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RE: LeoInfra Onboarding Report | 300+ Active Hive Lite Accounts Onboarded and Counting

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These are some impressive numbers already!
I suppose Project ___ is going to increase our reach a lot once it's released!

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It will increase the volume around here significantly.

We are going to see thousands of micro posts just from the existing user base. Toss in the comments and you could see more than 10K activities adds per day.

The key will be adding another 50K to the userbase through that application.

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You know, I was not too convinced of the whole project initially - simply because I despise Twitter I guess.
But seeing the success of (which will be inferior in about everything compared to what we'll have here) makes me believe that this really could be the bridge to the mainstream we've been looking for!

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This will crush noicecash in my opinion. Twitter has over 300 million users, that is a large pool to draw from.

And the key is they do not have to change a thing other than where they post their twitter stuff from. By using the Leo micro UI, they can do the same thing but get rewarded.

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We are already training on to be ready for that LOL

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