The Play2Earn Report - The Best Is Yet To Come!

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I've had a pretty slow week in terms of my blockchain endeavors. It's been the second week of my vacation and I've been on a three day hiking trip to the Pfälzer Wald (South Western Germany). I really had a great time there and even though it was pretty exhausting, I really regained a lot of energy along the way. I've not fully settled back in but that's a recurring issue for me. Once I get out into the nature for a few days I remember how much more I'd love to just to that - go hiking, travel, enjoy the simple things in life. Alas, I'm not there yet and it will probably take another 4-5 years before I have a shot at it. We'll see how it goes, but for now, let's focus on the topic at hand and let's look at my token gains first:


Solid gains across the board, although Torum is having issues with mission rewards and so I've only got a small increase in XTM coming from gifts given to me by other users. I've also started to accumulate CTP which also explains the comparably low increase in LEO this last week. I feel like CTP and CTPtalk have huge potential and the value of that token should increase quite a bit eventually. I want to get to about 10,000 tokens in that regard and parts of my daily earning from other projects will go towards achieving that. I've also considered adding Bitcoin Cash, which I earn from, but I've decided against it, as I don't have my other non-Hive non-gaming coins there either.

All in all, a decent week but nothing out of the ordinary. Next week is going to be quite a different beast, though. With great stuff coming to several of my games I expect to have an exceptional week upcoming. Let's get into the details for the games:


I'm pretty much on track for Splinterlands again, already battling around a rating of 4000 and without too much issues of completing my quests at the top so far. As anticipated, it took me two days to really settle with my bad performance from last season before I was able to get back into it. Splinterlands is one of the games which should provide me with an amazing week!


Remember the land presale? I was one of the guys that did some heavy shopping during that time and while my main focus obviously was on getting that region of land, I also got a lot of raffle tickets in the process. Next Tuesday, we'll finally have the great raffle taking place. You can find all details here but let me quickly give you the numbers of what's being raffled away:


Now usually I'm not a gambling person and thus I'm not a huge fan of lotteries either. But with 7,804 raffle tickets sitting in my account right now, I'm bound to find at least some cool stuff during the process. I'll keep you posted and will probably make a separate article about the raffle once it concluded.

Alien Worlds

Talking about great stuff coming to games soon. Alien Worlds is going to have its first huge update since they released into their beta. Next Monday, Shining will be added to the game. All details about how that's going to work can be found here. In short, shining is the game's burn mechanic which should both help to increase demand for TLM as well as reduce the amount of circulating copies for the lower rarities. This in turn should also help to increase their value quite a bit.


For now, I'm in full accumulation mode for the game. All TLM I gain is staked to the planet I operate on and all NFTs I find are staked on R-Planet for some additional gains. I'm highly fascinated by the whole concept of both Alien Worlds and R-Planet. It certainly is too early to tell, but this might turn into something huge if both games play their cards right. Being with such a potentially huge project right from the get go is both really entertaining and obviously a huge chance. The amount of TLM that can be mined daily is limited, so the more players come to the game, the less each one can earn from mining. Because of that, I feel like TLM might be severely undervalued at the moment.


eXode completes the list of games that should provide for a great upcoming week. In this case it's a bit further in the distance and not as definite as the other two games, but elindos has been hard at work on the Colonization aspect of the game and announced to show some more stuff in January. I don't think it will be the playable version of Colonization just yet, but we are certainly getting closer here.


The game turned out to take a lot longer to build than what all of us had anticipated. At the same time, the scope of it only keeps increasing. Colonization will be glorious and quite worth the wait in my opinion. It's also important to keep in mind that thus far, this game is only build by a single developer and that said, I think it's really impressive to see what he's building!

Rising Star

Rising Star just recently had its huge moment with the release of Instrument Crafting. I've already did an article about the feature and I'm really excited to finally see it live. Looking at the new missions and the collection site, it probably needs a little polish here and there, but other than that, the implementation looks really sound already.


For 1,000 Starbits per mission, you can now embark on a journey to the guitar fair to find guitar parts with which you then will be able to mint new guitar NFTs within the game. Looking at the collection page, there are 36 different versions available for crafting. That's quite the amount and should keep anybody trying to build them all busy for quite a while. Getting as many of them will be crucial to climb the leaderboard as they can provide you with a lot of new unique NFTs for the rating.

Talking of the leaderboard, just like last week, I'm still sitting at #37. This is mostly due to my hiking trip which obviously cost me a lot of mission minutes. Since the game looks at the last 7 days, it's going to take some more days before this effect will be overcome. At the same time, I've been focusing on increasing the skill I can get from my skill mission.


My high Ego has been an issue for a while now and I really need to focus on reducing it. For that reason, I'm buying orchestral instruments like a madmen at the moment. My goal is to get into the area of 150 to 300 skill per lesson, this would allow me to effectively battle my ego without having to use too much mission minutes for skill missions.


I've been busy building my referral network in Cryptobrewmaster like I've always been. I now have an amazing 330 referrals for the game which brought me all the way to level 74 in the referral rewards program.


Currently, the rewards are capped out at level 75 so after I get my last masterpiece ingredient, there won't be anything more in it for me. At least for now that is, as I'm certain that there will be more rewards added to the game eventually.


And that's all from me for today. Thank you all for reading and see you next time!

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Ohh, I was unaware of Rplanet stuff. I staked one of my tools but I could not understand the working mechanism behind the Rplanet... What creates value to award me for my staking? 🤨🤨

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So far, nothing...
They pay you in their own token - Aether - which can already be traded on Alcor but isn't really worth much. They are about to add their own crafting-game on top of it. Until anything gets added, I just stake all my abundant cards there and see what happens ;-)

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How on earth did you get that many referrals in Cryptobrewmaster?
I'm curious how Alien World's will develop.
IlFor now I'm constantly mining and staking cards.

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Me too - the mining tab is constantly open ;-)

No clue about Cryptobrewmaster honestly - I just was with the game from day 1 and had my referral link in all of my articles. Really paid off big in that case :D

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Nice to see the big jump in CTP tokens :-).

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I have you to thank for it ;-)

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Thank you for these reports. I have taken the plunge with rplanet and staking some of the NFTs I have earned from mining.

Quick question - when you mining in Alien Worlds have you noticed a spike in CPU / Memory usage on your browser? Mine spikes and I notice a general slowdown in my machine. I don't want to make an outlandish statement, but something under the hood of the game saps alot of PC resources when you start mining.

Didn't notice it so far, but they might make some actual "mining" calculations during the process. I'll keep an eye on myself, thanks for bringing it up!

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I've been on a three day hiking trip

Sounds wonderful. We're still in lockdown here. It's now more than a year since I've been more than 20 miles from my home. 😢

I should have gone away when the restrictions were lifted a bit in late summer. I won't make that mistake again. Next time we're allowed to travel I'm off.

We were booked to go Slovenia last year which was cancelled. Plus 2 famiy weddings in different parts of the country. Plus a trip to Gozo to visit my mum for her 90th birthday. All cancelled.

Best not to think about it or it gets depressing. Moving on . . .

Looking at the collection page, there are 36 different versions available for crafting.

I hadn't noticed that. Didn't see the crafted tab. 😂

I'm not doing well so far. 12 missions. No guitar. All lowest cards apart from one Guitar Body 2 and more than half are strings. 😢


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We'll see how the numbers turn out in the end, but I expect these parts to be the bottleneck - if they are to scarce I'm sure Jux will adjust the numbers.

Well, technically we are in lockdown just as well but it was only an hour by car and I know some people in the area so getting a bed for the night wasn't an issue either :-)

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Bloody hell. Another crap day crafting. I'm now at 19 missions and no guitar. 9 silver guitar strings and 6 guitarbody3. Not fun at all! 😢

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damn man, you are hiking and still be so active? congrats!

if i were you i would be completely out :P

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Hehe, got to admit I'm still pretty spent and won't do much but relax the whole weekend... that's not to say I can't write some articles and leave some comments, though :-)

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You can't win 'em all, some weeks are just gonna be slow!

The game turned out to take a lot longer to build than what all of us had anticipated

No, I anticipated we wouldn't see anything like a playable full version until probably 2022.

I think that's still likely to be the case.

It's a lot of work, let's face it!

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Fair enough and I think 2022 is probably spot on. I still had hoped to be able to play a bit more than what I did. Nevertheless, there's some big stuff on the horizon... :-)

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I think it will be awesome once it's up and running properly!

Something to look forwards to is the way to look at it!

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You've got many interesting games in this post, I need to make some time to check them all out! Thanks for the heads up :)

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If you need help with any of them - just let me know ;-)

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Glad you have been enjoying your vacation! Hiking is awesome. I'll have to have a peak at Pfälzer Wald.

Captain! For Alien Worlds which planet are you on?

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If you ever get to the area give me a call, I know some nice places ;-)

I'm on Veles - seems to be the least active planet so you still have a good shot at a bigger mining haul.

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Going to need to check out Exode and alien worlds see what they have to offer. I've struggled to get any movement in brewmasters lol

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Both are awesome in their own way, although eXode is still super early, but the end product is going to be worth it (in my opinion ;-))

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I am not sure that I am going to try exode though I have 3 starter packs.
I guess SL and RS are going to be my bet nd Dcity as usual as passive one.

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I get you, it'll be quite a while until eXode is in a place where you could play it in a more passive way.
We'll see how things go, but once Colonization is in and stable it might be another interesting game to pick up for continuous earning.

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eXode looks interesting. How easy is it to earn back the 10 USD for the starter pack w/o additional investment? Am I too late to that party?

You are certainly not too late - it's still early Alpha with only some events for testing.
The last one already payed out 10$ in prices if you simply participated in all stages.
So I'd say for now - making back the investment will be easy, it just will take some time until the next events ;-)

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