AskLeo: What Does Your Crypto Portfolio Allocation Look Like?

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I've been seeing a few people doing these AskLeo posts and I really like the idea. Great for engagement and good practice for something called #ProjectBlank that is being released soon - whatever that's supposed to be ;)

Earlier today, I was listening to an interview with Raoul Pal who's a pretty well-known macro trader. He recently fired off a viral tweet asking Crypto Twitter for altcoin recommendations. It turns out that he actually utilized the replies to build himself a basket of altcoins for his crypto portfolio.

What Are Your Favorite Altcoins?

I'm curious about portfolio allocation strategies that you might have and if you want to dive into some specific altcoins that you hodl, that would be great as well.

Over the course of the past 2 years, I've narrowed my crypto portfolio into just a few core holdings. This was done both because I thought it was the smartest allocation strategy and because the growth of Leo has given me less time to manage my portfolio so that I could spend more time BUIDLing (which is what I enjoy more).

Bitcoin and ETH have performed remarkably for me. These are my two largest holdings. I do feel that there is an opportunity in the market right now to get into a basket of different altcoins. From Polkadot to Thorchain to Monero to ____, there are opportunities all over the crypto space right now.

I'd like to build a small portfolio to allocate to a few other projects that give me wider exposure to the emerging spaces of crypto. Some example categories of these emerging markets:

  • Derivatives
  • DeFi
  • DEXes
  • Interoperability
  • Smart Contract Platforms
  • Privacy Coins
  • Liquidity Pools/AMMs

In a comment below this post, I'll include an example using my current allocation strategy and also briefly touch on why I want to setup this new basket of holdings.

Leave a comment below!

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Over the past 1-2 years, I've managed to reduce the number of coins I hold significantly. I did this both out of a desire to focus in on a few projects that I truly believe in and out of the need to spend less time focusing on my portfolio and more time working with devs and the community to buidl LeoFinance.

Currently, my core holdings are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • LEO (obviously)
  • RUNE
  • HIVE

I also hold some very small positions in a few random coins. I have started to get more active in DeFi pools - especially with stablecoins. The Curve platform has recently entered my portfolio and I'm going to continue to allocate to various pools on there to earn CURVE rewards along with LP fees.

RUNE (Thorchain) is also an asset that I plan to pool alongside native BTC that I hold.

There are a number of other projects on my radar that I loosely follow but haven't allocated to yet. I'd like to add a few other coins to a new portfolio that I establish to gain some exposure to some of these emerging markets in the crypto space that I listed in the post.

Let me know what you're allocating to and the projects that are on your radar. I know folks like @jk6276 and @shanghaipreneur are active in Thorchain/DeFi, so I'd love to find more gems like RUNE to add to my hodlings 🦁

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I decided back in 2017 that I didn't have enough money to buy what I wanted so decided to earn via Steemit. It was a bad strategy for awhile but I rescued the btc that I converted to steem. I now have:
Steem (Don't want)
Project Blank?

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I put 0.2 BTC into STEEM 3 years ago. I have worked full time and provided more content than just about anybody out there... but I'm still far from being able to buy back 0.2 BTC :(

I like your list. Earning crypto for content and other means is an amazing avenue to building a portfolio - especially when one doesn't have a lot of dry powder to get into the markets.

I hope to see others take this approach and diversify as you have as well. This is one of the many reasons that LeoFinance is positioning itself the way it is. To capitalize on an inflow of people to this crypto industry who also may not have the risk tolerance / available capital to get involved financially but can put in time instead.

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I remember you writing about the potential of RUNE reaching $2 the other day but I didn't get to buy it which, in retrospect, was a bad decision.

My Altcoin Bags are:


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I thought you unblocked me a long time ago? I won’t cause trouble any more. Cab you please take me off this list.


Birds Eye View

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Yeah bitcoin is better than most these tokens lol! haha


Have you heard of Ziliqa?

ZIL is trying to solve the problem of scalability, by implementing a system of transaction or network sharding.

I personally think if it succeeds, it'll take root mostly in the Southeast Asia region (ZIL was founded in Singapore, where I come from).

Wondering what are your thoughts on ZIL, if you've come across it before. As always, thanks for all your work on @leofinance! (:

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I would have listed that but i am hella pissed it pumped past 6 cents before I got back in, its solid tech, it uses the SK-SNARKS the ECC team developed for Zcash.

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Oh yes, but it's 15 cents USD right now? And has yet to reach its ATH again.

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HIVE, BTC, LTC, ADA, LEO, ETH, LINK, and USDC for lending on compound for interest.

a little Monero for privacy. if I ever get those coins back lol

Thank you for an interesting and informative post. I wish you the best of luck!

1st - Hive
2nd - Bitcoin
3rd - Gridcoin

Ordered in value of holdings.

I'm generally not all that interesting in other crypto. Hive is where it's at, BTC is just there to catch the eventual price rises, Gridcoin is a much understated project that's really got a nice solid use case going for it.

My witness node - Stream on

First of all, I am so thankful to Hive (Steem) to introduce me in this world of Cryptos. For the first year all my earnings were just in 2 coins BTC and Hive (Steem then) because of my limited knowledge, but gradually I diversified. Now I also own ETH, ADA, UNI and UTK. I do not wish to spread out more, and keep my portfolio narrow and clean. I am hoping that these will give me the returns I expect.
I am reading a lot about Rune in the comments. I will need to check out on it. Thanx

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Really bad. A major portion of it is Hive(and Hive Engine tokens). Diversity is important and while I do hold some of other coins, the direction that my entire portfolio goes is practically determined by Hive. I've wanted to get more into ETH but fees are preventative there. And EOS has turned out to be a disappointment with just gambling on the entire platform. BTC is just a hodl type coin so nothing to look at there but the price. Same with LTC and DOGE. And honestly I think that covers my entire portfolio.

Yeah definitely sounds like you've got a need for speed diversification. There are a lot of opportunities out there in crypto right now and while I also love Hive and spend a lot of time BUIDLing here, it's important to spread the allocation a bit (which may actually play to your benefit if your goal is to stack more HIVE - i.e. holding BTC versus HIVE the past few months and then going back into HIVE).

EOS has always been disappointing to me. I have a few friends that work closely with EOS and I've never been a fan of what that "blockchain" looks like. Kudos to people who use it - I'm not a hater, just not an investor.

ETH was on my radar right after BTC when I first got involved in the space. It will always be my second love.

LTC is something I've used as a payment gateway. I never HODL LTC, but the lower fees and usability make it useful in certain scenarios.

"BTC is just a hodl type coin so nothing to look at there but the price"

I do think this has changed. Right now, you'd have to wrap BTC to provide liquidity and earn APY, but you can earn. I'm in a BTC pool on Curve and earning about 27% APY on my Bitcoin.

Soon, Thorchain is set to launch native BTC pooling which means no custodian risk on Wrapped Bitcoin. I plan on going heavy into BTC-RUNE pools when that is live :)

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Thorchain's not on ETH right? If the fees aren't like ETH I'll check it out.

Thorchain is a cross-chain liquidity platform. Right now, they are in their early stages so there are pools on Sushiswap/uniswap (ethereum) but the point of the protocol is to build bridges to all blockchains/assets.

Fees on thorchain mainnet will be far cheaper than ETH.

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Wait, you are earning 27% APY pooling BTC (against what?) on Curve? That is a lot. Any idea when that BTC-RUNE pool is coming? It feels like forever. Right now I am rather looking at selling some of my RUNE after all the massive gains recently.

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Yep that's on Curve and the APY is nice on a lot of the pools right now. I'm getting over 70% in the USDn pool.

BTC-RUNE should be coming within Q1 or Q2 of this year. They are a bit behind schedule but it's all in testnet at the moment.

When that launches, my rough plan is to swap half of my RUNE into BTC and pool the lot. We'll see when the time comes, but I imagine RUNE will be $6+ at that point and time for me to take a little profit

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Oh man... I just saw this post. I'm so glad seeing you as well contributing to my #askleo initiative. After over two months since I started it I was at some point thinking to leave it aside. Not too much attention towards it. Glad I haven't done that. To answer your musing I'll say my main portfolio, consisting of cryptos outside social media rewards, is divided by two: UNI and XTZ.

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I was about to sell my XTZ. What has you so bullish on it?

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I bought more. The fact that it has entered price discovery and that it usually follows the pattern of LINK. I am also staking it and earn some more. I don't usually invest on fundamentals, but it has some as well. For example in the near future it will have a stablecoin being launched on its blockchain.

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I've always been a fan of that initiative. I think there's an incredible amount of value in this kind of dialog. Sometimes we get caught up in just pushing out content on this blockchain instead of trying to reel in feedback.

I'm a classic lurker. I read more posts/comments on than more people would imagine, although I struggle to engage regularly. Hopefully I can sneak in more engagement throughout 2021, I've been wanting to for a while now 🦁

Big fan of Uniswap, but I did sell the UNI I had a while back. XTZ is one I've heard of in passing but haven't ever looked into

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Right now I'm very heavy on ETH.

Core positions are Bitcoin, ETH and HIVE. I'm buying more hive left and right right now, once the train leaves it's gone.

I hold some chainlink, aave and synthetix and am now up around 500%, those are just blue chip alts. With the recent BNB run up it also became a repectable bag.

A lot of speculative DeFi bets played out very well, we're no longer early to the party. One speculative bet in DeFI that could still 50x is EVN. It launched two days ago. It's like compound except it's deflationary AND also enables borrowing and lending for all cryptos in the top50, not just ETH based coins.

Thankfully to things like hive and others I’ve learned a lot about different coins and stuff. I’ll have to check some of my really old holdings but Byteball was one that a lot of people were using for a while that I should check on to see what it did.

Presearch (favorite!)
Cotton coin (no clue if they are even around anymore)
One other one the name slips my mind
Then there’s obviously bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum
My problem is I don’t have a lot of time to make sure I’m not getting a virus by interacting with a website and all that or a VPN to change my location to be eligible to do things with exchanges that host these tokens so I’m lacking. I will be claiming all kinds of airdrops in the future though for having bitcoin in a wallet address, rhombus is a new project that dropped a token to bitcoin addresses last December. I think with the attention on bitcoin there will be more drops or forks to partake in.

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In a way I am bad
Those are my main ones I have some Bitcoin but send most of that to Hive when BTC hits a new high then rebuild my BTC

So far I have Mostly stuck to BTC, With some bags in hive and that's building as hive should gain momentum soon. I am holding Weedcash and a few other tokens on hive.

I am also holding BNB as binance is standing strong during this run.

My current interest is in CTP and HIVE I want to power them up to allow me to post, comment, curate and engage


I'm working on re-allocating mine at the moment. I am way to heavy in HIVE and Hive Engine tokens. Nothing wrong with them, and still really like some of the projects. Problem is that my involvement in crypto has changed. Originally, it was a hobby to learn something new in my spare time and make a few bucks. Now, I see it as my future, and my way out of the workforce on my own terms, instead of having to work another 20 years.

So, being 85% on HIVE doesn't work any more.

Currently, my "non Hive" assets are limited to:

  • RUNE / ETH
  • AKT (Akash)

And that's it. Once the airdrops for LEO happen for projectblank and the gov token, I'll shift most of my LEO (and potentialy "BLANKS" out into LP's. I consider WLEO as an off chain asset in this. I'm looking around for what's next, but in no rush as I want more in RUNE LP's and more in Akash to get them to "Life-changing" bag levels.

Goal for the next few months is to progress to 50% Off HIVE at least.

As for "hidden gems" Khal, AKT 100%. huge growth ahead.

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Exploring the LP options with my RUNE is next on my "radar screen," so nice to hear you and @khaleelkazi are still very excited about its future prospects. 🙂

As an American, unfortunately it does not appear owning AKT is an option, as the primary exchange on which you can purchase it excludes us ... 😒

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Nice to you are still very keen on the prospects for RUNE. I am needing to invest the time to learn more about participating in its LPs, as I own some RUNE, but just HODLing them up to now ... I am particularly impressed that RUNE offers a native token option to Uniswap's approach requiring "wrapped" versions of most of whatever one might be interested in exchanging on that DEX ...

What are your current thoughts about leading a group of investors into setting up a RUNE/LEO LP?

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I begin with this portfolio in 2017, when all crash in 2018 I thought long time and this idea come to me. Every month I buy a little during the last years. Buy lately with all the changes have been placed I change a lot the tokens.
Now this is the result:

  • WLEO
  • ETH
  • HIVE
  • PieDAO DEFI++
  • PieDAO BCP
  • PieDAO YEP
  • NWC
  • NEO
  • IOTA
  • RUNE

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This is an overview of the distribution of my crypto portfolio. Not all coins are included by far, but all the big and important positions are here.

Ethereum has always been my biggest position, but the fact that it is now so extremely dominant is not something I actually intended. You just can't plan success

I don't have a big bag but the small bag I have holds BTC, ETH, BNB, CAKE, LEO and Hive. Learning from the mistake (or being a newbie) of not putting significant amount in Leo and Rune, I managed to invest a good amount in BNB and CAKE. Those are my biggest bags right now.

You might want to check out It's a crypto index fund project so you can just buy an automatically rebalancing index of the top (ethereum-based) tokens. It's just like a stock market index fund except decentralized and is a cool way to get exposure to a bunch of (mostly defi) projects without having to manage the holdings yourself. You can also stake your index fund tokens and earn their NDX governance token but I think that only goes for another month or so.

The Curve platform has recently entered my portfolio and I'm going to continue to allocate to various pools on there to earn CURVE rewards along with LP fees.

I also have a good chunk in the Curve USD stable coin pools and the returns are really unbelievable considering the relatively low risk. I know you don't want to wrap BTC, but I have put a small amount into the Curve ren/wBTC pool and then staked those LP tokens into Badger which has also earned some really nice returns.

I too had to work on reducing down. I had so many wallets and things all over the place of coins just becoming pure crap lol that my time was better spent consolidating and focusing on a few core coins/projects.

My Primary focus as of right now is HIVE and LEO + Project BLANK when that releases. I don't do much in the mains anymore besides build those freely and hold and hold. Those mains being Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Apart from my Steem/hive/Leo holdings, I still have my 2017 spread of mostly BTC with 20 shitcoins (including ETH, XMR, DOGE). One new hot project I can recommend is Cake Defi. It is quite centralized, but the CEO of Cake is Austrian so I am not that worried. Their DFI Coin went from 0.20$ in Summer 2020 (inception) to 3.50$ right now. It stakes for 37% APY and you can do LP Mining with it.

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My Portfolio is kept simple. I focus on long term projects with low marketcap and staking rewards. Right now, I'm holding;

  • Hive and almost every hive-engine token
  • Leo gets a different line because it is relatively bigger bag
  • AVA
  • Vite

THose are my main bags. Anything outside these are just for the pump and dump game, so I don't like counting them.

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the two main assets are HIVE and ADA which I have held for some time and the latter has undertaken a very significant bullish trend in the last 2 months.

Then I have LEO (of course) and BAKE, the latter is a new product of the Binance family, like CAKE, but it is younger and is growing very well, also driven by the rise of BNB.

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my core holdings are:
LEO (obviously)
RUNE (LPing on bepswap)

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I did have about 30 coins at one point but decided to just consolidate them into BTC over the last few months as would rather focus on a couple than try to manage many.

It's mostly BTC and HIVE/Hive-engine for me now with a light dusting of other tokens - ADA, EMT, RDD. The last 2 are "punts" at best!

My portfolio:

Also looking at:
$ctp and $palcoin

These are projects I am invested in emotionally. In terms of prospect, I am looking at $rune and $ada. Setting aside some of my income to buy these coins.

Bitcoin is still in the picture. I still feel it has the potential of reaching $100. But for now, my focus is on altcoins.

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My main bags are Leo and Hive respectively. Then within hive engine, I hold Spt, little Stem, Jahm and a couple others in little quantity, I don't count them.

I also hold some Rune and Dot, and I'm looking to increase my position in them, I have some BAT as well, but the fees on moving the little I have off brave browser to my binance wallet is highly discouraging.

Oh and I hold a little bit of bitcoin, just a little, for the culture.

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Currently, my core holdings are:

  • Bitcoin 25%
  • Ethereum 25%
  • DOGE 10% (Since two years ago) - Thanks Elon
  • TRON 10%
  • HIVE 10% + the hive power I have in my account
  • BNB 10%
  • ADA 10%
  • I want to hodl more LEO, I want to talk with you Khal!

AVA / RUNE / BNB and BTC pulled in RUNE LPs.

Then of course for social media’s, Hive and LEO ! Been stacking despite the good run and some whales 🐳 selling 🙌

Otherwise I made a lot of profit in Trustswap and might sell.

I provide stable coins LPs on EOS défi with crazy yield but very risky.

ETH of course and some NFTs

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I agree on the idea of not holding too many coins. You'll just lose track of your holdings and fail at putting any strategy into action.

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Keeping it small but sure. all of them pamping.

Got in RUNE Thanks to you and LeoFinance.

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I'm keeping it very simple right now.

BTC dominant, with ETH, HIVE, LEO and I'm trading in and out of RUNE and GRT for better (hopefully) gains, and if I end up missing the boat, I have no problem holding either of them.

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My portfolio is mostly hive and some other virgin coins but I'm most proud of the fact I managed to gather almost 200 chad Leos in little over a month ( thanks to the awesome Leo peeps of course) :D and I'm hoping on getting to at least 250 before the airdrop

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My main holdings are

I used to hold ETH and KOIN, but sold those off recently.

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I'm very interested in finding out from those who will respond.
I agree with you. That is, should I invest, it will be Bitcoin, Etherium, Leo, and Hive.

My List:

  1. AVA
  2. RUNE
  3. LBI
  4. Likecoin
  6. BRO
  8. AKT
  9. BIFI
  10. CRO
  12. Blurt
  13. BNB


LEO(LEO/LEOM/LEOMM/LBI) are number 2 of my all holdings.
Now my major focus are LP in BSC, there are a lot of opportunitities in BSC as the grow is so fast. .

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From the most to the least:

Everything crypto started in 2018 with STEEM. Now, my portfolio looks like:

BLANK (anticipating)

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I love your post, I have a question for you friend @khaleelkazi, I am new in this world, if I decided to start creating my portfolio, what alt's would you recommend me, I can't afford to enter the bitcoin world since my savings are not that big but, I would like to change my money saved in local currency and put it in some crypto that will give me security and maybe some dividends.

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Emerging crypto

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My Top holdings are currently Bitcoin (by far), Hive, LEO, ETH, Cardano and some UNI.

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I've converted all my STEEM to HIVE now.
I've collected but sold a lot of LEO and WEED for a year or more, only recently started to hold a bit of it, but I might just maintain my focus on HIVE for now.
I upload to LBRY and have almost 10k LBC, it's hovering between 10 and 15 cents.
I grabbed a little Cardano at its bottom a couple years ago, just to see how the wallet works. They upgraded it and stopped supporting Win7, so I'm locked out. It's doing really well now.
A little bit of Brave browser coins. People said "you can earn hundreds a month just browsing as usual!" and that turned out to be a total lie. I've seen a zillion ads now, and still only racked up maybe 40 bucks, in a year.

So really my main crypto holdings are:

  • about 12000 HIVE
  • about 10000 LBC
  • about 0.044 BTC

I have a slightly unique situation, I am unbanked and very privacy focused. I never use smart devices or government services etc. So everything I have has been earned with original content I created.

I hold
CRT (Cryptonits) you can get on whitebit

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and a bunch of alts that I keep changing around.

This order wasn't my initial plan but LEO just kept growing and I haven't managed to sell my house yet hahaha!

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First let me just say that I have too many coins. Dozens.
But if I had to pick a top 5, I'd say (beyond the obvious BTC/ETH)

DOT (plus all its projects, POLS, REEF, KSM, etc.)

I'm expecting all of these to go much higher than they are now. Each one delivers incredible value, either currently (most of these) or likely in the near term (ADA).

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#tezos (staking)
#komodo (staking + onchain DEX)
#waves (onchain DEX + USDt staking)

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Went ahead and wrote an article for it, but the TLDR

50% Bitcoin
25% Ethereum
15% Hive
10% Leo
5% in other random alts and USDC.

Good post. I am interested in steem

My crypto allocation, zero leo cause leofinance still blocking me? What's going in again I delegated to you and i did not receive anything? I will undelegate, please confirm!