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RE: LEO Whales Are Spreading Stake to New Users | Curator Reward Leaderboard

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I have been on this platform for not up to two weeks and I must confess that I second what you said about Leo whales being the best.

@onealfa.leo certain dishes out his upvotes manually, I can attest to that not because I have been a beneficiary of his upvotes but because he took his time to engage me in my post, commenting on five posts i made. he said I wasn't posting the contents the community wants and also dropped a link which explains what was expected

@taskmaster4450le for me is a hard worker, he replies to all comments I make on his post and most of his posts are always an eye-opener for me. The fact that he makes posts in both written text and videos shows how versatile he is.

@rollandthomas for me is one of the reasons I promise myself not to give up. He gave good lines on how to strive on the platform also giving me life financial lessons. He will forever have my respect. Always taking his time to chat with me while also trying to know more about my country.

I think these people are deserving of the honor and of course the money they make. Their intention purely is to help build the refinance community. I will be looking forward to meeting and learn from more whales. Thanks for this post @leofinance

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