz, are posting good content and actively engaging in the community.


I like it in theory. My issue is that it posts to Hive just like any other interface and when I'm scrolling through LeoFinance I'm usually looking for proper articles and not for Twitter style short messages. Consequentially, I mostly just ignore d.buzz content.

So ideally, to me, this thing would have to be separated from the "normal" Hive feed to work for me.

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So. when you post on D.Buzz, yes it get put on the HIVE blockchian, but the posts get posted to the D.Buzz Community ( https://peakd.com/c/hive-193084 ), so unless you are subscribed to that community (hive-193084), or the content coreator went to another front-end like peaked and re-blog it to their main page or shared it to another community you are in, you would not see the Buzz from them... its like posting in a comunity, only people in that community will see the posts. :D

As for what constitutes a "proper" article, or what the main underlying use should be for this blockchian, that is a whole other conversation. 😉

I honestly don't know when it's shown where.
I use Peakd and LeoFinance for browsing me Feed and both show the D.Buzz posts from the people I follow, I don't think communities are relevant to either front-end? Peakd is just showing everything the people I follow post and LeoFinance shows everything tagged with Leo(finance).

Looks like a really cool app, will have to look into it! Thanks for the heads up :)

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Hey @katerinaramm , great article and thank you for writing it!

Just one correction

  • D.Buzz does not have daily contests. D.Buzz does have a Monday challenge (every Monday).
  • We also have team member who reads posts and rewards on the spot rewards to people who are postig great content (* a summary of who was rewarded is released every Saturday)
  • On occasion d.Buzz does also partner with other communities or people to host additional contests.

Bypassing Autovotes

What this means. Some people follow curation trails (https://hive.vote/), meaning that if persion X votes for person Y, all the followers of persion X will also vote for person Y.

Being that D.Buzz is a short from platfrom, and d.buzz encourages users to keep the maximum payout 1 HBD (* they do have the option to change that), some people get large Autovotes upvotes from the trials and feel like they want to keep that larger curation trail votes for longer form articles. The D.Buzz team actively worked with Hive.vote and others so that posts that are made to the D.Buzz community will not get Autovoted (*Posts from the D.Buzz front end).

Full disclosure, I do work with the D.Buzz team as a content creator and marketing strategist. So my viewss expressed in this, are my personal one and not that of the company.

Personally speaking though, I have worked with many clients and groups, but I have been with the D.Buzz team now for about a year. Honestly it's a team of people who are driven by passion and desire to see freedom of speech happened. They also try to find the best path forward while making the majority of parties involved happy, even when that means rewriting large chunks of their code and underlying core functions, to which they did at a large expense, or dealing with some pretty nasty people who actively work to cast shade (*to which their are... and that makes me sad).

It's one the best teams and groups of people I have worked with in my 42 years of being on this planet. And I'm happy to say so. Not that means anything to anybody but .. hey, its something. lol.

thanks again for the fantastic article and please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Thx for the info, I also post just once from there. I don't know that you can (or rather I was not paying attention) buzz from 3Speak. That's a good choice for sharing interesting content. Maybe all other Hive user interfaces (peakd, Hive.blog, Ecency...) should have Buzz button... maybe instead of reblog ...

Well, I tried to post something to D.Buu, from 3Speak... but seems that they have a lot of traffic and sharing/buzz from 3Speak doesn't work well now...