What Problem Does Hive Solve?

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Hive was born out of this major event that turned into a public war between a centralized force and a decentralized one. Due to the public nature of how everything went down, a lot of Hive users got exposure to Twitter and since then, we’ve seen a continued effort to push the Hive mission out into the world.

In a way, we won on the marketing front. We wanted Steemit, Inc. to be better at marketing for years and years on end. After much begging and pleading, they never delivered but we as a community managed to establish a voice out there on other social platforms (especially Twitter) and this is vital to the growth of the Hive ecosystem.

Lately, I’ve been spending even more time over on Twitter than usual. I’ve realized that hand-to-hand combat is truly the best way to get people onto LeoFinance and Hive. The way that Hive is going to spread is by 1-to-1 interactions that grow and expand out, taking advantage of the network effect. Similar effects can be seen in the rise of Facebook and similar platforms as well.

It turns out that talking with real people and showing them that you’re also a real person is an effective marketing strategy. I’ve personally onboarded over a dozen people into Hive accounts since we started this Twitter push and it has all been from 1-on-1 conversations about relevant issues that are effecting the person I’m talking to and the world at large.

Ideas like censorship, web3, tokens, earning crypto, etc. These are all issues that people are constantly talking about on Twitter and they are all issues that Hive can play a role in solving. Spreading the message is more important now than ever before.

To onboard the masses, we first have to onboard the few.

We also have to establish what Hive really means.

What Problem Does Hive Solve?

This question is obviously very nuanced, but we have to think about it from a variety of different angles. If we are to keep onboarding more and more users to this blockchain, then we need to have a great way to deliver a pinpoint message to the right person at the right time. The message needs to essentially answer the above question.. but the kicker is that it needs to answer this question for that person.

My answer for what Hive solves for me is probably different than the answer you would give. Hive solves different things for different people.

For me, Hive is a place where I can build projects, cultivate a community, write blog posts, earn crypto, learn interesting stuff and more.

For others, Hive is a place where they can just kick their feet up and enjoy some great content with the knowledge that their feed is being manipulated and neither is their data.

There are a million and one reasons to use Hive and they are going to vary based on unique circumstances and perspective. What I believe is important, however, is finding ways to deliver a message to people that allows them to get curious enough to simply explore Hive for a sufficient amount of time to find the answer to this question.

What we often see on Hive is that a new user comes in, manages to get over the hurtle of creating a new Hive account, maybe makes their first post and then they hit a wall. They lose motivation. They lose interest. They don’t see a reason to stay.

In short, they haven’t yet figured out what problem Hive solves for them.

I think the people who stay here find an answer to this question relatively quickly. The answer may in fact be very obvious to those who stay and get over this initial cutoff point. I know it was obvious to me when I first got here circa 4 years ago.

One of our core goals as existing Hive users (and investors in the HIVE token) should be to help people establish their “why” as soon as possible.

It’s more important now than ever before that we tell people what Hive is truly about and actually show them how they can identify and solve a problem in their life with Hive.

As I said, for some people the answer to this question is extremely obvious. That’s why they stay and continually learn about Hive and get enthralled in this vibrant community & ecosystem of applications. We get lucky every time one of these users comes along because they take little convincing during the onboarding process. It’s just “here’s an account, go make your first post..” And the rest is history.

For this other group of users, it will take a bit more convincing. Convincing in the sense that there is more here than just some other cryptocurrency that has an “army” of people telling others to join it. Being mistaken for “just another one of those tokens” is one of our greatest challenges to overcome on Twitter and wherever else we decide to spread the message of Hive.

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I agree completely with your post, but Hive is not different than any other social media platform in that sense, except that you may get rewarded not just with "likes" but with crypto. Beyond that, you need to find your why or you end un leaving. As we reduce the onboarding and landing hurdle more and more people will remain, and as more and more people remain, newcomers will find their why quicker.

  • I can build projects,
  • cultivate a community,
  • write blog posts,
  • earn crypto,
  • learn interesting stuff and more.
    is a good start.

I came here after watching a hugely valuable Facebook community get rekt overnight.

I resolved never to contribute more to a Web 2.0 company than I was getting back. I'm still ONLY using Twitter as a means to drive traffic to other sites or connect with people.

Hive represents something I can feel a legitimate part-owner of.

That was very well said! It is different for everyone. For me, it is pretty much everything. Everything I was doing before, I can do on HIVE and earn, and still control MY data. I can also invest my money and earn some pretty awesome returns. Plus I have found more meaningful relationships with members of HIVE than I have found anywhere. That is why I am building my projects here and supporting this community. If we can get it added to crypto.com or bitpay, I wouldn't have to trade out for anything, lol. So when talking with people, I just try to find out what they do with their time and try to find something on HIVE that can compliment and that way I can see what rabbit hole I will take them down.

So many communities, so many activities!

And way faster and stable then Ethereum, sorry, just waited over an hour and a half for 2 transactions and 1 failed...LOL! Hive for the win!

What we often see on Hive is that a new user comes in, manages to get over the hurtle of creating a new Hive account, maybe makes their first post and then they hit a wall. They lose motivation. They lose interest. They don’t see a reason to stay.

I think that you sum up were well why it is a challenge to bring and keep people on Hive. In the end, you will only have people on Hive that have certain caracter traits like perseverance and curiosity. They will try to find out how things work and will persevere until they fully understand the blockchain.

Gamification of the onboarding processus

I've started lately an account on Lbry which is a blockchain based video platform. What I like about it, is that there is a certain gamification of the onboarding. New users have to fulfill certain tasks when they create an account. On the way they learn how Hive works and at the same time, they earn some tokens which is a great motivator. I believe that if we could gamify the onboarding process on Hive, we would be able to keep much more users on the blockchain. At the same time they would earn some tokens that would allow them to have enough RC to properly use Hive.

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In my own situation, whenever I'm talking about hive I try to appeal individually to what a person wants out of a project like hive. I believe one on one onboarding does better because through it the essence and purpose of hive is thoroughly explained. You're definitely right, it's often challenging to have to get hive to stand out to people but I believe twitter has been stunning and we're making progress

For me, Hive is a place where I can build projects, cultivate a community, write blog posts, earn crypto, learn interesting stuff and more.

In my opinion, Hive helps me to keep up with consistency, dedication, knowledge improvement and community building. I am happy knowing this solution are on hive for me.

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The biggest problem is that beginners can't find a reason to stay here. There must be a solution to this.

Here's an idea: How about we ask around the people who gave up on Hive for their reasons for not sticking in. As you said Hive (STEEM) was an obvious choice for me over literally any other social media. Stuff like @splinterlnads and other Dapps kept making it better. When I show some bells and whistles around to people IRL the 2 most common responses I get are:

  • Blogging isn't my thing
  • Splinterlands isn't my thing
  • All my friends are on Facebook

Maybe more variety in games and promoting @dbuzz could be a very beneficial. Just a thought 😇

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us @khaleelkazi. First off you do a tremendous amount for Hive through your work with LEO, thank you for this!

Yes Hive needs to solve a problems for a group of users for them to stick, that's key. Hive is the foundation, it's the chain, at it's core it provides a somewhat decentralized and censorship resistant platform to build on. That's one problem solved, and it's the reason I choose to build here. An issue may be, how does Hive do this better than other blockchains? At a high level I believe Hive could benefit from differentiating itself from other chains, in order to communicate how it solves problems to it's target market, and attract builders.

At a higher level it's individual dApps that will need to solve problems, attract users, and find product market fit. As you said Hive solves a problem for you, and that may be a different need than the next user. For this reason I believe that individual dApps are better suited to understand their target market and deliver value to them to solve a problem and find their product market fit.

One big problem that blockchain solves is real in-game asset ownership.

Blockchain gaming is poised to deliver the largest amount of mainstream users into the crypto space versus any other use case, and it solves a problem, and delivers value, including financial value to it's target users.

Through blockchain gaming we can onboard users, solve a problem, add value, and grow demand for the HIVE ecosystem. For this reason it's my mission to support Hive Blockchain Gaming and to promote it to the outside world. To do this we are marketing Hive blockchain gaming through our new website Hiveblockchaingaming.com.

Thank you again for raising good points that need to be top of mind in order to move forward collectively and experience the growth that we desire to see. 👊