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RE: Introducing Leoshop | Buy & Sell Digital Products With LEO, STEEM and SBD!

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Awesome work! I am not into investning so I don't often use SteemLeo but you guys are the real deal.
Keep it up!


Thanks @knowhow92! We are all investors in some form here on Steem. You could always talk about your expeirence as a blogger/user of Steem ;)

Also, the Leoshop covers any sort of product or service. It doesn't have to be related to investing 🦁feel free to list something up there, would love to see it!

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I am already thinking about listing some courses!
I'll see you guys around ;)

Awesome! Hope to see you and your courses around soon ;)

If you need any help, don't hesitate to reach out and we'll get you anything you need 🦁

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