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RE: LeoFinance HiveFest Keynote - What We've Accomplished in 2020 and Our 2021 Roadmap

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A few people have asked for a copy of our 2021 roadmap slide that I presented at HiveFest. Here you'll see a screenshot of it. Please note that this is a preview of the 2021 roadmap. It's missing a lot of key details and instead gives a broad overview of the 6 major sections of our roadmap.

The full roadmap is much more complex and includes in-depth details that were too lengthy to include in the short presentation I gave at HiveFest. For now, this can serve as a little teaser of what's to come. Expect a 2021 roadmap to drop right around the turn of the New Year.


And here is the full slide deck from the Keynote if you're extra curious:

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Hell yeah man!

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I like Decreasing Reliance on Hive-engine and just want to know about that.
Will Leodex be isolated from the Hi-engine?

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Of everything on this list, I love the idea of microblogging the post. I hope that some people will not begin to downvote the posts on the Hive frontend as exploitative of the reward pool. If this happens, would you do anything about it? Keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing 👍 !

this publication is very good..

Me parece excelente la aclaración, muchas gracias.