Scr giveaway and two Airdrops to look into

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Scorumnigeria, a community on is doing an Airdrop/giveaway on Twitter. To enter and win some SCR is very easy.

All you need to do is to have a scorum account, make some few retweets and tag three friends in order to eligible to win 1000 acr and 1000 sp

Check the annoucnemt tweet out here

Denhive Airdrop is Live

Right on time for the big News, our website and airdrop v1 is Live. We are rewarding the DEFI & Crypto Space with 10,000,000 $ DHE tokens. Each participants will receive 100 $ DHE(worth $20). Also, the Top 5 Referrals will receive 2500 $DHE , 2000 $DHE ,1,500 $DHE, 1,000 $DHE and $500 $DHE respectively. Next Top 40 Referrals will receive 200 $ DHE each.


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    SIGN UP:

    You have to make 100HT Trading volume,.


    1. Metamask Wallet with HECO chain RPC settings, its good if you already configured.

    To configure👇
    Go to settings » NETWORK » "Add Network & enter the following configuration

    Network name: HT- Mainnet

    RPC URL:

    Chain ID: 128

    Symbol: HT

    Block Explorer:

    1. Open browser and paste this link on the DAPP (Ensure the network is still on HECO chain)

    Click join

    1. You must have HT tokens in your wallet, 12 HT is enough.

    2. Click JOIN button like this: and approve the joining transaction fee.

    3. Go to swap and do swap with any coin like. You can swap from HT to HUSD and back.

    E.g: I have 12 HT, I'll use 11 HT to do the swapping and leave 1 HT for gas fee.

    Swap HT to HUSD & HUSD back to HT 5 Times each = 100 HT VOLUME. So to and fro swapping should be 10x in all.

    HT to HUSD = 1 time
    HUSD to HT = 2nd time

    1. Network fees is 0.1ht, not take too much fee like ETH.

    70$ worth of HT would be enough for this whole process.


    You can drop a comment for guidance if you need it.

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    Good opportunity Airdrops?
    I didn't do Airdrops since I reach on LeoFinance.

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    I still do.. I can't write and read all day.. We all need distractions. I choose the profitable one

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