Three Airdrops you should not miss out on

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Making ends me has always been tough especially since Covid hit. So I employed all my time Into making of posts and also doing airdrops.
Lately, I haven't been doing Airdrops due to my heavy writting but í promise to make it an habit of doing at least 10 a day now.

I have made little money from airdrops but people who are constantly doing it gets to hit jackpot. On that note, here are three sure Airdrops you shouldn't miss out on

1. SureCrypto Airdrop Form

Complete ALL tasks and Fill the form below to get 10 SURE
You can get 2 SURE coin for each referral.

  1. Visit and create a Sure Wallet

  2. Join Telegram Channel by clicking here

  3. Join Telegram Group by clicking here

  4. Follow on Twitter by clicking here

  5. Submit Details by clicking here

Thank you

2. Instant airdrop

Get 100 SUN - €5 per Referral
Get180 SUN €9 if you're registered with refferal link

✳️ Download app
✳️ Register with phone number (use country code) (example : +63xxxx)
✳️ Complete Profile and save Seed
✳️ Login and withdraw your fund to stellar address
✳️ Add asset SUN at your wallet
If you get an error signup for close app and reopen Then sign in

3. Network Neptune Airdrop

Click here to talk to bot

The tasks to complete are

I will make it an habit of always posting airdrops here every day.. So follow me to never miss out on any

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If you have to pay by providing your personal data, it is NOT FREE!

I know nothing is actually free but some are less demanding than others

I gave up on airdrops a long time ago. The only one that interests me now is the leo airdrop for the new microblog platform. Can't wait for that whenver it happens

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Airdrops are one tiring activities. But some appears more realistic than others. So don't give up trying.

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