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I have seen many publications about CubFinance where they explain much of its usefulness, its benefits, how to use it correctly and interact with its contract to be able to perform CUB farming, but what I have not seen is a detailed analysis of how its price has evolved or its trading volume every 24 hours, for example. This is very important for us investors, because through technical analysis and detailed trading every 24 hours is going to give us an idea if in fact the project is moving and is a good investment in the short, medium and long term.

Of course, this is not all we can do to determine if a project or in this case CubFinance is a good investment, we must also know the team behind the project, what have been their last works and if every day they are aware of how their project is evolving, if they are implementing new things, how their interface works or if their contracts have the best security, in order to protect themselves and protect the whole community that is following them. In advance we know that the "LeoFinance" team is personally one of the best I have seen working in the Cryptocurrency environment, I fully trust them and I know that, as LeoFinance continues to grow, of course CubFinance will do it.

Anyway and to get into the subject, we will see how the price of CUB has behaved since its launch and what is the trading volume it handles on a daily basis.

Technical Analysis of CUB


Before I start I must clarify the following:

The tool I use to study the price in this opportunity is provided by "Coinmarketcap", I do not know if for example already the asset is in TradingView to be able to study it graphically, if so, you can comment and leave me a link and gladly I can make an update of this publication seeing Japanese candlesticks which is what we all or the vast majority are used to. I know that Coinmarketcap has the TradingView option there, but it must be my connection that does not allow me to see the chart clearly. Anyway, just looking at the month line chart is more than enough to be able to analyze.

Grafico de CUB Coinmarketcap.png

This image shows us the evolution that the price of CUB has had since its launch approximately since March 18 of this year, its opening was just or close to $3.2 according to this chart, later we see a setback in the price that led it to a low at $1.91, this is very normal when a coin is launched to a market, however, we quickly saw its recovery, where it left a high peak, basically at $4.8 leaving a resistance at that point and becoming its historical maximum to date. Subsequently the price saw a pullback, to then continue its path, bullish, albeit with a bit of a slowdown, but making higher and higher lows.

The curious thing about all this context is that it is forming a well-known chartist figure known as "Ascending Triangle", where I have taken the liberty to more or less illustrate the possible path that the price may have in the future according to the uptrend that takes the currency, relying on the trend line marked in red and that together with the resistance at $ 4.8 which is its current historical maximum, form this figure. This leaves us as the first target after breaking the figure the 5$, marked with a blue line, where very possibly the price can undulate a little in that area and go to what is the second target marked with another blue line, this time in the 5.6$.

Precio los ultimos 7DIAS.png

In this other image we can see the formation in more detail of the "Ascending Triangle", this is a chart of the last 7 days, it is basically the same projection and we see how the price could be about to make a big move soon and what the theory tells us is that the highest probabilities are to the upside because of the above mentioned chartist formation.

What is its current trading volume?


Volumen 24h comercio.png

For a coin that is not even a month old, which is exactly 4 days old, the trading volume has been increasing, if we can see the image above, at the time of writing this post, the amount that has moved in more than 1 million dollars, a figure that I think is excellent for a project that is very recent. As if that were not enough, the investment has exceeded 20 million dollars, according to an update that I could see through a LeoFinance publication, which is the same as saying that basically many people are really believing and investing in this project, it is a really high figure, there are many millions in these DeFi contracts and the truth is that this will grow over time, as it is currently one of the projects with the highest APR I have seen at least I have seen.

To conclude


I will make an update of the analysis of the CUB price as soon as I have at hand a platform that allows me to see the chart in a more detailed way, this will be like a kind of report with which I hope to carry timely information of how the CUB price is evolving. This I have done in the past with the price of LEO, which soon I must also analyze, however, I must first publish other topics that I have in mind and I hope you like and with which you can learn which is basically what I seek. See you in another publication. LEO ON

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Great stuff. I was learning about charts the other day and I still don't have a full understanding of the technical stuff. Some coins seem to be having minds of their own, including whale activity. Once it starts pumping I'm sure the FOMOists are going to come in in droves, who knows what'll happen next.

Thank you very much for your comment my friend. Don't worry, if you still don't understand the graphics in my Blog you will find content that you may find interesting to learn from scratch.

On the other hand we do not know what will happen, but this project in my opinion will be very successful, they have already demonstrated their hard work and remain firm and quite active.

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