Leo and Kanda

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Why not?

Since I love Leo and I also love Kanda... I was wondering why they don't love each other... Then it got me thinking, do they even know each other?

Why this could be a great relationship is for two reasons...

#1 Leo Consulting

Leo is well organized and Kanda needs consulting from Hive professionals for effective valuation. Leo wins be becoming shareholder. Kanda wins by becoming more valuable through better strategies Leo has proven to be successful in implementing.

#2 Cross-Development

Kanda has arguably more ideas and a ton of apps with potential, Leo has a ton don't get me wrong, but there is more opportunity for Kanda in my opinion and this means to ackza a large revenue possibility through some sort of strategic alliance.

What do you think?

What do you guys think about this? Has anyone even considered it yet?

I look to bring people together and collaborate. This is when execution is more effective. Open-source is just copying ideas from each other so why not on strategy.

Having more stakeholders is healthy for starting anything new as well, so this concept applies in a general sense.

Thoughts on this @ackza @citimillz @khaleelkazi

Sorry if I'm not supposed to tag you in my post. I am learning the rules of Hive, Leo and Kanda still, even to this day!

Also to the greater community who think there is potential!

Konda's Sources

Leo - https://leofinance.io/trending/

Kanda - https://nitrous.telokanda.com/trending/

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Alliances and helping other projects is always a great idea. However, it is up to us to determine how to best to do that. It is easy to look to those who started or are active in a project to handle it yet that is not how decentralization works.

If there is an opportunity for LEO and KANDA to help each other out, it is up to us who hold those tokens to put ideas into practice. How can we cross pollinate both platforms for dual benefit?

That is the question.

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This is why I mentioned the value of stakeholder-ship and thank you for your comment. Spreading out value in the form of token early is important. When I look at richlist there seem to be few holding medium amount and less holding large amounts.

This is too much greed (no offense and not to Leo especially since it doesn't apply to them), how does a platform expect to be valued high if it holds onto everything! You got to give half if not more out. Bitcoin release half so quick!

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You are correct there is a lot of greed although, as more projects come online and there are more "Whales" in each project, the wealth spreads out.

LEO, as an example, is getting into more hands as his KANDA. In terms of HIVE, neither is at that level yet but either (or both) could end up being as valuable (on a per token basis). That would change the lives of many through just those two tokens.

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The question is not so much about cross platform. But look at kanda applications and how little value. Their model seems to need Leo help. Leo can make themselves a stakeholder just by consulting to Kanda. Making both more valuable if Leo were to burn Kanda.

Sorry forgot to answer that!

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Good question Konda! @tipu curate

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