Holding Liquid LEO for 5 days! why? Another surprise

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Hello LBIer's, today i was going to talk about something but then LeoFinanace did something that changed my mind. So when i woke up, i seen i had a DM from my LBI content comrade, my pain in the ass pal for the past 2 years, taskmaster4450. I know he's a busy guy so knew it was worth checking out. I opened the DM to find a link. A twitter link, this link right here.


All we know is, whatever is happening will happen in around 5 days. LeoDefi, that's my guess.

What liquidate Leo does LBI have?

We should hold in the region of 3800-400 LEO tokens

Whats Happening?

More madness is happening. All this new stuff being released to fast to keep up with. LBI will hold back on it's planned wLEO LP because Khal made us change our plans. In Wednesdays post, it was suggested that we hold back on the wLEO LP in favour of getting into the project blank LP on day 1. This is a smarter move for us and offers a better potential of good rewards. This tweet saying that it might be a good idea to gather some liqduid LEO is another perfect reason to hold off. I feel it's LeoDefi. What else could it be?

What do you know?

If you no anything are have heard anything about this, please share in the comment below. If not, what do you think it is?

Thank you for reading today's post. It is a short post because I lost the first post I wrote, I always forget the LeoFinance frontend does not autosave what you are writing. I normally write posts using peaked and than upload via loefiniance. Nevermind but at 11.45 pm, I dont have much time to rewrite the same post. Sorry.


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