CubFinance Is An Example Of The Value Of LBI

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Earlier this week, CubFinance was released on the Binance Side Chain. Did anyone notice that?

Of course everyone did. It was the talk of Leo/Hive. All eyes were focused upon that project, overlooking most other aspects of the site.

Here is another question: was anyone confused when trying to get involved? Did you encounter any difficulties during the process?

Again, it looks like the answer is "Of course".

At different times, many have asked what is the value of LBI? Why should I get involved in it when I can just hold LEO?

Here is a prime example of why.

The hive mind was in effect during the situation with CubFinance. Many of us were scratching our heads as to how to get involved. We tried and encountered issues. This kept us from getting involved.

In fact, there are some people who still are trying to uncover how the platform works and what they need to do. The project is up 2 days and they are still on the outside looking in.

Well not really. Everyone who has a LBI is involved with CubFinance. While most of us were jostling around, trying to figure out the different between a farm, vault, and den, @silverstackeruk was maneuvering his way through the carnage, getting LBI into the game. His know-how in this matter is already enriching every single LEO token holder.

So while we were scratching out heads, he was making us money. His knowledge is something we are benefitting from even if we are still clueless about this stuff.

According to this post that was put up under the @spinvest account, LBI was already in the green after the first 24 hours. While the price of CUB has dropped since that post, the amount of tokens earned has increased.

Some are out on Twitter projecting a $50 price target for CUB. We will see if that happens. Nevertheless, LBI-token is in the game, building value every step of the way.

Certainly, many of the LBI-token family was able to figure the operations out on their own. However, many of us were not. This is why being involved in something like LBI is important.

While you were FOMOing about not being in the game, the reality is you already were. Since Monday, LBI was farming for each and every one of us.

We also have the situation where LBI is going to be one of the larger recipients of the CUB claim drop. Whatever the number ends up being, it is based upon the amount of LP held, which LBI is doing well in that department.

This is the value of being involved in a community who have goals aligned. LBI has the resources among the individuals involved to get things done. When something new crops up, there are the ones who can figure it out.

In the future we hope that not everything will be as complicated as CubFinance. If it is, however, we have it covered.

This is part of the value of holding LBI tokens.

Article written by @taskmaster4450le.

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LBI was already in the green after the first 24 hours

I am glad that LBI is indirectly enriching me since I am not taking part of Cub. Just that first day of profits will probably be equal to a few months later on even if CUB doesn't move much in value.

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LBI is like my finance manager . I just give it money in form of Leo and they do the rest . I get back good returns and enjoy .

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LBI is like my finance manager . I just give it money in form of Leo and they do the rest . I get back good returns and enjoy .

So true, then you don't have to think and get stressed about these stuff :)

I was really excited when I read that post as well. I had been over in the LBI Discord server asking what the plan was. I knew full well that they were probably already on it and putting things in place to make our investment work for us. I just want the drop to be over so things can kind of normalize and we can see what things are really going to be like long term. Just in time for Leo to drop the next announcement on us!

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Funny you say this as I knew at the back of my head I was already involved even in an around about way. This is why I will keep investing in this project as it is a real winner. The people make the project and knowing they are there gives you the confidence.

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@lbi-token holding the LBI tokens is a good investment decision that i will advice anyone to take because it will help them to become wealthy and be happy they invested....obviously the LBI will keep growing in value hence a good token to keep investing on...

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Well said but please add DYOR at the end so that they don't sue you lol .

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It is sure that I am far from having understood everything and that I am not in CUB ... On the other hand I understood well what is being built with LBI, SPI, EDS and EDSM !!! 😜

buying and holding lbi is one of the best decisions especially for newbies. that way they will have "skin in every game" that leo decides to play!

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Yeah they are going to get into a lot of different things I have a feeling.

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We knew this is a good project and CubFinance is just the beginning. I agree, we're lucky to have @silverstackeruk as banker. His knowledge is key and I'd like to say thank you for all the work he does and the team too.

We're going to see some amazing stats soon :)

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Glad I got on board holding LBI tokens. Though I was able to get a bit into Cub, it is nice knowing that there was more going on behind the scenes! I'm a small HODLer right now, but I'll be adding more LBI throughout the coming months!

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I think this has convinced me to get into LBI, it's much easier than to wrap my head around all the defi stuff, and also a time saver which is very important to me. Now, how do I buy LBI tokens? it's been a while and I forgot :P

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You can get them on H-E or send 1.1 Leo to @lbi-token, it's simple as that

cool, thanks :)

This is soo cool that you guys are active on CubFinance and make good use of our collective fund. Even cooler is the fact, that @silverstackeruk was already familiar with this stuff, which must have be a massive advantage in terms of timing. APR rates were through the roof at the beginning and each hour earlier in the game, paid off big time. I am glad to be one of the top LBI token holders!

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I'm so glad that I have some LBI!

I am SOOO glad I found lbi-token and all these 'smart' people that know how this stuff works.

It's nice to have a great team working for all of us that know how this stuff works because I don't LOL

I'm still not seeing any CUB from airdrop/claim drop - I probably didn't enough staked or liquid or however it worked.

That's not super important because I know lbi-token team is one of the whales -

It's like we're all one big whale together ;)

Keep up the great work everybody - I SUPER appreciate it.

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Great to know we have smart and knowledgeable people behind LBi who know how to invest rightly. Glad to have gotten few LBi when I did. With cub and all, LBi is certainly going places

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proudly a LBI owner and therefore indirectly a CUBdefi participant and $CUB ownwer ... the list goes on as khal build his empire... ^^

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I got my LBI Tokens just in time. Almost on the day of the launch of CubFi. Getting more until I hit a target of 1000. I would like to achieve that feat in the next 4 months!!!

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Should start buying more LBI then. Thanks for the insight now I have more reasons to buy the LBI token. Not everyone is technically sound and open to inside information. Having a team that has your back is important especially one that can leverage opportunities when they surface.

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It's always good to read your posts, @lbi-token.

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It's a good news to know, that we are in the cubfinance involed with the lbi project and earn some passive money!

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One thought, what are the plans for CUB? I mean, is LBI going to realise the profits made or it's going to keep the providing liquidity and support the whole project and take some long-term risks? I know people who immediately sold UNI airdrop lost a tremendous profits, but they took profits anyway without taking risks.
I'm not pushing for hoping of the train, but want simply to know the community opinion on the subject.