The Case for Diversified Content on LeoFinance

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Whether you're creating content on LeoFinance, Hive, Twitter or Facebook, we tend to create content about only the few things we like. There's nothing wrong with this, but with an ecosystem like LeoFinance (or Hive), having diversified content is essential.

I love reading posts about Hive - since it's something that I'm deeply passionate about. I especially love reading posts about LeoFinance - since it's obviously my deepest passion in this world.

With that said, LeoFinance's growth hinges on diversified content. This means that we need a wider variety of content on this platform that is relevant not only to the community that exists here today but also to the wider crypto and financial world outside of our platform.

Growth is going to come from the outside in. We need to draw people to LeoFinance in order to convince them to sign up and stick around.

@revise.leo and a few others recently wrote posts about the dominance that LeoFinance/Hive content have on

As he reiterated throughout his post and in the comments section - he doesn't mind LeoFinance/Hive content. What he minds is that 90% of the trending page consists of this type of content which is likely not what outsiders who land on LeoFinance will be interested in.

To break out of our echo chamber, we need to step up the diversification here on LeoFinance. Diversification in terms of what we write about and what we curate.

I'm often as guilty as everyone else on this front. I gravitate toward content about LeoFinance and almost all of my posts are about LEO - for obvious reasons. On a personal level, I'm going to work on my content game and do my best to deliver more posts each week in addition to my regularly scheduled LEO program.

Working on LeoFinance consists of about 90% of my day. I spend almost all of my hours on LeoFinance: developing, designing, reading, engaging, writing... etc.

With that said, I still have a life outside of LeoFinance (a small one, but it's something). My main "job" or source of income is from my crypto investments outside of LeoFinance/Hive. It's from Bitcoin, Ethereum and a handful of DeFi projects that I speculate on.

Hold me accountable as I'd like to hold everyone else accountable. I'll continue to do my posts about LeoFinance, but I'm going to spend a lot more time creating additional content that is targeted at the other things I do: crypto, stocks, options, technology, etc.

Should You Stop Writing About Hive and LeoFinance?

Absolutely not. As I said - I personally can't get enough of Hive and LeoFinance content. I love reading posts about these two interconnected platforms that I am deeply passionate about. The issue though, is that diversified content means that we need to have posts about LeoFinance/Hive AND other topics surrounding crypto and finance.

This week, we're going to begin some outward marketing initiatives through @leofinance. Some of these initiatives will be targeted ads - i.e. Twitter, Facebook (and soon) Brave ads.

Outside of paid marketing, we're also going to incentivize content more heavily which specifically targets other communities - especially in the crypto/Ethereum arena.

We recently added the Metamask Signup option to which allows users of Metamask to signup to Hive and use LeoFinance in less than 30 seconds. This is an amazing feature and something that I have talked about for over 15 months now (need proof? see my early interview back from the Steemleo days with @scaredycatguide - around the 10 minute mark, I talk about onboarding. Excuse the cringy performance, it was one of the first interviews I've ever done).

We recently talked about this interview on the LEO roundtable and recalled that I talked about the idea of "lite" accounts and how I wanted to solve onboarding for Steem Hive one day. It took me nearly 1 1/2 years to build the infrastructure and community to get here, but it got built and we're just getting started.

Should You Stop Upvoting/Engaging With LeoFinance/Hive Content?

Absolutely not. There's so much value in continually talking about these platforms and we all clearly have a passion for them. Why would you cut yourself off from supporting/engaging with something you enjoy?

Instead, add some diversity to your votes. Encourage users who take the time to step out of the bounds of LeoFinance/Hive and talk about other cryptocurrencies, stocks and finance niches. Creating content about LeoFinance is a great way talk about what we all love and also educate the new users that are constantly being onboarded.

In order to attract those new users, however, we need to have diversity of topics to read/engage with. In order to have diversity of content, curators need to be distribute upvotes to non-LeoFinance related content from time to time.

The Proof is in The Pudding


Above is our analytics page for Here we can see the sources of traffic (Referrals) to the site. The majority of our traffic comes from Twitter, Google and Reddit.

This next chart shows Twitter referrals specifically:


And here you see the tweets who brought the most clicks back to


While content about LeoFinance/Hive is awesome for the current community (and you should definitely keep writing about those topics if you enjoy them), it's also clearly important to write about other topics. Especially when you combine writing about one of those external topics and then head out to Twitter/other social platforms and share those posts in relevant communities.

A good example of this is @jk6276 who writes regularly about Thorchain (RUNE). After writing a great post about RUNE, he tweets it out and tags the Thorchain Twitter account. Their official account often retweets his post and then we get an influx of Thorchain users coming straight to to read about something they care deeply about.

As we continue to build out LeoInfra in the coming months and integrate other blockchain login options and even web2 login options, we need to spend more effort on these outward-facing initiatives to bring new people to the site. It's easier than ever to sign up, now we just need to get the people here.

Diversity of content and curation is a major leap toward that vision.

p.s. the featured image in this post is a teaser for the new homepage in our upcoming LeoFinance V2 Phase 2 release

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Since recent, my interest in LEO got sparked. Maybe it was my KOIN mining adventure that did it in the end. Spend lots of time on KOIN last two weeks and subsequently put some of my experiences into several blog posts which I used LEOfinance for. One thing led to another; My interest in crypto trading was sparked again since 2018; My interest in LEO was established; Got myself some additional LEO yesterday....

...and then I started checking out the platform... d*rn: same same to whatever we noticed at Steem and HIVE before. LEO posts get to the top; Only LEO posts. Should I start to talk about my LEO experience and knowledge to get some cool rewards? Guess many do, and get rewarded for it.

I can't! Since like you mentioned in your post: Outsiders, those who we need to grow LEO, are not at all interested in all the posts about LEO. I personally think LEO posts shall not be in the post channels. I think LEO needs a separate discussion channel, as well as an extensive Wiki, Q&A (I think some of it is there already).

The only way to grow LEO is to make it not about LEO. I think you (and some others) realise this, but then again, I see large LARGE upvotes by LEO whales to LEO based posts.

The other day I was told off by a LEO whale because I used the Leo tag on a PeakD posted post, which talked about music.... Sure, I understand, LEO is not about anything else then Finance... That said, I think LEO shall be predominately about Finance, but shall be open to some other topics as well, not as main topics, but side topics, like art and music. What else LEO users will do with all the money they earn? Spend it on buying art and spend it in buying music! ... but ok ok, I'll keep my music posts to HIVE only and will not use the LEO tag anymore for those.

Anyways, I do hope the curating game at LEO will focus much less on internal (LEO) content, and much more on what is interesting for the so many other financial focused people out there who are not using LEO yet.

How cool wold it be LEO hosting content about the FIAT world? That could draw a lot of attention!

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Re: Fiat

Right on spot.
Who will disagree, that FIAT is a component of the FINANCE world ???

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Hahaha Cool.

I made the comment on FIAT since I hardly noticed any posts about that world :)
LEO has this unique position to be able to bridge crypto and fiat worlds.

You know what? Recently I receive an invite from Decrypt to join their point system for comments they gonna introduce. I have no clue what technology they gonna use, but it would be so cool if HIVE/LEO can play a role in this. That Decrypt invite was one of the triggers for my most recent post: A way to grow HIVE and LEO is to get into deals with other businesses and provide whatever they need from technology and implementation point of view... a b2b approach, integrating HIVE/LEO with existing communities, while not having to move those communities over to our community :) I wish I had a few enthusiastic architects and developers as one or more business focussed people in my circles, since I would've started a project already!

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The content is already quite diversified. The problem is that only leo topic and well-established members are highly rewarded. It's not that they don't deserve but they should lead the example.
Example 1: Your post is great and very important but people could just reblog it to better visibility. High post reward definitely doesn't encourage newcomers to post if they earn pennies.
Example 2: Post about Tron and steem got zero upvotes. I know the guy screwed us all, but if we're so much better we should target his audience as well. And many other projects. If we want to be a crypto-financial site we shouldn't judge. Keep in mind that most people outside our kumbaya bubble see us as a beached project or even a scam.
Sorry for my rant but sometimes can help. To author and his readers.

Not upvote but reblog for my followers, if there're any.

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Your second example is apt, very. LeoFinance for me is a home for "everything" crypto whether centralized or not. We may perceive Steem to be centralized due to the actions of JS, but it remains a crypto and the awesome additions in STEEM as of today would make an interesting read and could bring some more steem users to use LeoFinance.

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Yep I would agree with this as well. It's not that there isn't other content out there, it's that the other content doesn't tend to be rewarded as well. Personally, I've noticed a difference in my bitcoin/crypto posts compared with my leo related posts. On the whole I would imagine people will tend to focus their posts on where the rewards come from.

Make a post about Tron, hehe.

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Agree with a general level of your statement here, I have always though of LEO of supporting all projects. This isn't a place just for HIVE, matter of fact it should be so MUCH more. Topics of all forms of projects should be not only supported by up-voted to a great degree.

This is all taken with a grain of salt, that the topics at hand should be Financially minded to keep in spirit with the LEO community. When I mention of other projects "This would be other crypto or even traditional markets!".

Stocks, Gold, you name it :)

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Stocks, Gold, you name it :)

Exactly. All welcome.

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This is kind of what I had in mind too. There'already all sorts of content on LEO anyways. It's the job of the curators to assign more voting weight to get more diverse content to the trending lists and the home page. Just using the voting slider differently could create a more diversified LEO.

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I agree that we should be more diversified when it comes to voting. Only by standing together, we can achieve great things. Not only humans but also companies and chains across the net. We should be more friendly and help each other grow. It benefits everyone.

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I just did a series of videos breaking down Tesla and the different happenings with that company.

This is something anyone can do either in video or via written post. Choose a company that you are intimately familiar with and do a series of posts detailing the in depth happenings with the company.

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You've been doing great with content diversification.

Choose a company that you are intimately familiar with and do a series of posts detailing the in depth happenings with the company.

This is important and I think I could imbibe this.

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By the way, Leofinance also needs to become a reference center in addition to a place for articles and videos. Data aggregation is a great way to get numbers up.

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Find out what someone wants and fill their needs. It's the recipe for success in sales and it's the same when it comes to marketing. I wrote about that a couple of days ago in something I called "Word Of Mouth - FLAWLESS Marketing".

Here are two things from that:

92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising.
74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions.

So, having diversified content is essential. It's so much easier to promote LEO by sharing articles about other things than LEO. People will stay because of LEO, but they need to find LEO from other things than a tweet that says; " is awesome!"

This is where I personally believe we have failed with the Hive marketing. Most people trying to promote Hive just tweets their Hive articles with some random tags. That doesn't work. That's not marketing, that is wasting time.

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Even if my outside the LeoFinance/Hive posts don't perform well in LEO rewards, they still go out with good hashtags on Twitter. I'm seeing the word get out there from my Twitter analytics.

So I see it like this:

If it brings more interest to LeoFinance from outside of our bubble, it helps everybody here...including me.

It also places responsibility on my own shoulders for building a following. That's not a terrible thing. It's simply a challenge.

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I'm happy to see this message spelled out as clearly as this. Your Thorchain example is very good.

In addition to the Leo/Hive content, write about a passion of yours that is also a passion of a group of people outside this platform and share your posts at a place that group frequents. That's a winning combo!

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I'm aware that some of my posts are only tangential to Leofinance, but it really is my primary web community these days so I hope nobody begrudges me posting here!

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I generally believe finance is a vast genre when it comes to contenting and the case for diversity in content is legitimate because it means that we will have diverse audience who want to generally read finance content. I feel not the hive or leo content is everything we need and @whatageek has pointed this out too. I generally love contents not even crypto but general contents, I believe we will have more audience is finance isn't limited to Just talking crypto and while blogging hive and Leo isn't bad I think some people are really good and should continue with it.
It's imperative however that we see this and also support it especially those who have the means to.
I'm one for diversity because it brings growth.

Glad to hear it, I think each of the coin tags we have should be properly filled with cool stuff like checking out the EOS tag for example! But I think that comes with time and getting more non-hivers to join in

I don’t mind LEO and HIVE content if it’s good suggestions, thought experiments, observations etc but this I bought x coin or if x coin gets to x value we’ll have X that needs to go, total cringe and reward farming and shouldn’t be a tending kind of post

I fully agree on that.
The growth will come outside out Hive/Leo bubble. In order to attract that we should write about topics that interest this people.

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Always on the look-out to upvote topics that branch out. Especially those that are beyond crypto

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I'm a content creator that primarily does politics and societal stuff, so it would be nice to add a section for that and also for DIY bloggers. Overall, I'm new to the community anyways so others would probably have a clearer perspective of the Leo culture, if you will.

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And here we prepare to lift-off the same way as NASA launches the rockets into space. Content is king and marketing it out of this space is one way to bring new users, investors and anyone that can use the information or contribute to this ecosystem.

Exploring a new world with advertisement, hopefully it pays of and a new economy pillar is born from this direction. Probably a long waited strategy from some of us, we'll need to wait and see if it provides as anticipated.

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I personally plan on writing more to help this. Hive as a whole could possibly take over reddit since how well it can replicate it + immutability. I've tried to write less about hive itself and post more to communities. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop, just going to write less about them. That and short form content can get some more love. Not everything needs to be an essay.

I've started to diversify.
Have a few posts today about wallets. And not even one single word there about LEO 😃

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Sure, content diversification truly would play a great role in catching the attention of other crypto communities we write about to LeoFinance. However, we're yet to scratch the surface of the typical LeoFinance and Hive content that could make new users stay. A 70/30 (Leo-Hive/ Others) ratio would be fine for me. I stay with 70% for Leo-Hive because we have a vast of other Hive communities that should use We need to bring them here. Assume all active Hive users used, then we would have reached over 1k daily users by now.

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Obviously I concur!

I have bought a fair few cryptos off the back of people talking about them on here, so it's good to see diversification!

Although I think we can forgive yourself in particular for focussing on writing about LEO!

I can't remember who it was that said it now, but someone made an excellent point about posts shilling lEO - people need to post them elsewhere too!

Quora would be an excellent starting point for that!

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hope mine continues to help diversify

Hi @khaleelkazi I agree with the argument that we need to have diversified content to have outside audience coming to our platform
Perhaps the curators need to be mindful of this need and curate non leo related posts and encourage them so that more such content is created posted and consumed increasing the user base of our leofinance community.

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Maybe it wouldn't be bad to create some kind of guidelines for beginners about the welcomed type of content on LeoFinance... I know that there is the menu on the top with all crypto stuff, but if you ask for diversifying stuff, maybe give a little hint of what would be welcomed...

For example, I create sometimes business-related vlogs about my experiences... some tips about dealing with problems in doing it, how to overcome, etc... And, I'm not sure if that is OK content for LEOFinance...


When trafic reward pool?

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Actually I like to talk about seo, marketing, social media and blogging. These contents will atract bloggers to enter leo

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As someone who is on the 'outside looking in', I am pleased to see this post.

I am aware of the LEO community and the work that has gone into the LEO token.

I made my first post in the community Here, and when I clicked publish I wasn't sure how well it was going to be received, because I only really mention Leo in passing, and to be honest my take on cryptocurrency is very, VERY basic.

This post gives me the green light as such to give my own take on Bitcoin etc... I don't promise amazing insight, but I will at least be honest, and try to keep things interesting.

Why not allow contents other than cryptocurrency? I mostly write about science and technology. Does it mean Leofinance platform is not for me?

I would advise some caution in this context... mindfulness that diversification doesn't become "diWORSEification."

Part of what makes LeoFinance what it is is precisely that it has a clearly defined focus and purpose. Now, are LeoFinance and Hive posts a little overdone, compared to other financial and crypto content? Perhaps so... by all means, let us cover all bases on investing and finance. Maybe even the stock markets. However, my cautionary words are that "general" venues are a dime a dozen, while tightly focused niche sites are not.

And yes, I am playing Devil's Advocate for a moment...


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My post yesterday tries to argue this issue from a different angel, but it did not receive much, if any, attention though...

But I am really glad to see people discuss this issue and I hope Leo community solves it better than Hive and the old Steem.

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To me, it seems it is only LEOFINANCE and Hive contents that are being appreciated here. Saying this from my blogging experience so far here. Maybe we should try rewarding contents other than leofinance-related to also get them on the trending page.

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Thank you sir. This post convinced me I can add value to the Leo community. I decided to dive in and start posting here.

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Good points: Maybe the Trending page could also randomly feature trending posts from other categories (tags) like bitcoin, ethereum, defi, nft, cryptoart etc.

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