Roundtable Podcast: Wrapped LEO Launch Party Minus the Wrapped LEO Launch

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We livestreamed the LEO Roundtable Podcast at the scheduled time when we were going to launch Wrapped LEO. The only issue is that we ended up postponing the Wrapped LEO launch because of the high ETH gas fees after Uniswap decided to drop a UNI bomb on the blockchain.

Since everyone on Ethereum is now jumping over and paying insanely high gas fees to claim their UNI and trade it, we’ve had to postpone wLEO because none of us want to pay $50+ for each wrap, swap and add liquidity transaction.

These flares in the ETH gas prices are temporary. If you pick the right day/time, the fees are usually only about $0.70 - $2 per TX. Coming from Hive, this can feel unusual but this is the cost of transacting with the largest decentralized financial ecosystem on the planet.

So today we did our LEO roundtable and talked about Ethereum, Uniswap, the new UNI coin, trading wLEO and more.

On the official post out of @leofinance today, we talked about the delay and also released the in-depth details of how the 300,000 LEO bounty will get distributed to Liquidity Providers. [Check out that post]( for the info.

We planned out the next LEO roundtable to be another launch party for wLEO. When wLEO launches officially next week (pending ETH gas fees coming back to a “normal” level), we will do another launch party livestream to talk about wLEO and walk everyone through the actual steps of wrapping, swapping and adding liquidity.

In This Episode:

  • 02:15 Review - How to Track Your ETH Portfolio (Including wLEO When It’s Live)
  • 04:30 How I Doubled My Money in wHIVE
  • 05:00 Uniswap’s New UNI Governance Token and What it Does
  • 09:30 What’s the True Value of UNI and the Uniswap Platform?
  • 19:00 Will Trading wLEO on Uniswap Be Better than Trading LEO on Hive-Engine?
  • 44:45 What Are the Impacts of The Mining Tokens (LEOM and LEOMM)
  • 1:16:00 Could Hive Ever Replace Ethereum or Compete With ETH-Based Features?
  • 1:20:00 1,000 True Fans
  • 1:23:30 Why We Rescheduled the Launch Day for Wrapped LEO on Uniswap
  • 1:24:15 Reviewing the LP Incentives Structure (300,000 LEO and How It’s Getting Paid Out)

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Great show guys, It was real smooth on my android phone!

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Thank you :)

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Hey roundtable panelists, was I the only one to watch the wLEO launching (which never happened) live on Twitter? :P

I really liked the idea of having 1000 true fans of Leo. @khaleelkazi, you better start tweeting like #Musk :) That was the best suggestion right there.

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I think there were several more folks that watched the round table from twitter, we will get that 1000 true fans before the end of the yr :)

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2020 has not been great for so many projects. Hope #leofinance will be an exception in getting those true fans :)

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1000 here we come :)

This was our second twitter livestream. Once we get more regular with the schedule, I think we'll see it grow

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#leofinance will hit that mark - true passionate fans.
On that note, why are you not updating the podcast episodes on google podcast? I did not see recent episodes there. I use google podcast and I think it will help to tap those users if you provide a link on your posts.

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Really enjoyed this podcast, even though the launch had to be postponed.

I've got my LEO and ETH ready to roll, when the time is right.

I love the idea of having Metamask sign in option, and all the HIVE account stuff behind the scenes for ETH people. Are there similar wallet extension thingos for other chains (like EOS, for example) that could be added to your dev's workload to be able to eventually onboard other chains to LeoFinance?



Hey @jk6276 that's a great suggestion, wallet extensions for the other blockchains.

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Nice! I've got a few surprises for everyone when the launch time rolls around this coming week.

The metamask integration will be an insanely great way to onboard. Once that's in place, I'm going to start harassing encouraging DeFi/ETH peeps to blog about crypto and earn crypto.

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Was able to catch a few minutes at the beginning. Good to know you're single, you know, in case any of the ladies are asking. 🤣

Thanks for the intro to Zapper. I was able to connect my wallet and am now ready for DeFi. There was a Uniswap video I watched, but no hottie. Only her voice.

Speculation on UNI? I think you guys are right that the value isn't finished settling on a higher price. So I also exchanged for as much as I could risk. As far as providing liquidity, maybe UNI will help provide some extra resources. Gotta wait til gas settles down either way.

If there's a way to make it happen, I'll get in the wLEO pool.

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Zapper is an amazing product. I really enjoy it - especially their mobile app.

$7 as of this morning. I may dump all of mine at $10 depending on what my gut tells me. I hope that others in the community got the airdrop and perhaps we'll see some of those new riches flow to the wLEO pool :)

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I got interested in the Leo project as a result of the initial PAL-weighted airdrop. Recently, I've been following developments pretty closely on the lead up to next week's WLEO launch, including these videocasts with you guys. It's been fascinating and an education to observe all that's been going on and a LEO-boom may well be the way I start to open up some form of financial independence for myself in the coming months - pay off pers. debts, run under own steeeeam (ha ha) etc....regardless of middle/end-results, I take my hat off to you @khaleelkazi, with many thanks for what you've done and the integrity and transparency (not to mention the zen-like composure :) with which you do it!

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Thank you :) I'm always happy to see the user base grow and with it, the financial opportunities for everyone - like yourself - who has stuck with the community for the past 15 months

p.s. love your image

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