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Authored by @silverstackeruk

Hello, LBIer's. Last week we started the LeoFinance donation drive for "Help a CUB" and donations have been flying in all week. Really great turnout and much support has been offered which is fantastic to see. Users have been donating up until the final day, the full list below.


What is Help a CUB

It is the Leo community pooling together to help a fellow Leo community member that does not have access to a PC/laptop for whatever reasons. There are alot of CUBs on here that are being held back by the fact their whole HIVE/LEO experience is through a mobile phone and very limited to being creative, researching or the content they can produce. We have decided that together through small donations to help out a fellow CUB and help them get to the next level. There are lots of deserving folks out there, sadly we only have 1 PC to give away but hey, it's a start.

We hit our target of $500

In total, we raised $608 and there's is 15 LEO in the lbi-funding wallet that needs to be converted. The balance of $608 is being held in the LBI BSC wallet in a stable and when the time comes, I'll withdraw to Binance and then to my crypto card to be spent. Now that the main donation drive is finished and we have collected enough money, it's time to "Help a CUB". Really overwhelmed by the support shown from the LeoFinance community, to be honest, I thought the fundraising part would have required another post to hit the target but we've passed our target and alot of people have been very generous and giving.

In total, we have around $620. This means that we have $120 extra and this will either be used for putting toward "Help a CUB" 2 if we ever do it are something else. We'll find a use for it and it will go toward helping out another CUB in some way for another. That decision is for another day.

We're funded, a massive shout out to everyone in the table below. Every single person has gone out of their way to send over some funds and done something positive for the community. Many hands make light work.

DonatorDonationValue (approx)
@silverstackeruk10 LEO & £20 USDT$30.00
@raymondspeaks£25 GBP$35.00
@lbi-token50 LEO$50.00
@spinvest100 HIVE$60.00
@eddie-earner10 LEO and 20 HIVE$20.00
@rxhector25 HIVE$15.00
@jfang0033 LEO$3.00
@theanalystjohn3 LEO$3.00
@perparedwombat50 HIVE$30.00
@libertycrypto273 HIVE$2.00
@ykretzToken Mix x6$2.90
@chrisparis7 SPI$17.50
@finguru7 HIVE & 39 POB$12.50
@shanibeer3.51 SPI & 30 HIVE$30.00
@tbnfl4sun25 LEO$25.00
@bozz10 LEO$10.00
@hitmeasap5 LEO$5.00
@tomhall.leo5 LEO$5.00
@elianaicgomes5 LEO & 500 CPT$15.00
@successcharToken Mix x9$14.00
@taskmaster4450125 HIVE$90.00
@oldmans30 HIVE$20.00
@sgt-dan0.065 BNB$30.00
@empoderat50 LEO$45.00
@silversaver88825 LEO$22.50
@lebah1 LEO$0.95
@JK627625 LEO$22.50
@atma.love15 HIVE$9.00
@hispapro2 HIVE$0.60
@yonnathang2 HIVE$0.60
@ammonite16 HIVE$9.50
@pardinus5 HBD$5.00
@myvest12.92 LEO$2.70
@hetty-rowan4.69 LEO & 2126 SIM$6.80
@cryptoandcoffee5 HIVE$3.00
@evernoticethat5 LEO$4.50
@nonsowrites2 LEO$1.80
@erikah3 HIVE$1.80

If you made a donation and dont see your name above please let me know in the comments below


Who can apply for "Help a CUB"
So we need a few ground conditions in stone to divide those who can and can not apply. There are reasons for each condition but these are pretty standard and in line, with the sort of CUB we wanna help.

  • You do not own a PC/laptop
  • You have been on LeoFinance for at least 8 weeks
  • Your HIVE & LEO wallets (liquid+staked) total under $1000
  • Your HIVE rep is under 60

We do have to take users words on whether they already own a PC are not but we can track to see how long they have been on the blockchain and check HIVE and Hive-engine wallet transactions.

How to apply
If you meet the conditions above, you are free to apply.

If your creativity is being held back because you dont have access to a PC and you think you can add value to the Leo community, we would love to hear from you. It's very simple to apply and it will only require your time to prepare and upload a detailed post explaining your situation and how having a PC are laptop would improve it. We're not looking for your life story but a little bout yourself would be awesome to help build a mental character for readers. Explain what you plan to do with the PC, maybe you want to start making videos, produce artwork, learn to code (and then work for LBI😁) or just make better content for the community. If you wanna start making videos, link some of your old videos to the post so people can see, if you wanna release a small project, include your plan. The more detail the better.

Below are few conditions to follow. This helps us to track the posts of CUBs applying and ensure the quality of those posts meet some minimum standards.

  • Use this posts thumbnail (top picture) as the thumbnail of your post
  • Your post must contain at least 800 words with no max limit
  • Cover at minimum these 3 things.
    1/Your situation
    2/ How getting a PC will help
    3/What value you can add to the Leo community
  • use #helpacub as 1st tag
  • Upload from Leofinance.io

We will collect applications for 2 weeks
We have a 5-week time frame to complete this and we are on week 2 now. Starting from this post is uploaded until the stroke of midnight on the 28th(GMT), CUBs can apply.


I will look for new posts uploaded to the #helpacub tag at least once every day and then rehive those posts from the @lbi-token account for better exposure so be prepared for 30-50+ people reading your post.


How much will the winner get?
$500 that be spent anywhere that accepts MasterCard. I'd prefer it not to be local to the winner for fear of returning for cash are store credit. Amazon, eBay, etc are ideal.

What PC/laptop can be won?
Up to the winner. The winner can pick whatever PC or laptop they want, tell me what it is and we'll pay for it and ship it directly to the winner.



Final Note
I am aware that this giveaway could be abused. This giveaway is meant for people that dont have regular access to a PC or laptop. We have no way to prove whether users applying do are dont so I will say this. If anyone applying is caught or found out to be abusing this giveaway, well... I have a very particular set of skills and account keys, skills and keys I have acquired over a very long crypto career. Skills and downvoting power that make me a nightmare for people like you. Abusers if proven will feel the power of the Leo community fall on top of them (i assume).

Rehiving this post is showing love

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To come across an initiative like this is to be admired. Even more so when I recently read from a user on Hive, that this platform was not for asking for money. I think not, if what we are asking for is well founded and as long as there are people willing to help, everyone can ask for help on something they need.

Excellent initiative, I congratulate you and it is good that you were able to raise and exceed the goal. The winner will also be very happy.

A big hug to all of you.

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Hi @lbi-token ,

I just learned of this contest and first of all I want to say this is amazing and exactly the type of thing that made me fall in love with the blockchain.

I have a rather unique "donation" I would like to propose- other than funding, which I simply am not in a position to currently do. But, reading a few entries and this post an idea crossed my mind.

I have an old, seemingly immortal Acer laptop. It does not function great, and the battery won't hold a charge, but it is a functional computer. This was my computer on and off for well over a decade, until last year when I was finally able to buy a refurbished macbook.

I now just have it as a backup computer. I keep it around because with it's condition and age there is not much of a market for it where I live. I also fear my computer may crash- but I'm becoming more confident in it's lifespan by the day.

I would like to put it up as a constellation prize; you mentioned you only currently have 1 PC to give away. I'd like to make it 2. It is functional and for someone without a computer it would be a big help. I made many a Steemit post with it during the course of a year or so.

Let me know if you'd like to make this happen. I hope this gets seen, I don't quite know who to tag. If this doesn't sound like a good fit for the contest, no offense taken, and you have inspired me to do a giveaway of my own if this is the case. Let me know if you'd like to make this happen!

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consolation* not constellation... SMH. you'd think someone who calls themselves a writer could use these two simple words properly...

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I forwarded it to @silverstackeruk.

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Thank you! I was going to try to reach out to them but they hadn’t posted recently and in my experience responses to old posts rarely get read, especially from more busy/larger accounts. And I’m sure it’s hectic on their end, so I understand why :)

@taskmaster4450 found me :)

Hey, this sounds amazing and exactly the type of thing we need to be doing. To me, it sounds like if your Acer was rebooted with a fresh copy of windows it would work like new. Assuming the serial code sticker on the back has not melted. And the battery..there are some extra funds from donations that could pay for a new battery maybe.

I will write about this, this evening in my LBI post.

Thank for reaching out :)

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Thank you and @taskmaster4450 ! Awesome. I am not home at the moment but I will check regarding said sticker, look into what version of windows I could update and check to see what battery it would need- just to give myself a clearer view of what needs to happen.

Exciting!! I’ve endured a ton of financial hardships in my life, and it’s really nice to be on the flip side of it and in a position to give! This community is amazing

What a great and generous donation. I have an 12 old acer that dyed on me a couple of years ago but being on hive I found a new use for it so I'm getting it fixed. It just needed a new screen but it's been upgraded over the years and I'm sure once the screen is fixed it will work just fine. I plan to use it as a second computer for dedicated use for my new community here on hive so I don't have to keep switching accounts on one computer.

Enough of my rambling.

I'm sure you generosity will be well appreciated by whomever receives your laptop.

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Thank you! Yeah, I think mine's roughly 12-13 years old. It has it's problems, but it's a tank; it just keeps on going no matter what. I used it for Steemit for awhile, so I'm sure someone on here without their own computer will certainly be able to put good use to it. And it might even run better after I get all my shit off of it.

I understand what you mean by having two instead of constantly switching accounts. Managing multiple accounts from the same device on any platform is a pain, even with saved codes.

Thanks for your kind words!

Love seeing this initiative! I know it'll go to a good home.

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Nice job everyone. I am looking forward to seeing the posts made by the people applying. Though I am not sure how many people satisfy all the conditions.

So if the $500 is going towards the computer/laptop, who is forking out the delivery costs (if there is any)?

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All included.

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My husband and I really need the computer since we had 2 and the 2 were damaged, since we have been working online for a year due to the pandemic leaving us unemployed, we are working with a borrowed computer, but we cannot apply because 1 my rep is 60 and 2 my husband has only been on the blockchain for 2 weeks. We are committed to creating content but we live in Venezuela where acquiring things is difficult, things that in other countries are normal here in how to climb a mountain. I hope you allow me to apply or my husband.

Be the change you want to see in the world.. This is really cool!

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That sounds like something Micheal Jacksons would say, lol

Get advice all the same :)

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Not sure if it's a good advice or not after seeing the actual results. lol

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Think it was Mahatma Gandi that said that


I was curious if my first statement was actually true, so did some research before posting...

Apparently there's no evidence that Gandi said it at all; the earliest record shows the originator of this sentiment was high-school teacher Arleen Lorrance in Brooklyn, New York (USA) in the 1970s




Mahatma Gandhi page on Wikiquote
Quotations misattributed to Mahatma Gandhi
The specific quote

Well done all! Great to see the community get around a great idea!
I tried to donate a bit too (3 SPI). Were I too late or did I do something wrong?

Nah, i got those 3 SPI :) Your last on the last

Thanks for your support

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Somebody has to be last 😅😂

It is a great project. This is another example of how Hive provides real world solutions.

This is an initiative that can help someone from around the world.

Terrific job everyone. Together we make a difference.

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Yep, been a great group effort.

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The giveaway sounds great, and even better when driven by the LEO community! This is why the crypto world exists: to make a better world; and this is another instance of the crypto community helping others, which I love!

Hope the giveaway works well and congratulations to whoever earns their computer!

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So cool @lbi-token. We did it so fast. All the best to the participants!

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Awesome and goes to say we can make a difference

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This could potentially change someone's life! Thanks Team LBI for hosting this.

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Great little project, indeed hope it will go to a deserving person. Do need a new PC myself but am fortunate enough to be able to buy that, was actually hoping to maybe find pointers for a good setup here. there's so much choice these days.

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Thank you for your comment.

As for set, you cant go wrong with 2 screens and powerful speakers :)

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Used to have that sweet 2 screen setup but thinking of going ultrawide now, even so the hardest thing for me now to decide on is the actual pc build, cpu, gpu, ram etc.

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Yes ! You made it !

Now it's time to upvote some posts with #helpacub tag !

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Oh yes, we did it.

Thanks for your support

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I missed this one.
Hey next time should be around the corner.
Good deed to everyone.


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This charity drive shows the power of community. Lions really do take care of their cubs. Thank you for taking your valuable time to put this together.

May my G-D bless you and your GOD bless you better!

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Thank you,

If i earn bread, i gotta break it 😀, awesome to see others doing the same

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This is so awesome. Power of the community and giving in action.

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It was fun taking part in this drive, but I think there should be a second one. In my opinion, the amount should start at $500. I'm having nightmares of somebody forced to choose one of those crappy $299 Dell computers my school has loads of which always have problems.

Maybe this is first-world thinking and somebody in Zanzibar could get a kick-ass machine for that price. I also hope the winner considers a tablet iPad, as well, since Apple devices keep their value and last quite awhile. I think $500-1K is the sweet spot and adds Macs to the mix (the mac mini starts at $699). Either way, this was for a good cause! :

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This is a wrong kind of thinking. I am in the Netherlands, and have bought myself a very decent pc, NEW from amazon.nl that cost me 400 euro, that's less than 500 dollar. No it's not the top of the pc's, of course. But I can use photoshop without any trouble, I can use Krita without any trouble. And it's not a crappy pc at all. With an SSD of 500gb, 16gb RAM, graphic card with 4gb and so on ...

I had the same limit for myself, 500 dollar max because I didn't have more. Mission completed, and very satisfied. So I think there is enough choice, and let's face it ... The person who can apply for this doesn't even have a pc now! So I think they'll be quite happy with whatever which pc. As long as it's doing it's job. We can not fund the top-notch pc's. That's not the goal of this post.

Ipad's are far above budget ... if you want the latest Ipad you're not ready with 500 dollar.

Thank you for telling me what to think and what MY OPINION should be.

As the person called upon to do constant tech support for people buying these garbage $299 Dell computers, I have a different perspective. For a couple of hundred bucks more, they can get something that won't require constant upkeep and might last them, since it might be awhile before they can purchase another one.

You never heard me advocate for a "top-notch" PC, but a mid-range. Here 0-$500 is budget. $500-$1K is mid-range. Over $1K is top of the line. The sweet spot for me HERE, is $500-$700. Every Dell computer I've dealt with under that price has been nothing but trouble. So much so, that almost everyone here avoids them like the plague. Go up a couple of hundred bucks to a mid-range Dell and the options are much better.

Apple Mac Mini M1 review: Miniature footprint, maximum performance


iPad starts at $299. The M1 Mac mini starts at $699 for a kickass little machine, with a blazing fast chip, that's resistant to Windows viruses. My issue is with Dell and their lower-tier, dirt-cheap, junk machines that are constant trouble and require endless tech support.

The person who setup this fund drive can do whatever they like. The winner will buy whatever is best for them. I'm proud to have participated and hope they get a great machine.

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I'm proud to have participated and hope they get a great machine.

We totally agree on this one. And thank you for participating in this.

Great idea & initiative.
I wasn't able to donate as was inactive for quite a while. Will do my best next time.

The collection went rather quickly. Fortunately, there are many generous people around. My donation was small, but I intended to add up. 2 $hive, you may want to correct the total in USD.

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I told you so, my friend. With everyone's help and participation we can achieve every goal we set. I am so glad that the goal has been exceeded. If we are always this united as a community, I believe we will achieve great things now and in the future. Together we can improve, make Leofinance a better place and help everyone who needs it and really wants to be a part of us.

Te lo dijee amigoo. Con la ayuda y participación de todos podemos lograr cada meta que nos propongamos. Me alegra mucho que se haya sobrepasado el objetivo. Si siempre somos así de unidos como comunidad, creo que lograremos grandes cosas en el presente y en el futuro. Juntos podemos mejorar, hacer de Leofinance un lugar mejor y ayudar a todo aquel que lo necesite y quiera de verdad ser parte de nosotros.

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Glad I could help in a small way and I am glad it got funded!

I'm very impressed by the turnout and happy to add my support. Wishing everyone luck.

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This is really cool, I will try to donate some liquid leo by the end of the week!

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this speaks a lot about the community. great the needed fund was raised real fast under such timeframe. Nice initiative team. Good luck to the participants

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I just hope you find a deserving user, be a shame to turn all threats into actions

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Wow this is incredible, I personally know how hard it is to have to work in leofinance or hive from a phone and how uncomfortable it is because of the fast battery drain, it is excellent that initiatives like this are made to promote the users.

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Hey @lbi-token, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I love this initiative, I hope to collaborate in the next round.
Thank you for the work you do, I hope that many people will benefit. 👏

Thank you for taking your valuable time to put this together.Lions really do take care of their cubs)))

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Thats a very kind thing to do and great work on supporting others. Thank you for doing this.

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Its a great project, similar to what we did before by donating a dollar each to a student who got a laptop. This is even more better because we will be sure he/she does get it. I hope to donate when the next round starts. I will be sharing so that many can apply. I am sure there are many people who use only the mobile to blog.

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This is a cool initiative. I hope the most deserving people get it. I know this kind of barrier. Well, I have missed the donation period and would love to join in the next time.

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If anyone applying is caught or found out to be abusing this giveaway, well... I have a very particular set of skills and account keys, skills and keys I have acquired over a very long crypto career. Skills and downvoting power that make me a nightmare for people like you. Abusers if proven will feel the power...

SSUK gonna go all Liam Neeson on yo @$$


no one wants him to go Liam Neeson on them... 😱

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