How Much is Too Much Leo?

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Is this even possible?

I really love Leo, I mean it when I post about the community. The problem I have is my preferred way of earning Leo is through posts. So how much is too much. This is my 2nd Leo post for today, but I almost want to try for 3 a day if I keep earning the Leo I have been!

How Many Times A Day To Max Author Rewards?

I wonder if anyone has studied this question at all. I bet some people have a bunch of content they push out slowly but others like me just want to keep making posts to earn author rewards.

I think I just may be addicted to Leo though...

I Repeat, Leo is Amazing

If I didn't already put my life savings into Kanda, I would have put it into Leo hence why I want more Leo!

Leo is amazing because of all the tools it provides. Like the voting multiplier on the LeoDex.

Are you on Leo?

I use a lot of other community tags in my posts along with Leo because I want others to learn the value of Leo that I have. I think many members support this too and why I see others sharing tag use, so I don't think this is tag-spamming and please spread all the Leo love if you ask me!

If you're new to Leo, check out the HiveStats and LeoDex!

            Leo Rewards

Post directly on Leo to earn more rewards! I mean, if you're going to use the Leo tag and not post directly then you're missing out on extra Leo!

Leo is hands down the most rewarding community to post in. Several users are aiming to stake 1,000 Leo tokens which is a goal I will be taking on as well!

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It depends what you're writing about - I personally don't vote for anyone who posts shit three times a day, but this is a valid question.

Ubyong (Excuse the spelling but you probably know who I mean) is a case in point - I know he's well-meaning, but i took him off my autovote and unfollowed him because he does too many 'look how many tokens I staked today post' which I personally regard as worthless.

The irony is now he misses out on potential manual votes from me unless he writes something so good that someone else reblogs it!

So I'd be careful with the several posts a day strategy. It can become milking very quickly!

@khaleelkazi is a good model to aim for if you ask me - he could easily abuse the place and earn a fortune by posting shit four times a day, but he doesn't - he restricts himself to around 8-9 posts a week.

In contrast look at the milkers, it's embarrassing and you don't respect them, do you?!?

Think how much less annoying Jrcornel's sign off would be if he restricted himself to one post a day too!

Then again that's easy for me to say, I earn a pretty decent amount. So its your call at the end of the day.

You'd possibly earn more by commenting, maybe think about that too!

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Same reason that I also do not auto upvote but overall community perspective differs when I see number of votes those post receives.

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i think the number of votes are just 'for now', and probably received because of

A. Whales rewarding people for either publicising the platform/ buying LEO or B. People chasing curation returns knowing that A will happen.

They'll be lesser reward for those posts once more quality content producers get onboarded.

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Thanks for the comment. I am glad you realized while it sounds like a joke I was half serious and I don't think people consider this. Even if you make a nice looking post, if it's the same repeat type content it get's old.

I'm not going to lie though, it does seem to get Leo whales attention every now and then which is why I've done it a bit myself. I was doing one a day though and I'm new, can ya blame me?!

Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it more than you know and very well put to be honest.

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I wonder the same thing Konda! @tipu curate 3

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I agree with @revise.leo in that you shouldn't just be milking rewards, while providing no value to the community. Informative, LeoFinance branded promo posts are great... but not every day.

First and foremost, LeoFinance is a finance community. Think financial markets, economics, personal finance etc. Why not provide value to the community by writing about some of these topics from within the niche?

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