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Hey folks! I hope you have been having great days. Let's talk how what I have been doing for past few weeks.

Recently two new games are announced on hive chain i.e. @slowsundaygames & @oceanplanet. I bought starter packs for both of them. @slowsundaygames is planned to be launched on Q1 on 202. It would a passive income or slow game like dicty or who knows even better. But one would need a starter pack of 10$ to get it started. I just got it for 50 Hive on Hivefest promotion. Also bought 1 character in @oceanplanet for 3 HBD. Currently they are on discount till 1t January. I am excited to play them already.


Also I just bought starter pack of @rabona. It is a football team manager game where one need to manage and fund his team to play leagues and win. Best part is if you are good at it, one can make a little money also. Go get your starter pack at 50% discount and also grab 25000 Rabona in game currency by using my Referral Link. My first league season will start tomorrow, so really excited for it.


With dcity once can easily get their investment back in under 100 days which is really great and a lot of now people joining in. My current city stand at about 2500 SIM income daily which is pretty nice. I also found a Military complex yesterday in random cards. I have been missing lobbying rewards as my SIM power has fallen below 8K for last two weeks. I used up Sim to buy a tech and some other stuff. Currently it is 6k power and hopefully I will get it above 8K in next week.

Also started cryptobrewmaster and made 2 beers last week. The best this is one can start without having starter pack and it free to play but takes a bit of time. You can also use my ReferralLink for it and let me know in comments.


I have been already logging in rising stars a few times a week now to do missions and level up my band.


I may have missed a few games and the most important splinterlands, but would write about them some other day. What games are you playing on hive? Do share it in comments

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Hi, have you played

I heard about it and forget to check it. Thanks for reminder. I will see what we can do here.

Can you please share some tutorial or guide. That would be helpful.

I have not written a guide, but searching a bit I found some posts that may help.

Some time ago @enjar wrote a couple of useful posts

Much more recently, @bhattg also posted a review of the game and its screens at


You Welcome!

Source of image

I have not done much on the front of guides for the games on Hive. Many of them are in beta and have quite frequent updates or I’m waiting for a major update to write about it.

After Holybread was acquired by a new developer team they made a new game with it called Thunkgaria. It sounds like they are aiming for a Q1 2021 launch for it.

If @khan.dayyanz ends up enjoying Holybread he might want to check out Thunkgaria when it releases as well.

You have quite an interesting town in dcity. I started a couple of weeks ago and I truely love this game :-).

I also like rabona. This season I managed to go up one league and I'll start now the 2nd league.

It's cool to have these games on the blockchain. They offer at the same time entertainment and also a way to earn.

Did you start splinterlands yet?

Yep they are really interesting.
Yes i am one of old players in splinterlands but haven't been playing for more than 1.5 years due to busy schedule and lack of time.
But recently found a player to play my account.

Exode is also gping to be good game, still in alpha phase.

Other then Robana and Ocean Planet Jbam playing all other games... wil check the Ocean Planet ...

Great. Ocean Planet will hopefully start actions from 1st January.

Wow nice dcity, what steps first in the game?

As a starter go check out starter cities by @luca-legend with more than 300% APR. Mainly your focus should be increasing income and balancing workers with jobs.

Also don't go for random cards at start, instead go for market and make a balanced city. The best thing is once city is setup, you get paid daily without doing anything, except you want to invest or change some stuff. Feel free to ping me for any questions. (khan.dayyanz#7413)

Welcome to Rabona !

Thanks. Today was my first match. I wills ee how did i perform.

Go for upgrading stadium. Thats the key to the money.

Already upgraded to level 5, I'm reluctant to spend 180k for level 6, because if I have -ve income I may end up bankrupt. What is your suggestion?

First - You can not get bankruped - but you can have minus account and that is not good....So if you dont want to buy RBN (never buy in game) you have to stay above that limit.
I borrowed 1 000 000 RBN from a friend to level up stadium faster. But yes - I needed to paypack of course after 30 days.

Well - In the beginning its most important to get up to level 5. And dont get suspended. I play in league 1 with 2 teams and what I have understand it is easier to get more audience in that league than in lower.

(Go and shop sometimes if you have money. I did a team of players just for 5000 RBN each and that team is still in league 1)

Great. I did check market but platers are really expensive. My starting teams seems to be doing hood. Won 2 matches out of 3. So i will try adding players if find some good one.

Thanks for tips.

I play dCity everyday since day 1.

Wow that's awesome. I would definitely check your city for some awesome tips. Thanks.

Is there an way to start dcity for free?

You don't need starter packs but cards on market cost either hive or sim. But return is good about 300% ROI. You get daily income in SIM. Once can start with 1 or 10 Hive also. Or as much as he want.

For some starter cities of 100 Hive check out @luca-legend posts.

At staei would recommend to buy cards from market directly than hoing for random cards.

If you need any help feel free to ping me.

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Tried dcity will try rabona soon

Great. Dcity is really the game changer

Rabona Game only can play on computer?
I can not play with my mobil phole Vivo.
I love playing football game.

Yep i also just tried on mobile but it uses Keychain. And Keychain extension can't be installed on mobile browsers. Try joining thier discord and suggest this. I will also forward this msg.

I can play rabona on my phone with the HiveWallet app. It's made by @roelandp and uses hive keychain to be able to sign in. Check your phones App Store and give it a try!

Can you give the app link to Download on
my phone. I really thanks your help.

Thank you so much

Happy New Year!!!