LBI Token Up 13% In 4 Months

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The latest LBI Earnings Report really caught my attention in one area. We just completed Week 16, meaning we just put in 4 months, a bit shy of 1/3 of a year.

Obviously, there are 52 weeks in a year and 16 multiplied by 3 is only 48 so this post is a bit premature.

However, the point of the article is valid while also helping to drive home an extremely important point.

The goal of LBI, much like @SPInvest, is to "get rich slowly". This is done through a combination of both passive and active opportunities. Through the efforts of people as well as the passive returns from sound investing, the goal is to grow the holdings by a minimum of 20% annually.

As we can see, we are 65% of the way there, in less than 1/3 of a year.

For fun, I took a snapshot of the present yields pain on US Treasury Bonds. Look at the returns people are getting there.


How about them apples?

As we can see, the payouts are abysmal. One's money is much better off in LBI as opposed to the bonds the United States Government is offering. Of course, this is no secret to anyone in cryptocurrency.

Thus far, the performance of LBI is outstanding. Typically, the hardest point to get return is early in the game. This is because there tends not to be the resources available to get involved in a host of projects. For LBI, the first few months were basically spent posting and curating. Nevertheless, that was able to provide a nice foundation for our annual return.

If we look at things on an annualized basis, we see that LBI is doing better than a 40% return. This is more than double what we target each yet. Of course, we never fret about exceeding our objective since this only provides more resources which to generate even greater long term growth.

Occasionally, we see people grumbling about how things are progressing. This is natural, I guess, when you have a host of people involved with a project.

However, I want to point out the reason that people got involved with LBI. For most, if not all, it is to make money. This is the reason why people bought the token to begin with. Thus, far, the token value is now worth 13% more than when we started.

The other thing I want to point out is that most of the token holders did not have to lift a finger to get that return. The activity is being done by a handful of people who are active on a weekly basis. For everyone else, the account value grows without doing anything.

Present course of action has each token holder receiving a 40%+ increase in value over the first year. Of course, this is only viewed through the lens of LBI as priced in LEO terms. When we compare the value to fiat, we can see the numbers getting much bigger.

Experience with SPInvest tells us that the first year is usually the most difficult with the smallest return. As the resources grow, returns can be compounded, once again through activity.

We expect that, when ProjectBlank is released. to have another revenue stream forming since that will be a Proof-of-Brain token. Thus, just like with Leofiance, someone will be responsible for curating content on that application, increasing the number of Blank tokens LBI-token has.

This, of course, will provide more weekly income, increasing the value of the token even quicker.

Lastly, we will see what is going to happen with the Leo governance token. Since we don't have any details, we can only speculate but we are led to believe that will be another opportunity to generate a return for LBI.

As we can see, the original intention of LBI is coming to fruition. Getting rich slowly through outside returns is what this is focused upon.

For the first 4 months, we can say mission accomplished.

We will see how the next 4 months go.

Article written by @taskmaster4450le.

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I was glad to be able to get my first 100 tokens in early. I will add eventually, but or now pretty happy with the direction. I would like to see more active voters on the proposal side, but if people are willing to not help direct or influence the direction of LBI governance by not voting, then I am more than happy to have my 100 tokens vote value be much much more valuable.

I fully expect LBI to keep growing and the Project Blank airdrop should also increase its value by quite a bit. Do we know the requirements for the governance token airdrop? I hope I get a piece of the pie so I can trade it in for some more LBI.

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The Project Blank airdrop should also increase its value by quite a bit.

Everyone wait for the project to be launched. Projectblank will be the piece of stone to get leo and hive more popular

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Yea I think Project Blank will also make HIVE and LEO more attractive. I foresee a huge amount of people onboarded.

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Do we know the requirements for the governance token airdrop?

No word on it.

The Blank airdrop will help a great deal to increase the value of LBI. It is a token that could really take off if we get a couple hundred thousand users.

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Yea it need to be a refined product though. If it isn't, it might affect the retentionr ate

I foresee a huge HP problem if we get a few hundred thousand users and I don't even know if the leovoter has enough HP delegate out.

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I am happy to wait for dividend payouts. But when they do arrive I will be putting them straight back it. It has been a great investment so far and I would like to thank all of the team for their hard work on this.

The longer they are delayed, the greater the resources the fund has to keep growing. People feel as if they are missing out yet the value is still there. The non-paid out dividends are being compounded and put to use.

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I believe we are still at just the beginning of both LEO and LBI. For now, I am all about compounding like laying the foundations of a house.

Where can you find more information about LBI? I'm new on this mate.

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Many of the people in @leomarkettalk are also in LBI.

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I keep on imagining how my LBI pot would look like in 5 years from now. 🤑

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I will surmise it will be a lot bigger.

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Haha. Me too @taskmaster4450. 🤞🤞

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I am very curious how the growth of the holdings will correlate with the increase in token price going forward . So far I think they have been growing at the same pace

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I would think that the value of LEO is up greater than 13% in the last 4 months but I could be mistaken about that.

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I meant the price of the lbi token. Leo has crushed it in the past few months

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A 13% increase in terms of LEO sounds pretty good, but also pretty abstract imho.

I appreciate the growth in LEO is the benchmark metric for this fund, but many outsiders are most likely more interested in the value in USD, as tracking the historical value of LEO is not straightforward actually.

Perhaps it's worthwhile to also indicate the change in USD value over this period, and in future update posts? Obviously that would not be a 13% growth, but more since I think LEO had a lower value 4 months ago? :)

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It is a greater amount of growth but that is up to each person to determine. After all, not everyone would convert to USD. Some might go to EUR, or even BTC.

The LBI account only accounts for things in LEO terms.

But in USD and other barometers, it is likely one will get even greater returns.

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Wow, that is pretty awesome. The funny thing is the term slowly seems to be really relative in this case. Is that slow in everyday terms or slow in blockchain terms? It's like you have been talking about with everything that is going to happen in the next ten years. Traditional investments of 30 years are considered long term. In our case long term could be 10 or even 5 years right?

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Well I am not sure a 40% gain, as impressive as it is, is going to make anyone rich. It will still be a multi-year process.

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40% would be a decent impact for me. You are right, probably not get me rich, but eventually maybe.

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A great compliment to the content team that is responsible for the biggest part of the revenues! It is sad to see that this weight is on only a fews shoulders - very similar to SPI. Very good Job so far - once you pay out dividends the ROI on paper is even harder to achieve 😉

Without a doubt. The ROI is there since people will be getting payouts. However, the growth rate slows a great deal, in proportion to what is could be.

I am glad that we are letting it build and grow in the early days. That is vital and will set us further down the road as if we didnt do it.

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The goal of LBI, much like @SPInvest, is to "get rich slowly". >

@lbi-token i love that kind of mindset,keep up the good work.....

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As we can see, the payouts are abysmal. One's money is much better off in LBI as opposed to the bonds the United States Government is offering.

Not just to the bonds the United States Government is offering. This is a worldwide issue I believe.

The progress is amazing and we're lucky to have such a banker (SSUK) and the content creator team to bring in extra income.

I'm most curious about how much CUB DeFi is going to mean in one year. As far as I know SSUK entered farms and den right at he beginning, so that must have earned us a lot of CUB.

This is the best investment so far.

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That is going to add to the value of LBI. We are active in Cubfinance, providing a return.

It all funnels into the same pool, the LBI token backing.

We will see how Blank fits in.

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LBi moving steadily at quite at a good pace. I can only imagine where LBi will be in a couple of years.

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Much bigger hopefully.

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Read how this all have started with Toruk

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First of all, thanks for the vote on one of my posts! I really appreciate it. That's exactly the reason why I came to wonder what @lbi-token is all about. I've been away for a couple of months and I just recently came back so I apologize if things are new to me.

Then I've checked your first post, I find the token holding mechanism to be the same as what EpicDice/Kryptogamers have in them, distributing 40-50% of their daily earnings to their token holders. However, the token value only relies on the demand of the buyers. But with LBI-token, correct me if I'm wrong, is always willing to buy at 1 worth of Leo's price each?

On the other hand, would you be open to create a tribe that uses LBI tokens for staking? Same with & Leo Finance are doing.

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I'm just playing the long game with this, and plan to keep stacking LBI tokens more or less indefinitely *(5-year and beyond time horizon) and hopefully that will be a worthy strategy.

In the meantime, I enjoy the fact that upvoting @lbi-token posts is basically a form of participation in increasing the value of our own investments. And that's a pretty cool thing!


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You guys are doing an awesome job for LBI in these early stages.

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Well done, @lbi-token. This project deserves.

In the next 5-10 years, it's gonna "explode".

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Everyone wait for the project to be launched. Projectblank will be the piece of stone to get leo and hive more popular

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Hey @lbi-token, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I agree and not distributing dividends right away was definitely a good choice looking at the long term.
I have many goals and many projects that I like and unfortunately little money but LBI is a project that I really like and I plan to increase my 10 LBI and get at least to 50.
Good work!

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Need. To. Stack. LBI. NOW. I don't want to miss out!

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I love the idea of aiming for at least 20% per year.

This is in LEO terms right?

So 1 LBI = 1.20 LEO after year 1?

Keep up the great work guys.

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I have to laugh at "getting rich slowly" with potentially 40% returns. If we get 40% the first year and then the targeted 20% each year thereafter, we double our money in 3 yrs and almost triple it in 5 years. And that doesn't count our dividends I'm assuming? Or any increases in the price of Leo, right? lol

If only I could get rich this slowly in every investment choice I make.... :-)

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Things speed up more in the future IMO.

With CUB and LEO airdrops things can become faster and faster.

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Is there a whitepaper or something for how exactly this SPI and LBI work?

How exactly does their value increase? They don't payout dividends, right? So, why should 1 LBI be worth more in 2022 than it is now? Does the guaranteed buyback amount increase? And if it does, where do I return the tokens for the cashout?

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I think Project Blank will also make HIVE and LEO more attractive. I foresee a huge amount of people onboarded.

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What a great progress
keep on

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Spamming again. Meaningless comments as always.

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The amazing return of investment =DDD

Have a nice day dude!

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