Uniswap protocol token UNI release + token information

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Hello, this is kimm. A few hours ago, Uniswap's protocol token, UNI, was launched. At the same time as the announcement of the launch, it will be quickly listed on exchanges including Binance, which seems to be realizing the popularity of Uniswap.

#One. UNI token airdrop


60% of the UNI Token Genesis supply is allocated to members of the Uniswap community, of which 1/4 (15% of the total supply) is distributed to users with a history of using Uniswap before the token launch . You can claim UNI tokens by accessing the link below.

Here, the usage history refers to a wallet owner who has a history of participating in liquidity supply (LP) in Uniswap . (Thanks to that, users who have used multiple Ethereum wallets for token management and security reasons receive a lot of airdrops)

#2. UNI token mining

lp mining.png

From tomorrow (September 18), users can participate in UNI token mining through 4 liquidity mining pools . The UNI token mining pool consists of 4 ETH-DAI / ETH-USDC / ETH-USDT / ETH-WBTC.

UNI token holders can participate by votingon which pools to add after the initial 30-day governance grace period .

#3. Distribution of UNI tokens


A total of 1 billion Genesis UNI tokens have been issued, and during the initial 4 years, tokens will be distributed as follows.

(1) Uniswap community members (mining): 600,000,000 UNI (60%)

(2) Team members and future hired employees (4 years vesting): 215,101,000 UNI (21.51%)

(3) Early investor (4-year vesting): 178,000,000 UNI (17.80%)

(4) Advisor (4-year vesting): 6,899,000 UNI (0.069%)

In the future, the annual inflation rate of UNI tokens will be 2% , and inflation will start 4 years later.


Those who have used Uniswap in the past are likely to have covered some of the losses due to high fees through this UNI token airdrop.

Since Uniswap issues UNI tokens, it seems necessary to think about whether other DeFi forks that are popping out like Swap will be able to properly receive attention and maintain value from the community.

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