Some small bitcoin facts

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Hello people. I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and if you have a tradition of Christmas gifts in your family, that you have received beautiful gifts. Maybe you even received some crypto from Santa… I am curious about how you spent the Christmas season, and what nice things you received.

No Christmas gifts for me this year, although… that is of course also relative, because every day that I can spend in good health with the ones I love is of course a gift in itself. But that does not mean that I would not have been very happy if someone had also put a bitcoin under the christmas tree, for example.

Because yes, that bitcoin, that was a nice Christmas gift for many of us. Many bitcoin owners will have followed the course in recent days and I expect that many Christmas dinners have been interrupted because another message came in on a telephone about a change in the value of the Bitcoin.

And that I have a glaring lack of Bitcoin is a shame for me of course ... but that does not mean that I am not interested in Bitcoin, and everything related to Bitcoin. So today a post that is not so much for making money. Today no opportunities to invest, although it is of course clear… One of the best investment opportunities at the moment is Bitcoin. But today a light post where you can quietly lower the abundant Christmas meals ...

Today I bring you nothing else but a few fun Bitcoin facts.

  • FBI is one of the richest Bitcoin owners
    We all know the prejudice “Crypto is for Criminals”. People who don't do anything with crypto, and who also do not fully understand what crypto is (yes, there are still in 2020). But how do they get the wisdom that crypto is for criminals? Probably because of the following ... FBI has destroyed several large drug networks operating on the dark web. And yes, large amounts of Bitcoin were used. FBI has been able to seize these amounts and by rolling up these networks has taken over wallets with 30K, 96K and even 144K Bitcoin in them. By rolling up these networks, the wallets have come into the possession of the FBI and have remained. And with this number of Bitcoins in the wallet, FBI is one of the richest Bitcoin owners in the world.

  • A Bitcoin transaction consumes energy for 3 households
    We all know that sometimes a Bitcoin transaction can take a very long time. You've probably had to stare at your wallet and think, “Where is it now? As long as it went well”. But what you don't realize is that there is a whole network of PCs working to get that one transaction of yours going. Mining and trading Bitcoin is no longer as simple as it seems. The calculations that the PCs behind your transaction have to perform in order for that transaction to take place have become so complex that around 94 kilowatt hours of energy are now used to complete a simple Bitcoin transaction. This means that if you send 0.001 bitcoin from one wallet to another, that you have used just as much energy with that one transaction as an average of 3 households use energy in a day. Do you now understand where the high fees come from?

  • The largest transaction took place in 2013
    The largest transaction that took place in Bitcoin was in 2013, and was worth about $ 147 million THEN. In fact, it was 194,993 Bitcoins that were sent, with the memo “As ** tload of Money”. But if you received those Bitcoins back then and were happy with the value it represented then, how happy will you be today with that number of Bitcoins. Today, those same Bitcoins are worth no less than ... $ 5,296,711,854.8!

  • The price of Bitcoin on July 18, 2010 at the creation of the first online exchange MT. Gox was 7 cents!
    If you had bought bitcoin for $ 100 then ... then you would have bought more than 1400 bitcoin, which today would have a value of 38,828,532

And of course I cannot ignore it ... the most famous story of all bitcoin stories out there. The 10K Bitcoins that were paid for 2 pizzas!

I can't help it, but still think that this person wants to hit himself every day because he had 10K Bitcoins, and got rid of it for only 2 pizzas. Even though this is now all over the books as the first Bitcoin payment ever. Nowadays they have become very expensive pizzas ...

And as I recall this in a moment… and remember that this was the first Bitcoin transaction ever. Then I go back in mind what I have used cryptocurrency for in real life. I have not really paid with crypto anywhere ... but crypto exchanged for money for real life purchases. Yes indeed! Even several times. And that included Bitcoin. Hmmm, now that I think back to that, it does hurt a bit now that Bitcoin is experiencing such a huge rise. Anyway, it is what it is ... and I needed it.

Have you also used crypto for real life things, or are you one of the lucky ones who has always been able to grow his crypto?

You get the idea… the crypto review that I am going to write tomorrow will be about Bitcoin, this week I cannot ignore it. I have to take the risk, to write about Bitcoin. THE number 1 of cryptos. Given the huge increases in the price and the continuous re-establishing of new All Time Highs… And that's why I thought it would be nice to start today with this post in which some small Bitcoin facts can be found.


And now that I've kept it nice and light ... I also want to give a little 'HEADS UP' for anyone interested in LBI, because next Thursday, on December 31st the GOVERNANCE POST will be placed by @silverstackeruk on the LBI account. So keep an eye on that. Although we are completely into Bitcoin this week due to the enormously nice rise ... the LBI will hopefully also be able to benefit from this if Hive and Leo and therefore LBI will also get their share of the ever-rising Bitcoin price!

So as said ... tomorrow a Bitcoin review here, and then Tuesday the new LBI contest in which you can win 5 dollars in bitcoin this week. Keep an eye on it!


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As a fun fact, the guy spending 10k BTC is not upset about it. He is delighted as he was one if the first to use it as a payment system. He did move things to another level and we need to thank him for that. He helped everyone in here. I hope only he had a bigger stash.

On the old network, there was the account @steembay active, where I bought a lot of stuff via it. Some silver dollars from the USA for example, that have been added to my coin stash.

Thanks for sharing

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As a fun fact, the guy spending 10k BTC is not upset about it. He is delighted as he was one if the first to use it as a payment system. He did move things to another level and we need to thank him for that. He helped everyone in here. I hope only he had a bigger stash.

I really hope so too for him ... And yes of course he made history with his transaction. And yes we all have to be grateful that he did.

Never heard of that account, but nice that you bought a lot of stuff via that one. Nice way to expand your coin stash.

Thank you for your addition to the fun facts!

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Thanks for some fun facts.

Very welcome, and thank you for your comment

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if we could go back to 2010 and buy $ 100 in Bitcoin 😅 Today we can make up for it by buying $ 100 in LEO and HIVE and in ten years who knows ... maybe we will be millionaires? 🤩

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Oh yes, the song from Cher "If I could turn back time". We didn't buy the bitcoin back then, but we can buy the LEO, HIVE and LBI now. Who knows what can happen, nothing is impossible ... as the word IMPOSSIBLE already says, I'M POSSIBLE. 😏

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OMG FBI managers must be happy with the huge pump of today 😛

While focusing on the Bitcoin Standart or such big expectations, we miss these kinds of little details about Bitcoin 😅😅

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I really understand what you're saying. I also miss these kinds of little details so often. So I thought it would be nice to tell some sidenotes about the biggest crypto in the world before diving in the technical details. And yeah, even though FBI seems to not approve bitcoin that much, I'm sure they're very happy to get their hands on those wallets.

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Haha those are some great facts! Love the memo of the "shit ton of money", that really was, even then! That transaction now is worth nearly 5.3 trillion dollars though? Jeeez!

Wonder if the FBI will ever sell any on the open market or keep it to themselves... Hmmm!

Looking forward to reading a bit more about BTC this week!

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Yes a great memo right? I can not imagine transferring that shitload of money ... lol. Hmmm, I don't know what FBI is going to do with this Bitcoins, but as soon as they transfer it, the transactions can be found for everyone ... that's the beauty of the blockchain. Even FBI can't change that fact!

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Haha, yeah exactly! I wonder if they will dump them all to try and crash the market but I doubt that will do too much to the overall feeling of BTC now with institutions coming in and ready to swallow up all those coins! Some of those institutions already have "a shit ton of money" in :D

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Funny thing is the FBI are BTC filthy rich but then it's s technology they do despice because it seems uncontrollable and unquantifiable. Thanks a lot for the facts.

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An ironic twist of fate.

Of course, Bitcoin being bought by Wall Street institutions when it was started by Satoshi in response to Wall Street's greed and lack of responsibility is a kick in the teeth also.

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A huge kick in the teeth, imagine being made rich by something you hate and despice.

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Lol, yes they're filthy rich with the technology they despise. Ain't it fun? You're welcome. I gladly gave those facts.

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As an enviro I hate the energy wasted in mining. I wish some of the other less energy intensive coins could take over. Like HIVE for example!

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I heard the other day some US Government agencies were clearing out Bitcoin stock levels and don't know if that is true or not and it was way more than 144 Bitcoins. Funny as I tried to buy Bitcoin in 2010 and is a sore story as I didn't understand properly as it was advertised as internet money making it easy to buy and sell goods online. I was heavily involved in ebay back then so I thought why not and just couldn't work out how to buy them. I should have persevered more and one time I can kick myself hard.

30K, 96K and 144K ... and I don't know what wallets more they have seized, but yes that is way more than 144 😉.

Oh, I believe you do regret it ... but then again, would you have kept your bitcoins for all those years, through all the waves bitcoin has seen the past decade? Something to think about. I had the opportunity once to buy 1 bitcoin for 10 euro, and I laughed very hard at that, didn't buy it ... and was very proud of myself for not falling for that scam. Little did I know. And yes, even if I had just bought Bitcoin ... I would be so happy now, if I had kept it for all those years.

I think many of us have such stories. But at least we're here now, and that's a lot more than others can say!

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Honestly I doubt it and why I don't take it so hard and no regrets. Guaranteed I would have sold it long ago. Not making the same mistake twice though and why I am here.

Thank you for sharing these interesting facts about Bitcoin

Very welcome, I gladly shared them with you!

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I read LBI at first !!!
Maybe not for 2021 but let's dream a bit together ;)
Thank you for sharing that, I knew for the pizza thing but not for the FBI.

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well each time i read "Mt gox" reminds me sad stories hehe and now i wonder which coins now we are using that will have a bigger bigger value in the future. Idk like using eth to pay pizzas too xD or even LEO!!

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It is always good to have more knowledge.

Thanks for this post, @lbi-token.

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bitcoin should chill a bit and let the other altcoins follow :P

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Now that would be very nice, but I'm afraid bitcoin is not going to chill right now. I think we will have to wait until february. Don't ask me why I'm thinking this, it's a feeling I can't explain.

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the real question is whether your feelings come true or not :P

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I always tell the pizza story to others when I try to explain them - "Wait , don't rush"

I am very late to the Bitcoin party, but I try to add a little bit each week or month hoping there is a lot of ATH's over the next years. In the mean time I keep accumulating Hive, Leo, LBI and others thinking maybe some day they could do a fraction of what Bitcoin has done.

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I keep comforting myself that I'm not too late to the bitcoin party, while I'm freaking out when I see the latest runs bitcoin is making, knowing that I don't have bitcoin right now. Knowing that I had to sell the little I had. But well, it is what it is ... Meantime I'm happy with what I do have, and I try to add what I can. Just being happy that I was able to sell the btc when I needed it. And that blogging for crypto gave me that opportunity to do so.

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But well, it is what it is ...

Ah, the motto of my life. :)

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One of my own Bitcoin stories was about a friend who used to give business/entrepreneurship workshops way back when, and he actually had bank note-like 5 BTC notes printed as bonus handouts to attendees; the actual wallet address associated with each printed on them. That would be a nice bonus to find as a bookmark in a book, or among papers...

Yes, I've used crypto to pay for things, although only via conversion to fiat... crypto bought a new set of tires for our truck, and paid for our 2018 property taxes.


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I can't stop laughing😂
Such amazing facts, thank you!

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You're welcome. Glad you liked the fun facts.

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