The Weekly LBI Contest

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Authored by @hetty-rowan


Here we are again with:

The weekly LBI contest!

Another week of the contest is over, and the entries are going up every week. For which our thanks to you all for the enthusiasm with which the contest was received. This week we have kept a close eye on the price of Litecoin (LTC). And the range of guesses was nice to see.

Again, there were many entries in the contest, but again ... none of you had the exact right answer. Although the winner this week was very close. With a difference of only 20 cents @mindblast.leo was really close to the real price from LTC on Friday, Januari 29, 12 noon.


1 Litecoin was worth $141.746033 on Friday, January 29, 12 noon, as the screenshot below shows.


On behalf of @lbi-token, I hereby congratulate @mindblast.leo on winning the 5 LEO tokens with the choice for chest 1! Your price will be sent over as soon as possible.

And then of course this week's contest!

Ah, of course you already knew? Yup… we're going to guess the price of Dogecoin (DOGE)! Yes, it seemed fun to me to keep your eyes on Dogecoin, to see if it's really going to go up ... all the way to $1,-

What do you think? Is it even ever possible for Dogecoin to reach a $1,- price? I hope you're all in for the fun ...

Submissions again in response to this post here. Your answer will be entered if it is given BEFORE Thursday, February 4, 2021 6:00 PM CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME.

What is 1 Dogecoin worth on Friday, February 5, 2021 12.00 PM CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME?

Now I don't know about you, but I like Dogecoin. And to pump a memecoin, that is just fun to watch.

I'm not going to say that Dogecoin has done very well, but I am going to tell that despite of that, Dogecoin has it's fans. And in this strange times it shows more than ever. If you feel crazy and are going to invest on Dogecoin, be careful. It can go both ways, you can get crazy gains if they succeed to keep pumping Dogecoin. But there's also a big chance to get REKT.

If you are now a very good predictor, even in this strange times. And you are able predict exactly what this price will be on Friday, January 22, 2021, 12:00 AM CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME. Then… yes then you can see $5,- worth of Litecoin coming your way.

For price reference I use COINMARKETCAP!

But like every week there is always a winner ... Because this week we have again filled 3 chests with prizes from which you can choose.

  • Chest 1… 5 LEO
  • Chest 2… 2 SPI
  • Chest 3… 5 LBI

I wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to making someone happy again next week!

Don't forget to mention which of the chests you would like to receive as your price if you are the lucky winner!


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I will throw a price prediction that I know @onealfa would bet on it :)
$0.666 and chest 3.

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Happy Birthday @hetty-rowan

My guess is 57 cents!

I’ll go with chest 3

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Great to see an interactive game being played. I hope a lot join in and participate.

A simple way for everyone to participate and have a bit of fun.

Good luck to all.

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I hope so too. It's a great way to engage and if you're lucky you win something too!

Cool let's play! I guess 0.635891$
And I will pick chest 3

I love the contest...
I will gk with $0.663412

Thanks ... we love to see you participating in the contest! Good luck!

Tagging @harpreetjanda and inviting him to participate

Great, good luck all.
I go for 0.658324$ per Nexo.
As i have less than 1 SPI so i go for chest 3.


Thank you for the guess, it's noted ... and of course good luck for you too!

My guess will be 0.625712 for chest number 2

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Thanks for your guess, and good luck of course!

$ 0.678024 and chest 3.

Happy Birthday btw! 🎂

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Nice guess, it's noted. Good luck on the contest ... And thank you for the birthday wishes.

Yes! Happy Birthday!!!

1 NEXO will be worth $ 0.7048 at that time.
I want to go for chest 3 😌

Thank you for your precious efforts ^^

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I think every NEXO owner will be very happy if you have the right guess. Good luck on the contest!

I will go down with $0.58721 and yes chest 2 :)

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NEXO owners won't be happy if you have the right guess, but I wish you good luck on the contest.

OOOh, I went waaaay lower than that. LOL

I should do some research next time I guess.

Yay, a contest!
While I only learned about Nexo yesterday I'm obviously already an erudite expert on the matter, so...
Nexo will be worth exactly $0.657251 - I'd love chest number 3, thank you very much ;-)

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Great to see your enthusiasm! Thank you for participating in the contest. And good luck!

Congratulations, you are the first one to post a guess.

That earns you a, well, congratulations.

Good luck with your forecast.

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i'll bet 0,63567 and chest number 2!

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Yo yo ... it's noted, and good luck on your guess.

Two happy birhtdays in two weeks, one for the chain and one for the being. So happy birthday again!:)

Now to the contest: Nexo will be 0,6432 on the 25th of December.
I will go with pick 3. :)

Thanks for the opportunity!

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First of all, Happy Birthday to you!
Now the contest. My guess is $ 0.645024 and I'd like chest number 3.

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I gonna go with 0.6653 dollars and chest 3 please!


I will take an SPI chest to go with my winnings!

Nexo 0.051

Choice 2

Nexo 0,562205

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Predict what 1 NEXO is worth on Friday, December 25, 2020, 12:00 PM CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME

1 nexo will be 1 nexo

chest 3 please

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Cool idea! I'll go with $0.615

If I'm lucky, I'll go for 5 SPI :)

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First happy birthday @hetty-rowan! Success always on your journey!

Now for this contest. I want to congratulate you for this initiative, as the community is happier and encouraged to seek ways of extra earnings. It's really cool to see contests and challengers increase at LeoFinance. Let more come!

My guess is 1 NEXO for US$ 0.593

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ill say around $0.66 :) chest number 2

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First thing first: happy birthday !!!

Being a bullish NEXO user, count on me to give you an inflated price :D
Thank you for the giveaway, I’ll edit my reply with a price just before the deadline ;)

EDIT: no inflated price for my prediction and I'm sad about it.
I'll say 0.529 on the 25th and choose chest 2.

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powerful :D

1 NEXO will be valid on Friday 0.72

and I would like to choose chest 2, as it would be a good idea to have an LBI in reserve.

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My guess is $ 0.612345 :)

Chest 3

Wow contest 🤩
I guess 0.655832 for chest 3

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Its about 0.6456732 and choose chest 1

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Happy Birthday @hetty-rowan
my guess is 0.67673
i m also inviting @rupinder

Happy birthday and thanks for this contest :)
chest 3

0.67 on the 25th
Chest 3
Happy birthday :)

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ill say around $0.66, chest number 2

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ill go for around $0.66 :) and 2nd chest !!

I'm going for chest 3, and 59 cent

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Happy Birthday,

I will go for Next at $0.665300.

And Pot 3, it's worth the most!

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My guess is $0,64501 per Nexo and I choose chest number 2 !

I'll try to participate each week ! This is a really great contest !!

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I'll throw out a guess of $0.5633

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I only read this post now, but what a great initiative! Of course prediction is definitely not my strong point but I find it all very funny I don't follow Nexo much but I say the price in a week will be $ 0.66 and I choose chest number 2 😁

Good luck💪😎

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0.577 is my guess and I’d go with chest 2.

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