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Early Dec 2020, I joined the CTP community by knowing about @ctpsb project. I bought a bunch of CTPSB tokens and did a introductory post for CTP tribe. I'm not a consistent blogger for any community and I haven't been consistent here as well, but on Hive Engine I'm keeping an eye on project as well as token value. That's what I do mostly. Look for new projects/games/dapps coming on hive and get there in early. So here is all updates about my CTP holdings.

CTP Power300

Today I reached 300 CTP Power Milestone. Most of the tokens are from my posts or comments. Rest of them are from delegation to CTPSB and a few from mining if I ever got some. The best pat is I was also able to take port in CTP Power UP challenge and won small CTPSB tokens. The project is getting volume on ENGINE and so we are also seeing price rising and fluctuation which is good. Little by little people joining the community and growing it. There are not much CTP tokens available in liquid form, and with the developments going on if we are able to get some new users onboard, CTP price can really boost like LEO but we do need some good developments on the community. @jongolson as tribe leader is doing good work in developments like launching INDEX token, which now also have small CTP holdings. Also a project that can be used to receive hive payments for only affiliates. If we are able to kick that one, it would definitely moon the CTP.

Considering that, I increased my CTPM holdings to 185 and I will grab more whenever I could. There are about 261K CTP miners out of which only 41K are staked. Rest are available with @jongolson. Which prigs a great opportunity to mine a bunch of CTP daily if we get enough stake.
For mining point of view, I'm of idea that there should be less number of miners, and it would be great if @jongolson come up with some idea to burn the unsold miners and limit them to a specific number like 100K or even less. So get up and JOIN the CTP community.

Let me know your thoughts about community in comments.


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Welcome to the CTP community, @khan.dayyanz . Your ctpsb investment is already paying off as you get a nice token boost whenever you blog on CTPTalk.

I checked your profile and see you included "chess" as one of your interests. I am also a chess player and have posted several chess videos, mainly on my hive blog. (I'm an enthusiast, not an expert!)

Anyway, all the best for your future on the Hive blockchain!


Thanks. It's been really nice joining the tribe.

I haven't played chess for about 2 years. Those were some great times at university when i used to play. Playing online isn't that fun for me. Great to know you. Thanks.

Welcome to the CTP community and congratulations on your CTP Power milestone, @khan.dayyanz. Stay consistent and you will keep reaching and surpassing milestones .

Thank you for the warm Welcome. My next target is to get 1000 CTP power. Looking forward to do more. :)

Good Morning, @khan.dayyanz! You're welcome! Have a great Monday!😀

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Awesome to have you man!

And thanks so much for all the support of CTP :)

Thanks. Great to be part of an amazing project. More Power to CTP :)

Great to see you believing in the project :-)


Congratulation friend. See you in road to 10K and believe me it is very much achievable.

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Thanks. 10K is this year target. Next milestone is 1K CTP Power. I also just raised miner stake to 200. It does help getting tokens over longterm.

Thanks again.

good job man! welcome to the club

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Thank you Sir. :)

Yay! 🤗
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Congrats and keep on growing as that is the key to earn also from curation. CTP is a great community with some awesome projects at the horizon, so you better be here to benefit from what is to follow.

Thanks. More Power to Hive and CTP.