Twitter Giveaway (5 LEO & 5 HIVE) and contest (0.5 BCH)

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I was having a conversation yesterday about social media, and I suggested that they made a giveaway via twitter ... after creating a new account. (they do not have a twitter account)

That would certainly boost their account and would attract people interested in their product!

Besides, there are many many giveaways in the crypto space - so why not?

But then it occurred to me ..I never tried to do a giveaway from my account!! And I had to see how it works, so I decided to create one, on the spot ;)


My twitter account

I have my twitter account for more than 3 years, but to be honest I only recently understood its dynamics and possibilities. I try to be active on a daily basis and if possible increase my followers & following. It is a great place to connect, to be informed of new things & to learn about news they happen!

My giveaway

I decided to give to a random person 5 leo & 5 hive.
These, with the current value are $3.35 & $0.94
It may not be much, but they could worth more in the future plus .. this is a symbolic giveaway!

The scope is to show how easy it is to give a small present to your followers, using the blockchain on Hive.

No waiting time, no gas fees, instantly!

The rules

Well, you got to have some rules, right?

  1. It is good if you follow me ;)
  2. Please RT to bring more people over
  3. Tag a friend who would like to participate
    and ...
  4. wait till Friday!


If you would like to participate feel free to visit this link

Some stats so far


My followers increased by 3 but there are some pretty impressive stats.. more than 1000 impressions and almost 100 engagements.. I think that it is not bad for my first effort! contest

I accidentally bumped into this contest


You got the chance to win 0.5 BCH which with current rates is $244 if you make a post on your twitter & facebook account..

I took part and now need to wait a whole week to find out .. but .. who knows?

You got 24 hours to participate - so if you wish to do so, hurry up!

Final words

I would love to know your feedback, as always I appreciate your time for reading and your comments!

Thanks for visiting!

Who am I?

I am Katerina from Crete, Greece. An enthusiastic content creator with a passion for photography. Interested in the blockchain technology, in new social media platforms and in trying to educate new users who wish to explore the blockchain social media world and its possibilities!

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It may not be much, but they could worth more in the future plus .. this is a symbolic giveaway!

It is way better than the giveaways of thousands of coins/tokens which had/have/will-have no value.

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True, and I also liked the 5+5 and it is an amount I will have in my account to share :)
Thanks for visiting!

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I've been joining into your twitter contest, it was amazing @katerinaramm 😁

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Thanks Romi! I followed back, good luck to you!

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Good Luck!

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Great initiative. Not only to gain more followers but to spread the word about Hive as well. This never occured to me when I made my own Twitter about a week ago. Maybe I'll do my own after yours is finished.

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Thank you! I will look forward to yours too 😎

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@dadspardan @rosetothemoon lets win some HIVE
✅tag a friend

good luck on winning that BCH @katerinaramm
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Thanks my friend :)
Good luck to you too!

That's a nice giveaway Kate, hope you get many many participants. Have a good one :)

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Thank you Lord!! 😎🌸

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great giveaway! The end goal at least in my eyes would be if a completely new user enters the contest and win!

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Well said.

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Cool idea!

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I think your intentions are really pure and a nice one. I love the idea of organizing giveaways via Twitter too. This will increase publicity as well.
Thank you for this. I will head over now and do my part

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This is a very nice thing to do. I am seeing this idea adopted by others soon.
Thanks for the opportunity to be among the random pick:)😂😉
I am already on my way there.
I remember how I was shy about my twitter handle cause I just created it and it's a baby with less following and followers but you didn't mind giving me follow :)

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