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RE: LEO - The token with the biggest 24 hours volume on Hive-Engine

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Leo is doing great job in promoting hive and give best quality.
Other projects like splinterlands and dcity and also serving the purpose.
Good too see leo on top of list.


You are right on that and since I have discovered this community, not only that I was welcomed by the members, but i felt it is on the right path and the right domain to make it big. And things are starting to get concrete on the with the Uniswap move.

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Good to know. 🙂

One thing i just observed, you voted my comment. That's awesome thanks for supporting. Butvi would like to suggest instead of voting comments trt voting posts because mostly voting comments with little power is like waste of power, as reward curve is noy linear. So voting on posts give people more confidence and some good rewards. Thanks anyways.

Correct. But encouraging comments and engagement is also important. I also upvote all useful comments to my posts although not 100% rationale.

i completely agree, and if you vote post of a commentator its equally encouraging. thanks

done :)