Refundng all "Help a CUB" donations

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Authored by @silverstackeruk

LBIer's, I've been dragging "Help a CUB" out for long enough, I have spent multiple hours thinking about this, trying to come up with the best way to organize this in a way that will not be scrutinized and picked apart. The idea at the very start was to collect money, pick a deserving CUB and buy them a laptop/PC to help them further improve their Leofinance experience. I like helping, supporting and doing a bit of philanthropy but it often comes back to bite back and im thinking to just knock the whole thing on the head and refunding everyone would be the best way to resolve this before further mistakes or made and damage done. What was supposed to be a simple project has turned into a multi-month head wreck. I accept the blame 100% for this.



"Help a CUB" failed, its voting had to cancelled and a new plan thought up. The plan is ready but to be honest all the fun is gone from it. We'd require 10-12 CUBS to be nominated by users that would be willing to track their nominees LEO/HIVE activities for 8 weeks. I find it hard getting help from 2-3 people so asking 10-12 people to volunteer to track a CUB account for 8 weeks will not work and we'll hit another speedbump. I've done stuff like this before and it's a lot of work, a lot of headache as people over commit and under deliver and a good plan does not mean always mean success. Sometimes, I think i'd be better just posting about LBI and stats as trying to create charitable events always backfires in 1 way are another. I guess I'd be better to stick to what I know will work and not try those sorts of things anymore.

  • I personally dont want to commit (being honest) another 8-12 weeks to this
  • I dont think we'll get enough CUB's nominated by users willing to track those CUB's activities for 8 weeks
  • I think CUB's will drop out/give up as the contest progressives


I've never had to do a refund for a charity event before but I can't think of another way to use the funds in a way that everyone would be happy. We could do a vote but the result would be the ones that vote on the popular outcome are happy and the rest are not so refunds are the best way to go about this. I'll take the loss and hit to reputation and say im sorry for not delivering what was promised when I first posted about Help a CUB. I have bitten off more than I can chew and it's time to put a full stop to this chapter, move on from it and take the L

Refunds will be in the form of HIVE
All donations were converted to BUSD when HIVE was trading at roughly 53 cents and LEO trading at 89 cents. Donators are refunded HIVE so they decide whether to keep it as HIVE are convert it back to LEO are any other token that they donated. Both have fallen in price since then so the amount you receive back is a little more than donated. Users that donated in HIVE will receive back 27% extra due to the fallen price since the donation was made. People that donated LEO should be able to buy back more than double the LEO they donated so that the only silver lining as a result of this.


I converted the BUD to HIVE and sent it to the LBI account. Refunds will start to be issued directly from the @lbi-token and should be issued around an hour after uploading. Also, if your wondering, silverstackeruk and Raymondspeaks are not included in the refund because Ray PayPaled me fiat and I made our donations with BUSD.

Once again, I am sorry to all that took the time to donate and be a part of this. I sadly think the time and work required is much more than first planned and we could be setting up for another fail. In the future, I will not be trying any more things like this from LBI and I will just stick to what I know best instead of trying to mix it up.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, this is not the result we wanted but cutting our losses might be better now than later.

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Take it easy bud. The intentionality was great, but the human being is greedy by nature. Don't get mad at things that you cannot control.

As far as I'm concerned and since I met you, I think you're doing a superb job.

Onwards! :)

Shit happens, thanks for trying to help a cub.

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I'll take the loss and hit to reputation

There is no hit to reputation as far as I'm concerned. In fact this . . .

I have bitten off more than I can chew and it's time to put a full stop to this chapter.

Makes you even more trustworthy in my opinion. Kudos to you for having a go and sorry it meant so much extra work for you. 😍


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Really sorry to read this but not everyone would do these kinds of actions as you did and I believe that it doesn't hit your reputation at all.

Thank you for this, these things happen so we can learn and grow!
If there's a next time, it will be better :)

No reputation hit at all. You only showed integrity all the way ... And caring for other people can never damage anyone's reputation IMO.

Thank you for the refund.

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I am sincerely sorry that things went awry. You have lost no reputation points from me. It is a shame something could not be worked out, but I feel you are correct in the getting people to commit and help for 8 to 12 weeks for anything.

this is what i think:
there was so much fuss about this project.
it was simple: you want to help someone with a laptop and you asked those willing to help to donate

should have ended there...I do not understand the fuss of spending a 500 dollars on a laptop. people earn more than that daily shitposting or talking about things no one cares about. This is a project that would have had a real impact on those nominees who met all the initial requirements.

i am pissed because this idea was allowed to be ruined by too many silly people policing this project or initiative. This has driven away people who might actually put in more effort into being active in the leo community ( I don't even think we care about that).

this is why I did not participate myself because I knew this sort of thing would happen. it sucks really. we can do better as a community.

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It's a bummer that the charity event had to come to an end.

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Sorry for hear that this was not a successful one , so sad I understand your reasons Oh

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No worries. It bites but an “L” now and then builds character. Good for you for taking it in stride. Something I learned here comes to mind. A good education isn’t free and we all have a lot to learn. If a lesson only costs a few dollars or a little time chances are it was worth the price.

Sad this didnt go through for those hoping to participate. I understand your reasons though

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Ah , sad news . But I get more Hive to buy LEO :) Let us do this again in some other way in future I guess .

Thanks for trying .

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I am sorry to hear this project did not work out. I salute your integrity by refunding the charitable contributions to the donors. Charitable projects can be a little tricky.

In my opinion your actions actually improve your reputation!

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There is a saying I like very much that goes:

There are no perfect people but perfect intentions.

A charity project is always a project of great value and it is the intention and the person who thought of the project that counts more than the success of the project itself.

As far as I am concerned, you are a person who deserves great respect because thinking of others is always a very rare thing nowadays.
As far as I'm concerned, even if the Help a Cub project didn't end up the way you initially hoped it would, your reputation is higher than before ;)

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The intentions were good and that's what counts. I'm not sure who said what or what was done but it does make me have a greater appreciation for the work that social workers or charity workers do.. and all for little pay.

Best to cut your efforts now rather than have an escalation of commitment.

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Sorry to hear that this endeavor was not a success, but I feel you were transparent and honest about the whole thing so there is nothing to feel bad about. Things don't always work out and we have to move forward regardless

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just refund it, seems like right thing to do. these projects need to be super simple, or you'll get swamped with no help. Kudo's to those that donated, nice to see this side of the platform once in a while.

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I am sorry it had to come to this. That had to be a really hard decision to make. I can definitely feel your disappointment. I think it was the smart move. It was just becoming too complex. I agree that getting the required participation would have been very difficult.

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I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago and was wondering who had won as I hadn't seen anything since the post for those in the running.

Sorry it came to this.

It was a great effort on your part and I wish it could have gone as plan as I like to help others as well.

If there's a next time, you still would have my support.


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That is sad news so hopefully we can find a better way in the future. Honestly its going to be hard to vet people before picking who we want so I don't blame you for cutting it now.

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