My Article Campaign About Hive and Proofofbrain On The No 1 Yahoo Search

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How important is an article campaign to the popularity of a website? This is one of the articles campaigns that I post on other platforms. I targeted the campaign to Indonesian readers. I use is a blogger forum that has a good reputation to rise SEO. The owner of bersosial is Dan. He is also a developer of HTMLy. HTMLy is a CMS blogging platform that is lite and elegant.

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Many Indonesian bloggers use bersosial to create good backlink. The moderator of the forum is also very active to clean and suspend spam and plagiarism content. That is why bersosial is very popular among Indonesian bloggers as a source of a backlink.


SEO is very important to increase the popularity of a website in search engines. We also earn the benefit of free traffic. When an article is on the first page of the search, the click trough ratio will be high. This article that I posted aims to target cryptocurrency hunters. There are thousands or millions of people who search for opportunities to earn cryptocurrency. It is expected that a few percent of the visitors to the link will lead to signing up for hive.


When hive token and the tribe tokens have good value, everybody gets benefits from the rise. That is why I will continue doing campaigns about hive and its tribe on other platforms. I will educate new users about do's and don's and things about hive and the tribes.

This platform needs to grow to million non-cryptocurrency users. There are millions of people that know not about hive, leofinance, proofofbrain and other hive communities. Article campaigns are one of the most powerful marketing strategies to increase the popularity of hive.
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My browser for some reason use yahoo as the default search engine and today morning when I was searching for the #proofofbrain I found out your article. Its a great effort to get the site on to the main searches. Well done.

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Thanks for visiting, article campaign is very important to make a website to be popular in search engines and social media.

Do you also offer the search engine marketing or SEO services if somebody from the outside of Indonesia wants to enter into the Indonesian markets ?

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I used to run a blog but made no more money. Then all the blog was inactive. Today I am on hive. I see hive have poor SEO that is why I try to increase the popularity of hive in the Indonesian market. I believe that the more hive users the higher the value of hive token.

Do you also offer the search engine marketing or SEO services

I am not a professional but I will say I will accept if anyone who wants to collaborate with me to enter the Indonesian market.