Gold May Be Worthless in 10 Years

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Gold May Be Worthless in 10 Years

Gold May Be Worthless in 10 Years. That's right, I said it and I'm sure that's not a popular opinion right now either!

Are you sure you want to be buying precious metals?

Source: Foxnews

Winklevoss Twins and Dave Portnoy Discuss Gold and Bitcoin

Here is a good video about the idea and why blockchain will always be a safer bet than precious metals.

SpaceX & Space Mining

Our friend Elon may be the one to do it. It wouldn't surprise me at the very least! I mean he launched a sports car in space, so it's not anywhere near outside the realm of possibility.

Leo Friends Beware

To all my Leo friends out there, did you think about this in your long term analysis of precious metals. Don't get me wrong, I love gold but I would love to see space mining and to flood the market. This will only bring all that money to bitcoin!

Who wants to make a blockchain with me to build some capital to start mining gold in space? The real question though, why isn't there already one out there. I think getting this idea out in the public might be all we need to scare them into diversifying their funds and finally accept bitcoin!

What do you guys think? Do you think we'll be mining Gold in space in 20 years? I definitely do if you can't already tell!


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Selling all my gold now. Nice FUD Konda! @tipu curate

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I dont imagine the materials found in space will be brought back to earth. Thus, the gold found will not affect the price. The technology that could affect gold is drone and autonomous underwater drilling. This could access the trillions in gold that is hidden under the ocean floor.

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I think they would try to bring it back or just use it in the new colonies they'll form out there. But yea, they recently discovered earthquakes bring up new gold too. I want to be a gold miner one day!

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You are on Hive, you are already a gold miner. Each day mining tokens that have some value.

Over time, you could end up with a lot of "digital gold".

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That Winklevoss Twins and Dave Portnoy video is classic. Thanks for getting me to watch it again haha.

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Yea that video was pretty inspirational. You know Elon watched it too and was laughing

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