LBI In A Bear Market

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Nobody wants to think about this when the bull is running but it is a worthwhile exploration.

What happens to LBI during a bear market? How does that change things?

The answer to this question is simple yet varied. There are many different factors that enter the picture.


If we want the simple answer it is this: nothing changes.

In short, we simply operate according to plan. The direction if LBI is not dependent upon the bull or bear. We have nothing in our strategy that deals with that. Instead, we are focused upon activity and long-term accumulation.

The varied answer starts with the fact that LBI is not priced in USD or any other currency (fiat or otherwise). Yes there is a notation of it on the weekly report yet that is just a FYI. We could just as easily price everything in Hive, BTC, or Venezuelan Bolivar (although I have no idea why we would want to do the last one).

LBI is priced in LEO. This means that we are concentrating on the price of LBI in LEO. As the asset base grows, especially on-chain, the value of the token, in LEO will increase. Of course, if the bear does strike, we are confronted with the potential situation where some off-chain holdings, which CUB is, could suffer.

Of course, that is not guaranteed because even in a bear, some tokens can defy the trend. If LEO is humming along, we could see little effect.

Either way, the focus is basically leveraging Leo-based projects to maximize the return we get on LBI. Markets will do their thing but we concentrate on token accumulation.

One of the best ways to overcome a bear market is to have a long-term plan. LBI is not into trading or trying to time markets. Rather, we simply employ sound strategies of active token accumulation of those that are likely to move higher. Even if they head south for a while, the key is to keep building during the bear. This is proving itself to many on Hive as they are now enjoying some of the fruits of their efforts over the past 3 years.


Bear markets can be devastating without a sound approach. Many get obliterated since they allow emotions to get the best of them. This is not what LBI is about.

We are also not looking at where the project will be in a year, or 3, or even 5. The question is where will LBI be at the end of this decade. With compounding, it takes a fair number of years before the accumulation gets to the point where the numbers are massive.

Short-term thinkers get caught up in the bull and bear. Markets do their thing but long-term strategy does its.

Obviously, anyone involved in LBI is extremely optimistic about Leo. The platform is off to a sensational start with more being added. Presently, we have LEO distributed through the PoB mechanism as well as the upcoming ProjectBlank. This will provide two active streams of revenues to LBI.

What is interesting is that history shows that, during the bear, activity tends to decrease as people watch price and throw in the towel. This is the exact opposite of what should happen but so be it. LBI will continue to do its thing regardless of the market.

This means, if people do step away, the activity that LBI keeps incurring will result in greater rewards. It was a strategy that worked out well for many over the past three years on Hive.

Strong tokens will ride the bull to new heights. During the bear, they could be hit but the accumulation will keep the focus on greater heights. When the market does turn and rebound, LBI will be in better position as opposed to sitting pat during the down markets.

Bull or bear, LBI will keep forging ahead, generating an annual return that will enable us all to "get rich slowly".

Article written by @taskmaster4450le.

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I would like to understand more about the LBI token, how can I invest? returns? Planning? Is there a post that can recommend reading? Thanks!

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With HIVE price increasing this might be a good time to buy more LBI

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I don't mind if LBI is in a bear market as it would give me more time to accumulate some LBI. I am looking forward to the next few years when LEO actually takes off. Its also the reason why I don't mind it accumulating a stronger base before we pay out dividends. Either way the underlying assets are still growing in value so I don't feel like I am losing out.

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3 years ago I had very little Steem, today I have over 8,000 Hive. Slow lucky growth. I managed to get my 100 LBI, I managed to get my 100 H-E Index, I managed to get my 500 dhedge, and I am back on track to slowly getting my SPI to 100. Bull or Bear market, my goals are slowly being met.

Less than one and a half years to go and I am at my review/re-evaluate point.

The bear season is always necessary for a balanced system. It allows new investors to buy in and helps existing investors to grow. I used to be scared of the bear before now, I've learnt through and now can make the best of its use.

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Agree, LBI will continue from this bull to bear market with little change and use the next few years to build up as SPI did during the last bear market. No idea where we could be by the decade end.


1 LBI = 1 LBI.

And panic sells give a chance to become a whale. So its good for LBI :)

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You've said it all, the bear market needs sound and plausible approach to enable one to continue building LBi and Leo. Many people lose their see sense of logic in the bear market but then it's the FUD that comes with it, long-term is how we can't eventually gain

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You are right, with all of the great stuff that is happening now it is very easy to forget that this is a long haul thing. Everyone is looking for that quick buck though (including myself some times). LBI is something that I hope turns into the gift that keeps on giving year after year just like the jelly of the month club.

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Bull or bear, the mindset is to set one sight on the long term as eventually the results will be evident. No matter what the situation is I believe LBi will thrive due to it's diversification of asset

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I'm glad you are addressing some concerns about the inevitable bear market, during good times smart people prepare to ride out more difficult times that inevitably come

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That's right. When the iron is hot, FORGE. Doesn't matter it's bull or bear. We all are in this for the long term and that's what we should keep in mind always. This year, LEO will make everyone wealthy. ;)

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Good details to put any panic mind at sleep when the bear will be kicking into the market after the bull run. Steady growth is why we have invested in the LBI fund and we are expecting to steady improve in time, with very small work from investors.

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This is one of the investments I'm most excited about. I really feel it's going to provide great returns once we start paying out and will shine even more in down times. The fact that it's basically "based" off of a sub-$1 Leo is even more exciting. If/when Leo starts running, the returns are actually going to be somewhat mind-blowing. I can't wait. The future is bright!

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